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hi lovelies over the years you guys have told me time and time again they're getting more protein in your diet is really important to you so today I've got three amazing protein packed salad ideas that I think are just perfect for lunch and actually filling enough for dinner as well as you know all month long here on the channel we are celebrating the launch of healthy meal plans calm which is our amazing new website that allows you to browse hundreds of healthy recipes drag and drop them into your weekly meal plan and then automatically generate your shopping lists for the week and if you want a little more help getting your healthy eating back on track you can also try it one of our specialty meal plan bundles these have been developed by our amazing dietician to be nutritionally balanced and there are all sorts of varieties of meal plans you can choose from we've got a vegan one a vegetarian one gluten free low carb it all depends on what your dietary preferences are so let's just say there is something for everyone on the site all three of today's tasty recipes will be featured on healthy meal plans calm so of course as soon as you're done watching this yummy video you can go find the full recipes there now let's get talking about our protein packed salad recipes starting with my amazing three bean salad you're not gonna believe how effortless this salad is to put together but how packed with flavor it actually is to start I'm going to make a really simple dressing for my salad I've just got some olive oil in my bowl into that I'm going to add some red wine vinegar a few teaspoons of Dijon mustard and of course some salt and pepper we'll give that all a quick whisk and then we can get to building our salad now with this bean salad there is a lot to love in terms of flavor but there's also a lot to love in terms of prep because we're using canned beans in this recipe it really couldn't be easier it all starts with some canned chickpeas I've rinsed them and drained them I'm gonna get them into my bowl same story with some red kidney beans and I've got some cannellini beans as well but if I'm being really honest any beans will work in this recipe it so just raid your pantry whatever you have in there dump into the bowl it all works to that I want to add even more nutrition and crunch I'm gonna do that with some red and green bell pepper I'm also going to be adding half of a red onion to this if you want to skip the red onion because you have important meetings through the week by all means do that I would not judge not a terrible idea I've also got some gorgeous fresh basil and fresh parsley headed in here finally I'll pour my dressing over top and give it all a good toss the longer these being sit in that dressing the happier things are going to become in this pool so you can go ahead and leave this stored in the refrigerator for three or four days it's just gonna get better come on you guys know it's a drill beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat more heart-healthy you are am i right my next salad is the one I think I'm most excited about in today's video because it's bursting with bright beautiful flavors and colors we are calling it the sunshine glow salad we actually had a really fun debate on set about what it should because sunshine glow is where we landed and you really have to taste it to understand especially in these winter months when things are feeling a bit dreary this salad is like a little bit of sunshine it all starts by preparing my lemon herb chicken to do this I'm mixing up a simple marinade of some olive oil lemon juice and some dried herbs I've got a little bit of parsley basil and oregano headed into my ball I'm gonna hit this with some salt and pepper give it a stir and then I'll pour it over my boneless skinless chicken breast of course as with most great marinades the longer this sits the better things are going to taste so if you have an hour use an hour if you have overnight go ahead and do that instead when it comes time to cook these up all you need to do is arrange them on a parchment lined baking sheet discard the remaining marinade of course and then bake them at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until they reach a safe internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit I know you guys have heard this one before well that chicken is cooking away you can turn your attention to your poppy seed dressing now I'm using plain yogurt as the base for this dressing to that I'm going to add some apple cider vinegar that is where we get that nice salad dressing tartness that we all love so much I'm also going to add some with some honey and then of course poppy seeds because it wouldn't be a puppy seed dressing if there weren't some poppy seeds in it little salt little pepper little whisk and this dressing is ready for our salad oh I'm so excited to bring this all together it's just so full of goodness I'm starting with some chopped kale and baby spinach and my boil you could use one or the other I like a combination of both then I'm just going to Nestle my chicken in here I've got some orange slices going on here I am using gorgeous cara cara oranges in this salad if you can find them this time of year they're so pretty they've got a bit of a pink hue compared to a traditional orange which is why I love them so much but you can use any oranges you like then for some pretty reds in this salad I have got some gorgeous pomegranate headed in here to add even more freshness to the salad I'm going to load in some chopped parsley as well as some chopped mint so you get a ton of great fresh bite and wrap all of this up with some heart-healthy avocado this is one of those salads but if you eat it every day you'd basically live forever I'm sure that's becoming abundantly clear right now basically sunshine in a bowl finally I've got another amazing offering for all of my vegan friends out there it is my choco quinoa salad and it is packed with all the choco deliciousness none of the choco mess it all starts with some cooked quinoa in my bowl I like cooking my quinoa with a little vegetable broth and some garlic to give it some extra flavor to that I'm going to add even more great protein with some canned black beans that I have drained and rinsed next I have some cherry tomatoes that I've cut in half as well as some nice crunchy green bell pepper headed in here my dressing for this salad couldn't be simpler I'm actually using some prepared salsa you can use store-bought or homemade both will work really well in this recipe I also have some taco seasoning this is my homemade taco seasoning I will link it in the description box and to add a ton of brightness and freshness to this dish I've got some freshly chopped cilantro and the juice of two limes always really important there's no such thing as too much lime juice and won't I'm sure you guys have noticed give everything a good stir and there you have it guys they don't call me the queen of quinoa for nothing I'm just kidding nobody calls me that please joke okay that just enjoy the salad it's really beautiful and tortoise in fact all three of these salads are really tasty and I hope you will give all three of them a try if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a photo because you guys know how much I love seeing your kitchen creations don't forget all of these yummy recipes are being featured on healthy meal plans calm our brand-new meal planning site so I hope you will check it out of course the link is in the description box and finally if you haven't already be sure to subscribe because there is lots more deliciousness where this came from


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