3 Steps to Correctly Introduce ANY Laughter Yoga Exercise

It’s important to give loud clear and concise instructions on how to perform the Laughter Exercises. The “3D” technique is a helpful way to remember how to give good commands. The first step in this technique is to “Denote” or simply say the name of the exercise. The second step is to briefly “Demonstrate” the exercise as you explained verbally how to perform it. This added visual demonstration helps participants to get a feel for the movement the speed and the timing. Note that your description of how to perform the laughter exercise should always include the instructions to laugh during the laughter exercise You don’t necessarily need to demonstrate laughing — unless you just want to. Finally, give a loud, clear “Command To Do” so that everyone starts at the same time. Your command to do could be something like, “Ready, Go!” or “One, Two, Three, Start!” You can even make up your own command to do to be specific to a particular exercise. For instance, for Telephone Laughter you could say something like, “Ready? Pick up those phones!” or for Lion Laughter, you might say something like, “Ready, Lions?” Pounce!” You can make it fun. It’s so important for the group to begin laughter exercises at the same time so that no one is left wondering when — or if — they should join in with the group who’s already begun performing the laughter exercise. Ending and exercise together is just as important as starting the exercise as a group. Watch the group to see when the level of interest in a particular exercise is starting to decline and end the exercise using one of the transitional laughter chants. Watching the group for fatigue will show you when it is time to intersperse a breathing exercise. When performing breathing exercises have participants start and end together. By leading participants in breathing exercises you can help them perform longer inhalations and longer exhalations and enjoy deeper diaphragmatic breathing.

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