3 Supplements You Should Take Every Day

you know not emza Konya good morning i Carol from Miami I want to ask dr. Collier one of the fourth supplements he says that you should take every day that will keep the doctor away you got it you've just a traffic – actually it's omega-3 fish oil which is an anti-inflammatory protects your vascular system and decreases your chances of having heart attack or stroke but also helps with joint pain and inflammation etc then there's vitamin D vitamin D has a thousand different benefits of course strong bones nice skin nice hair or the minimum but also vitamin E has been noted in scientific studies to prevent and protect you from getting it for women breast cancer colon cancer cancer your female organs and prostate cancer and colon cancer so I highly recommend that everybody I don't even care whether you know what your vitamin D level is but 9 out of 10 of my patients are not just deficient they are so low sometimes you can't measure it so what I would recommend that you get on over if you're gonna take it over the counter five thousand international units per day but if you get a prescription strength or prescription strength vitamin D tablet is fifty thousand international units a day and so and then a probiotic probiotics help with Allergy Asthma GI health everybody's thinking that they are having problems you know provides well depends on which formulation you [Applause] gets cleaning out what needs to be cleaned out but there's only certain times we can express they clean out you'll be sharing that with everybody there'll be it'll be pleasant be fragrant it'd be like wow Rickey smiley poop strawberry ice cream so but that that vitamin D I need to get another come down to three yes you do Omega or now and the first time we talked about that you did you jump right on you over to my office that afternoon one get your three pack you know and it was a wake-up call so you know I'm just like like um I take that vitamin D every day and I feel I feel great and you should I told you literally will add ten years to your life and I'm talking about healthy years I call it Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers where you still dressing well and dancing cause nobody wants to be you know I don't want to live to be a hundred and I'm you know drooling and can't control my bowel and bladder I'm ready to go right at that point but uh you know if you have a healthy light in health is so precious and every day and as we age you begin to appreciate that more and more is every little aching pain pops up you'd be like wow you know I really appreciate my good health status and taking those three will address 90% of the things you're waking up stiff back pain all those things anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin D are unmatched I feel great I jump up out of the bed man and I'm running you know other than like energy swimming trend water swimming laps I feel great well well great well I'll tell you people go to website right now and I'm charging them go to website right now lipo drops calm you can get your vitamin D product you can get you a mega three fish oil these are the best of the best they've been scientifically formulated by me they are the best products on the market as far as purity is concerned as part it has what it says on the label in it you know there's quality control measures for manufacturing you want to make sure that you know what you're doing you don't just get some bootleg vitamin D from anywhere you know if you cost you two dollars a bottle you're getting two dollars worth of vitamin D right right man so dr. Collier let everybody know huh we got another goal good let everybody know how you can be reached dr. MJ Chi you're at gmail.com I'll go to the lipo jobs website and it will direct you there tell-tell miles we got this new game they got his new game he's he is instead of playing horse on out it's called 50m I know how to play that that's the ball court I don't know but use all threes you shooting threes and somehow I don't know I don't know but I just like their shoes I was laying them out now mouse with the basketball camp yesterday tell my tell my loss it was a little buddy right there telling us just make sure you work on his layup still if you gonna check him always check him to his to this stronger side to force him to go to his weaker side I'll rank on Saturday yes sir I shot betting the lateness slammed on everybody ain't never been slammed on a day in my life if I get ever get slammed on the Lord could just take me cuz that I am i can understand see ain't never been dunked on in my life and I mean that from the bottom of my heart but it has nothing to do with what we talked about why you be reached once again dr. Blake are you gmail.com lipo drops come get that lipo jobs max let's get these beach bodies back we have an emergency going off travel to the Bahamas or Jamaica whatever if you know you're not looking right in your baby


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  3. That's 3 pills to take is there 1 pill that has all that in it that i can take ?

  4. Omega 3
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  5. Ok well adressing eating meat will address all the areas of extending life. He needs to speak about this. Peace Fam fo your research

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