3 QUICK & EASY HEALTHY MEALS/SNACKS for the SUMMER – Filling & Refreshing!

if you're looking for some quick and
easy light and refreshing meals for the summer that I'm going to share with you
three recipes in this video the first recipe is going to be a really quick and
easy light and refreshing salad I have been enjoying these recent purchases
from Trader Joe's the next recipe is a super refreshing green smoothie and it
doesn't require any washing of greens and the last recipe is going to be a
delicious sushi bowl I have been enjoying eating these for a long time
now and I can't wait to share with you how quick and easy it is to make it you
can make all of these light meals or snacks vegan if that is your lifestyle
you can also substitute anything that you don't like to your preference so
let's get into it so for breakfast I'm going to have a
salad I've had the salad twice and it's really good I'm gonna take out my cherry
tomatoes grape tomatoes my edamame beans these are from trigger drills this is a
little container that contains the dressing and toppings that I will show
to you came out of a bag of spinach from Trader Joe's this is the one
and also broccoli and kale slaw from Trader Joe's like to add some my own
stuff to it so I'm gonna put hemp seeds in my salad too this is broccoli and
kale slaw as you can see it comes with its own dressing here it's a sweet and
creamy slaw dressing it also comes with dried cherries dried blueberries
slivered almonds and sunflower seeds this is the baby spinach pack it has
cranberries candied pecans miners blue cheese and the delicious dressing is a
raspberry vinaigrette this is one of the best salads I've had by the way these
are already pre-washed they're ready to eat so I don't have to break out the
salad spinner by the way I do have a video of my salad that I always used to
make I will link that in the description box in case you're interested in making
a salad that's different from these this is the broccoli and kale wall now I'm gonna put on the edamame I'm
also going to sprinkle on the hemp seeds also a good source of protein abilities
a serving size is three tablespoons but that's just too much for a salad if you
never had hemp arts they taste a little bit nutty generally when you sprinkle
them on top of things and let's just say in a salad
it isn't that weird these are the candy pecans and here's the bleu cheese you
can and definitely leave this out if you are vegan should put in some vegan
cheese if you want I love blue cheese even though it smells like farts and
garbage also tastes like that and lastly you need dried cranberries I'm not ready
to have my smoothie yet because the frozen fruits that are gonna go in it
need to thaw out for a little while so I'm gonna share with you a hack tip that
will make making smoothies so much more bearable because honestly I find making
smoothies super annoying so I'm gonna take out the Vitamix container first
then I'm gonna go to the fridge I have almond milk here got to reach all over
the back to grab my yogurt I have my hemp seeds here I also grab the black
pepper organic ground cinnamon over here I have an upcycled jar has two
more powder and then over here I have these dried pitted dates I also have
this green powder then I have to go to the bathroom because that's where I keep
my jar of coconut oil and this is exactly why I find making smoothies
really annoying because I just so happen to put a million things in there but
with experimentation this is probably my favorite green smoothie this is an
updated one to the one that I filmed last year or two years ago and I will
also link that down below in case you want to check that out I'm first going
to shave my almond milk and then put in two cups I make a gigantic one not for
myself but I also make this for my parents then I put in two scoops of this super
greens organic greens fruit and vegetable formula this is by country
farms says 32 superfoods and dairy-free probiotics organic fruits and vegetables
kale beets barley grass wheatgrass spirulina and blue-green algae
pomegranate apple pectin flecks and aloe delicious natural flavor there are 30
servings in here 4 grams of fiber non-gmo gluten-free 100% vegan trust me
I want to tell you that your stool will also be super green after this but I put
in 2 servings instead of 1 because I do have 2 servings of milk in here and it
actually doesn't taste as strong as you would think how's it get used to it at
first but my parents really liked this smoothie so that's a win I like to put
in the powder first because it needs to have contact with a liquid otherwise
it'll just get all over the place and stick to the walls and it's a mess to
clean up I'm gonna put in I don't know about like a teaspoon or so of coconut
oil this is cold-pressed organic this is for
the turmeric powder to get more easily absorbed into your body the turmeric
powder is amazing for inflammation it's good for the heart I try not to go too
crazy with that because you can definitely taste if you go overboard and
it's disgusting then sprinkle of black pepper again for
the turmeric powder absorption then organic ground cinnamon just a sprinkle
of that because when you are using sweet bananas that can help regulate your
blood sugar levels then I have the fight total 2% yogurt a great source of
protein so I make a green smoothie every day now because I do work out pretty
much every day it's a great snack before I have actual
food if you need a vegan or dairy free alternative to yogurt I will leave it in
the description box I tried that yogurt while 2 weeks ago and it's pretty good
then I'm gonna add my hemp hearts you get 10 grams of protein from 3
tablespoons but because this bag is so small and I use this for other things
I'm not going to really measure it out I'm gonna add probably once 2 dates not
for the sweetness but for the health benefits of beets this does have a lot
of sugar actually a lot smaller than I so gonna put five of them in here okay
so now that I have all of that in here I'm just going to pop the lid back on it
and I will actually put this in the fridge and come back to it when the
fruits have thawed and they're over here I have bananas blueberries strawberries
again you can substitute these for any fruits that you like this way now that I
have everything prepped once I come back to the fruits I can just dump them in
here and blend away so it's been about thirty minutes I take the time to let
these thaw while I'm having a breakfast I forgot to add this organic ground
ginger I love ginger because it's a great antioxidant it works really well
against inflammation – I'm just going to sprinkle in a little bit as well I put
in probably like a half cup of blueberries about four to five
strawberries put in about two bananas generally after thirty seconds in the
Vitamix is all blended and really smooth I like my smoothies more liquidy than
what this looks like this is very thick so I'm gonna show you what I do to make
this more liquidy if you do like your smoothies liquidy definitely put more
milk in here and fewer frozen fruits to make it more liquidy I take out the milk
from the fridge and I actually will pour it into the mason jar and then I will
pour the smoothie into the mason jar if you're going to drink this later make
sure that you shake it up for my last easy quick summer refreshing meal or
snack is a sushi bowl so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take a little bit of
this white rice this is leftover white rice and I'm going to put it in the
steamer I like to use the steamer to reheat rice it's pretty much the only
best way to reheat rice that I found this is a really quick meal because all
it is is just steaming the rice everything else is just toppings I'm
going to set a timer for five minutes I actually was recording something else
so should have about minutes left I'm going to put in some
chopped grape tomatoes I would say to leave the rice out room-temperature to
let it cool down but I'm kind of in a rush right now so just pretend it's not
steaming and then I'm going to put in some avocado I like my sushi bowl cold
so I put the avocado and tomatoes in the fridge before I made the bowl I'm going
to use just half of an avocado this is silly and shrimp and I guess these are
anchovies I'm not too sure this is a bag of seaweed that my mom's friend got from
Korea when she went there and it is really really good I like that I have
sesame seeds in here because I love sesame seeds I will actually add some
myself I will say that the seaweed smells exactly like fish food that's
pretty funny if you want to make this vegan just have regular seaweed I forgot
to mention that you can also add a little bit of the coconut secret coconut
aminos this is soy free seasoning sauce you can also use wasabi if you like that
I actually completely forgot about this and I've had about two or three sushi
bowls already and I haven't used it so you can use it if you want to I think
I'm gonna have a little bit this time it's definitely a lot sweeter than
normal soy sauce I just put too much for it and not as salty I can enjoy this
bowl without it if you're looking for a more quick healthy and easy meals to
make I will leave my playlist in the description box the playlist is titled
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