3 Tasty Muscle Building Meals

guys there is more to life than chicken and broccoli okay doesn't matter if you're a cook you're bulking or just generally trying to improve your nutrition intake to optimize your health and well-being it doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself seeing the same thing day in and day out okay you're going to hate the process if you do that and life will become very dull and very bland so I've put together three different meal combinations which should hopefully spice up your life a little bit and make things a little bit more interesting okay so the first we're going to start off with is a nut butter and mint combination called simple meal minced beef tripe set path we've got ingredients peanut butter three types of number this one mag and we've got salt pepper and garlic not gonna put any oil in the pan because this will Lube itself up I'm just going to whack the whole thing in now I wouldn't usually do eyes on the ground in a day if you're working from a geek finger maraca come with the pepper been forever I'm gonna if I have boxes all granules because I love to vinegar o'clock it says turn around this recipe like this complicities the key bit fun acknowledge you can look but not touch my she's looking to housing so minspeak I'm going to half of that I've said Spartan tuna 50 grams penis head calorie Chris DeRose proteins on a horse and then peanut butter I would have 4 grams 225 calories is whatever all goes over Borden's very very calorie dense wonderful combination okay so I'm a legate myself a foreground baby boy when I jump up an abrupt resting your buggy fried jump public so what I'm doing is I'm getting rid of all the poor quality particles I've drained off in this we do want pucks in this meal but nobody's kind of facts wasn't passed from the peanut butter what it does you don't have to necessarily wave all you clean up around each side but before we should do if you are supposed to have mineral salt control there we go maybe not the prettiest but tastes pretty damn good so when it comes to making these wraps first things first week to chop up a chicken or some turkey whatever it's going to be in your little mix into small pieces the smalls bear turning on a power-law get olive oil and let's get it cooked you know me I'm a man who loves the seasonings I don't know what we're going to go for today garlic we needed garlic I think I think barbecue just like you I'm going to have goats cheese just because too much there it is agree with me you need consulta as well if we're going to 1 tablespoon is 5 calories so it's not really the end of the world if you go overboard with it I guess you barek and the whole meal option it's probably gonna be healthier for you but it's not in the world as we get white ones believe the way up here looking like a pajama I can't stop I'm a busy man wouldn't fire for a month using me our bottom anyone if I select this guy who had the most immaculate rapping skill ever seen I've never been able to replicate the way he grabs the raps like it was insane everyone was perfection Oh cousin to you see this is the problem with the whole meal one they're just so delicate like the whole process is very delicate the first attempts for screwed up not this money then we are burning bridges niggas a cannot hear my body I'm fired up now this final stage is essential in my opinion this basically just sealed the deal warms everything else a little bit melts the cheese ones of the salt set all you do is put a pan on medium heat let it just hang there for couple minutes then we'll flip it when it's ready so here we go the moment of truth give it really basic primitive abilities Expo jittery mm it will mate with me so the next meal which I'm going to be attempting is a combination of sweet potato chorizo egg omelette Pattaya whatever you want to call it start off with the ingredients in our chopped up some onion chopped up some garlic chopped up some sweet potatoes you want to get them into small pieces so what you're going to do is you're going to pry the sweet potatoes might take a while so keep it covered to get it cooked as quickly as possible I am so fly like Aladdin after the ship under captains and even their token attack they cannot leave so the sweet potatoes are not completely done what we're going to do is people can get their nice light fight so they're probably still gonna be a bit hard but I'm just going to finish them off in you and while I crack on with the rest of L omelette Oh got a bit of a dilemma right now I don't know without use a big pan or small pan I use a small pan I'm going to get thicker omelettes the type of thing it means a bigger pan it's going to be thinner but it's going to cook quicker so do you know what I would go for small part of the small pan be a nice thinking on what I'm feeling and thicker almost some reason and I'm the Gordon Jardin DS even when you're talking now I'm going to throw the tree clearing I could have got a big stick of treats over sword a little pre-chopped one but afford earwax skip that phase we chopped it up and then when this we protect is already a lot I would just check have a little nibble on one if it's soft it's done still pretty hard leave input bit longer you know so much overall didn't roll down so now what I'm going to do able to cook to the bottom for a little bit for five minutes or so I'm going to fish off on the grills about ten minutes what a beautiful evening is by the way in there are sprinkled a little pop or on top and dozens like the bombs bite welder notes he'd finish off the top layer so we are going to grill it Oh careful careful enjoy the series doing oh good lord that looks good I'm going to throw on a little bit girls fusible top just to finish it off I'm just going to put it back in the grill to let the cheese melt blends in a mine here Kendall even though it out of school the Gator Frenzel possibly talking to work this is going to be quite high in calories so probably want to recommend it all go like I'm about to do right now if I was being sensible probably have half now half tomorrow you know something like this can easily be manipulated to fit your macros so if you wanted to have a leaner version then just do it without retail and having your chicken instead and you have chocolate chicken or chocolate Turkey you know anything like that we'll have less whole eggs more egg whites you know mix them up I would have had a bass bitch in here versus having experience which so it's a very vegetable free omelet but pasty number one I was in a can right Francie Trinity today occur where we see myself Norman our teacher will approach again one turn or how to behave


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  2. Just getting into this eating healthy and gym routine, your videos are super informative and fun to watch, good work mike nice guy! A question, altho your in london do i hear bit of a northern accent there? Where you from pal?

  3. Top tip …sprinkle some water on the wraps and microwave for 30 seconds.The wrap them.it makes them soft ..Fold over the bottom then the top and then wrap across 👍

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  5. ..nice video..fucking shit music taste

  6. If you sprinkle the wraps with a little water and microwave for about 10 seconds, it softens them up so they don’t rip as easy!

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  9. Dry minced beef with peanut butter. Even a toddler wouldn't come up with that shit

  10. Warm the tortilla up a lil before you roll it and it will not tear as the gluten becomes more elastic again.

  11. Dude loving the content, I'm borderline lactose intolerant as well. Does the goat cheese affect the body differently?

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  13. Do you have your own Spotify playlist? Love the background music and all other music you playing in your Videos. Greets from Germany 🙂

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  16. Wrap it from Right to left, left to right and then bottom to top

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  22. Get the both in ones from aldi, have a really long shelf life and much more softer and malleable. I have terrible wrapping skills too. My wife's if immaculate. It's usually because we men put too much stuffing in.

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  24. make your own cloud bread tortillas… no flour, just eggs…mmm

  25. Watched this went and bought the exact ingredients cooked it and wow who knew sweet potato went with eggs so well cheers Mike

  26. put the wrap in a dry nonstick pan for a little bit and it will soften and won't break when you wrap/eat it.

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