hi guys welcome to my channel for those of you who don't know me my name is Ulla and I'm a nutritionist I make a lot of videos focused on women's nutrition so if you're interested in this please hit subscribe then I share with you 3 PCOS supplements that change my life I ask you via my Instagram story videos you guys were interested in and this one definitely more therefore I just wanted to share with you what I'm currently taking and what I'm currently loving justin is clamoring guys this is not to treat diagnose or provide any medical advice so without further ado let's get started supplement that I take is enough it'll I've been taking this for a very long time and I believe that it's the number one supplement that's been extensively studied with PCOS I looked through many many studies on national but I picked just a few to share with you here so study number one show that Anasta don't reduce testosterone levels in women in 12 weeks second study well technically not a study but a review of many studies at the national and PCRs showed that in a civil represents a potential valid therapeutic approach for the treatment of insulin resistance and reproductive disorders like PCOS say number three is related to fertility in woman undergoing controlled ovulation induction and inter uterine insemination the women who are taking an axonal had a pregnancy rate of 18 point six while the woman were not taking national had a pregnancy rate of 12.2% buddy number four refers to a combination of my opinon O and D Kyra and Arsenal though in the study metabolic profile was improved with my inositol and excessive androgens were reduced with D Kyra and I both D Cairo and my own Arsenal show to improve Varian function and women with PCOS what are some things that I noticed when supplementing with innocent number one I was having less anxiety number two less hair falling out and number 3 I had an overall better mood so in several of the studies there was a combination of my own arsenal and deep IRA and not settle use to help women with PCOS however I only use myo-inositol I use this brand it's called jazzy Naturals I found it Amazon and the reason I like this one because it's pretty affordable I aim to take 2 grams per day I'm going to actually link this in the description box if you guys are interested in purchasing this supplement number 2 is coenzyme q10 so this one's a little fun too one you don't hear this one often and it's actually a new one for me I've only been taking it for 3 weeks so the reason I decided to take it is first women with PCOS are more likely to suffer from high cholesterol and this does help lower it number two cons I'm q10 has been said to give energy and boost our immune system and who doesn't want more energy so in regards to PCOS coenzyme q10 has been most intensively studied in terms of fertility even though I'm not trying to conceive right now I'm being proactive and I'm supplementing with things to improve my fertility when I am ready to have children I got these vegan capsules coenzyme q10 in Whole Foods it's hope with friend so each capsule here has 60 milligrams and I take one of these a day in the morning I've only been taking it for three weeks I do feel an increase in energy when taking coenzyme q10 the third supplement is cinnamon so the reason I take cinnamon is that it has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity meaning it has been shown to decrease insulin resistance even though the studies for cinnamon are quite limited and small I believe that one it's really cheap and two it's very delicious so I'm going to take it I'm a supplementing with cinnamon for six months and for those six months I noticed one I don't get sick at all so I passed through the entire Chicago crazy winter and I didn't have a cold once and two is I get less bloated when I have cinnamon in the morning so how much do I take and what do I take so I'm probably gonna pronounce this wrong because I'm pouring but this is cygwin cinnamon organic and it's by the brand simply organic so I think about a teaspoon intake but I love cinnamon that's why I don't buy it in capsule form I actually buy it in the powdered form because I use it in my coffee in the morning in my oatmeal on my peanut butter sandwich and my tumeric latte I use it all throughout the day so if you enjoyed this video give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to leave a comment about supplements that you're taking and supplements that work for you it's really awesome to see the community of women helping each other in my comments so please please if you have any concerns if you have any questions or if you just need some support don't forget to leave a comment on your way out bye guys


  1. Is Spirolactone a good drug or should I stop and find something else? Its been months and Im not really noticing any [email protected]

  2. Hi great informative video. What are some of the exercises that you do for your PCOS? And how do you get motivated to do it?

  3. Hey ula thank you so much for this vedio❤️In India (Tamil culture) there are many herbs to cure pcos some of them are
    Fenugreek, cinnamon,flax seeds,cumin are taken like about 1 tsp and put into 1 ltr drinking water over night and drinking it next morng .I think these tips helps
    And one more thing malai vembu and kalarchikai known in Tamil I don't know the exact English word for these, these 2 helps to decrease the cyst .
    Kalarchikai is nickernut just now searched for it .

  4. I take Nac.

  5. Is taking 1mg of myo-inositol a day still effective?

  6. I use maca negra,evening primose oil, and inositol. Thank u so much

  7. How long do you take the supplements for? 6 months? And then stop? Then you take it again after how long? Pls answer thanks!!

  8. I have started 40:1 of myo and d-chiro inositol as i have pcos but since then i have been losing alot of hair( i was losing my hair before but not like that) and eyebrows are so thick but they also have started to shed … please tell me what to do… should I stop inositol ? Or should i take another supplement to stop hairfall??

  9. What is the difference between myo-inosital and myo-inosital with D-chiro inosital??

  10. Hi

  11. I love the science in this video

  12. Do you know if inositol can help with post pill amenorrhea? I went off the pill last March and haven’t gotten my period in 9 months. I’ve tried multiple supplements like Vitex, Balance, etc. and nothing is helping me get it back.
    My gyno told me i would need to take progesterone pills to force my cycle, and I want to avoid that as much as possible. Thanks!!

  13. inositol ….good thing i saw it in print as i didnt understand your pronounciation

  14. i understand this one better

  15. Reading comments under this video gives me hope and motivates me as I have only recently discovered of me having PCOS, and knowing there are a lot of us alike, I am sort of relieved as there are experienced ones out there. I was told that I might have PCOS when I visited a dermatologist few years ago, didn't take it seriously until recently, I was experienced bad acne, even after doing the most expensive facials which usually works for me. Googled why and PCOS was the first factor that popped out. Decided to dig in and was shocked that I have all three main symptoms which all are main concerns for me since forever; overweight, acne and excessive body hair. Decided to go for the natural way, which was most recommended by every PCOS patient, I changed my lifestyle and diet. I am now on an intermittent fasting, I reduce sugar and processed food, exercise regularly and take supplements like Probiotics, Fish Oil, Saw Palmetto and Zinc. Not forgetting spearmint tea. I tend to focus on those that could reduce androgens. Growing up, I have the worst self esteem and kept on wondering why God made me this way and how unfair it is for me to have everything that a woman HATES, while every other girls don't. I am so relieved to be finding out about PCOS, think it needs more awareness in women. Having those symptoms, I felt alone and helpless. Knowing there are women out there who goes through the same thing strengthen me emotionally and mentally. I cannot express enough how I feel for every each of you who commented under this video. I wish all of you the best of luck and please know, YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS! Much love!!!

  16. Hi…. Can lemon grass and pandan tea with honey and also collagen tablets can help me to get rid my pcos? Thank you….

  17. Nice

  18. I have PCOS…I got treatment with contraceptives and metformin 500mg. I stopped the metformin, but I still take my contraceptive because it balances my period. The only thing is this. I am not looking to have children, so I am worried that if I take this supplements I'll get pregnant. I dont know of I can still take a contraceptive and also take the q10 and the other things you mention in your video and still use my birth control…or what birth control should I use? Thanks.

  19. I'd love to know what you put in your oatmeal (other then blueberries and cinnamon). Looks like a nut milk maybe?

  20. How many pills is 2g/day for the Inositol?

  21. Question shouldn’t it be D-chiro inositol? What if u have high testosterone mayo I heard doesn’t help only the DCI inositol? Please clarify? Which is for which

  22. Hi ladies I also have pcos symptoms particularly the irregular periods and hirsutism, the biggest things that have helped have been; dry fasting, spearmint tea, herbs, exercise, these all in cobination really helped decrease body hair and slow hair growth on scalp.

  23. Can u make a updated list of ur supplements plss

  24. Thanks s2 s2 s2

  25. can u write the medicine name?

  26. hi, I need your help and that too badly, I m suffering from thyroid , epilepsy and PCOS since 14 years and under prolonged medication resulting baldness, poor skin and also obesity….please please help me out as m planning to get married within a year

  27. Hi i have a pcos too, my doctor put me on a pills.
    i still dont get my regular period, and still getting fat..
    any recommendation?

  28. Where are you comm from ? You have a polish Name 🙂

  29. Anyone know how to reduce facial and body hair? Im fairly slim and just mostly suffer from the acne and hair..been thinking of laser hair removal but afraid it might not be worth it and would like to balance my hormones first.

  30. Berberine, fish oil and chromium have helped me a lot!

  31. how long did u get pregnant after taking those vitamins

  32. I take cinnamon (in coffee previously but now smoothies since I gave up coffee)
    a prenatal as my daily vitamin
    B vitamin complex that helps with my luteal phase
    And spirulina

  33. We can use cinnamon in what form?

  34. Now starting my journey. Do u still take these supplements. Tfs.

  35. An organic vegan diet worked to bring down the pain of my ovarian cysts.

  36. Hi I just came across your video. Really helpful thank you for helping people across the globe. It's been 2 days since I've started taking myoinositol and it makes my brain fog way worse. I don't want to give up on it. Is There any other medicines I can try instead of this. Please help!

  37. Where ur from? Lebanon?

  38. I am taking Myo inositol and D-Chiro inositol (40:1 ratio) ,Chia seed ,Vitex and Maca root powder with low carb,low glycemic diet to treat my pcos.Im doing cardio workout daily and I’m loosing my weight.I’m also taking Apple cider vinegar.

  39. Is choline inositol ok ?

  40. Can you make an updated video on your daily (morning midday and night time) supplements?

  41. Hi, do you have a video of you talking about if you take medication or not? I don’t want to take metformin, or birth control, I don’t want to do anything like that but I don’t know if I have to. Do you talk about that?

  42. One recommend for cinnamon is the Ceylon sticks organic of course at the local herbs store. I place it my water and drink it all day long

    also look into black seed oil.

    vitex, ashwagandha and Dong Quai

  43. Are these supplements safe to take while on the pill ? Or is it better to get off the pill first ?

  44. I could cry… been searching for Cures since 3 years now. not only you Show names of supps, but you also explain, I LOVE IT!!! thank you so much!

  45. Thank you soo much. God bless you 🙏

  46. Can I take it without consulting my doctor ?!

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