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I'm back I'm back I'm back this is me when I was 24 years old and now you got me at 78 and I just want to let you know that I'm aging very graceful today we're going to examine three of the most important elements in our diet approaching enzymes and the B complex now you know the most important thing is to be properly nourished when you're bodybuilding because you feed on nutrition you don't build while you're training guys don't understand that they train harder and harder the more heart the more you train the more protein you need now the protein is a center to beginning at Lisa Graham two gram and a half per pound of body weight but it's very hard on a dead digestive system because the body produces enzymes but it does and enzymes is central for digestion because if you don't get enough enzymes you get purification and instead of your protein being digest it rots and that's called purification and all kinds of sign because you remember the body complains that don't explain so if you got gas these up with gas loose stools foul-smelling stools it means that the food isn't being broken down that's why enzymes an important additional enzyme it's important for you to properly utilize the protein you take it now we get a lot of fellas that come in and then agony they say every time they eat they get bloated and the stomach hurt and so forth and so on because they're not producing enough enzyme now remember enzymes are produced by the body and the food you eat would produce the enzyme but if you get a lot of protein and you're not producing enzyme then you'd adverse effect of gas and foul-smelling stools interceptor and remember there's only one substance keep in mind repair and maintain muscle tissue in that protein you can have every single nutrient known to man and if you don't get enough protein you'll be wake you could go to bed you've no protein if you could do that no protein no protein you can have any carbohydrate known if you have no protein you're a complete muscle collapse so that shows our central protein is and the better you utilize it the more you get out of it so that's one of the most important things on the enzymes is its central for you to getting maximizing your intake of protein and not look upon it in the dread cell oh god every time you eat you get that bloating because your body's talking to you remember the body complaints don't explain now another very central element in your diet so a central and most people don't talk about it I don't understand it is to be complex you should be getting one to two hundred preferably two hundred milligrams of the B's a day because the B's is the catalyst agent the B's most what the bees do everything works better your entire into consistent much better the absorption makes better and a lot of fellows rule that take the large amount of be say it almost work like a steroid because it makes the body much more efficient in the utilization of the protein enzymes break it down utilizations another thing of course if it's broke it down and utilize as well but the bees are the catalyst agent its control of the body it's one of the most important vitamins you can get the big complex now that does mean others are not good but the beet complex is the number one cross minerals important very important minerals but I want you to concentrate on getting 200 milligrams so don't be going out getting stuff like centrum because that's money that's for the mass market people that don't know any better make sure you get one to two hundred milligrams of b-complex every day two hundred is more preferable than any and minimum that's 200 some guys get away but on it anything you takes better nothing except you take two ten times the minimum daily and when they talk about minimum down it doesn't apply to any active person you'll be amazed that how much better you feel if you start getting a couple hundred milligrams of the beads a day you'd be absolutely amazed the body works so much more efficient and the body working so efficiently you'll feel it because send a signal to the brain see when you're not well nourished your body's not utilizing the brainy the body's is known the brain said yes and they're not working in harmony so you feel you know whenever you got to do this to go to gym you know what your body said I'm not ready but if you get to protein the enzymes and the maximum and at least couple hundred milligrams of the B complex not just one B you'll notice that the body becomes recharged it sends a signal to the brain and you ran ago when it works in unison when the mind works and when the body works in unison with the mind you feel ran ago when it doesn't you got to force yourself then whenever you have to force yourself mentally that means your body's not ready so this is what you have to do protein number one to get the maximum out of protein to break it down enzymes and for full efficient working of the body's like a machine don't either between a machine in your body that your body will adjust at a machine whoa you don't get a machine what it needs you don't get put ganster cogs out on a run and Jack LaLanne always said vadas laughs he says some people to get up in the morning have a hook a doughnut and a cup of coffee in the cigarette and and don't realize what they're doing to their body we're telling to give to the dog who you could give that to the dog you kill it tough people are how we take everything because we can function it's okay but you're functioning and efficient so now to keep it in mind that's just beginning now proteins is number one enzyme number two and the B complex is number three and the combination is almost magical


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  2. Protein , enzymes and vitamin B complex

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  10. B50 complex with food once a day. If that seems too much than do it every other day, or only on recovery days.

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  24. wisdom right there! In the old days B-complex was always a key in getting big in the proper old school gyms. Today, people never talk about it

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