clinical engineers are professionals
operating complex medical systems networks healthcare and AI software
inside medical structures their tasks include also management maintenance
innovation control HDA procurement and complex projects that they can carry out
thanks to their experience and specific training over the years
clinical engineers have come across and tied relations with national and local
institutions international agencies universities and scientific societies
for the position they hold they continuously relate with companies and
patients to guarantee the best possible health care system more secure and fit
to the patient’s needs easier more than 1,000 clinical
engineers from 50 countries from all over the world will gather in Rome for
the third edition of the International Congress IC e HTM see the Congress will
be held on the 21st and 22nd of October 2019 at Centro Congress a row of the
Gemelli Hospital while the social dinner will be held at
the beautiful villa Miani two days focused on how new technologies
and innovation can serve the changing needs of the citizens experts will share
ideas and update the community on trends security state of the art and we talk
about clinical engineering with a multidisciplinary approach and with
regards to the healthcare expenditure Rome 2019 you need to be here


  1. What a wonderful video.


    When a human being crosses the door of a hospital he is called PATIENT, he is accompanied by an enormous amount of emotions and feelings, among many feelings we can highlight two:
    · The hope of getting into the hospital and getting better, and the fear of getting in and out without a life or with a temporary or permanent injury.

    Hope is fueled by the daily information that new technologies are being applied in the health area. Fear is fueled by the news of medical errors, contamination and malfunction of medical equipment.

    Behind the scenes of the hospitals, a very special team works anonymously so that the PATIENT does not encounter their FEAR, taking responsible and committed care of the medical equipment.

    They are engineers, technologists and technicians who, when they are taking care of medical equipment, are not only seeing circuits, wires, gears, batteries, sensors and buttons, they see hearts connected to these various components. Hearts filled with dreams and desires, that seek in hospitals the security to return to their loved ones and to continue their life trajectory.

    These anonymous professionals know and act so that the medical equipment does not present erroneous data due to malfunction, lack of calibration or a leakage of current, that can lead the medical assistance team to make decisions that can compromise the life of this PATIENT FOREVER.

    These anonymous professionals, can be called "heroes", when they hold an electronic plate of a mechanical respirator, because at the moment they have several lungs in their hands. This well-maintained device can maintain the "breath of life" of a newborn baby, long awaited by his family, who now "PRAY" for a chance of life.

    Medical devices such as cardioverters and defibrillators bring back hearts that, for seconds, works out of order or stops.

    Hemodialysis machines filter the blood of PATIENTS who struggle for more time with their family.

    In this scenario we can see that behind the maintenance of PATIENTS' LIFE are also our anonymous "heroes" that with their knowledge and commitment, helping the PATIENT to change title and come back again: father, son, mother, uncle, etc.

    The Clinical Engineering of each hospital becomes a fundamental part every day in the maintenance of HUMAN LIFE.

    An excellent physician can diagnose the necessity of using a mechanical respirator, a nurse and / or physiotherapist can perfectly connect this respirator to the PATIENT, but only an engineer, technologist or technician is able to deliver a safe equipment for USE. Every diagnostic process and even PATIENT'S LIFE will be lost if the MECHANICAL RESPIRATOR DOES NOT WORK CORRECTLY.


    Clinical Engineering Alzinete Cunha _ [email protected]"

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