3 Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas | Quick, Easy, & Convenient

hi guys welcome back to the channel and welcome to see this video so as you can tell from the title today we have three summer inspired healthy easy and quick breakfast ideas I've been wanting to do this video for a while I've done a few that were kind of similar in the past and you guys seem to love them I have so much fun filming them and we could talk about food which is the absolute best thing in the world to talk about to think about to do my channel is heavily food focus so if you enjoy videos such as double dates of eating healthy grocery hauls food ideas and meal ideas etc then definitely make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more I have tons of ideas planned for this summer but we're gonna start off with this one I have three different breakfast ideas and two of them are sweet and one of them is salty I want to make sure I covered both categories because I know that some people prefer to have something salty in the morning I kind of go more towards starting with salty and then finishing off the sweet because I do have a pretty bad sweet tooth it's not a bad thing that's a wrong word to use it's not that it's just quite big and I've always enjoyed starting off with salty and finishing off this week also the three meal ideas that I'm going to show you in this video you could totally have as a snack it doesn't have to be a breakfast meal obviously but that's just what I would prefer to have for breakfast so I kind of thought that I would title this video that way but to totally up to you we're gonna jump right into recipe slash meal idea number one which is going to be a chia seed pudding parfait I think I would call it that I think that's the best way to describe the concoction that I came up with but the ingredients that you're gonna need is just some plain unsweetened almond milk hemp seeds coconut yogurt I got mine from Trader Joe's you could use any kind of yogurt that's available to you it's very good especially for it being vegan and if you guys do eat dairy and you tolerate dairy well then you could totally use Greek yogurt they'll actually give you a little bit more protein dairy does not sit well in my stomach so I try to avoid it I also used goji berries organic wild blueberries and chia seeds and the rest of this process is very easy and it's gonna take less than five minutes you basically just throw everything together and mix it all around so I did the entire yogurt and then I add a little bit of the blueberries around one tablespoon of hemp seeds I sprinkled the goji berries on top and I also mixed in two tablespoons of chia seeds and then once I mix it all together added just a little bit of the almond milk to give the chia seeds something to absorb mix it all around topped it off with a tiny bit more of the hemp seeds and a tiny bit more of the blueberries and I put it in the fridge for about two to three hours you could actually even make this the night before put it in the fridge and grab it to go in the morning it's super convenient and this whole process took probably less than five minutes all right so I mean idea number two is a chocolate peanut butter smoothie I love anything chocolate chocolate and I we get along great so I figured I would include something for my chocolate lovers in this video and again it is so quick so easy and tastes delicious so again you're gonna need some unsweetened almond milk you could totally use sweetened if you want to but I went with unsweetened and then sometimes eats peanut butter lip here super food smoothie cubes I don't exactly remember where I got them from or when I got them but I have tons of these in my refrigerator and I recently used them in a full day of eating they tasted so good this one's in the flavor chocolate PB&J and it went so well with the smoothie but if you wanted to replace this with some sort of protein powder like vegan protein or whey protein just make sure the flavor is either peanut butter chocolate or vanilla could possibly work here and then my last ingredient is the for sig Matic mushroom golden latte mix I am partnering with first agentic on this video and I've worked with them so many times in the past I have nothing but good things to say about them I love them so much not only do I like the concept and the idea behind the company which is to just help you consume mushrooms in a much easier way but I also think their products taste phenomenal and I remember the first time that I heard of them I was like white mushroom coffee mixes latte mixes it doesn't the two things don't fit together but they have nailed it every single thing that I've tried from them I have never to actually taste mushrooms and I think that if you're trying to incorporate more super foods into your diet they have so many different options they have lattes they have mocha mixes they even have hot chocolate these are like the three that are my absolute favorite the Marshall coffee mix you don't taste the mushrooms in here whatsoever the mushroom golden latte mix I'm a huge fan of lattes sometimes I'll have it as a latte and sometimes I'll just add it into my smoothies it also has tumeric in it which is super good for inflammation and I just came back from traveling and I definitely felt like I was inflamed and holding on to a lot of water so I'm trying to incorporate more tumeric into my life all their products are vegan paleo gluten-free organic so they will fit into anyone's dietary preferences they come in these little teeny tiny packages and then you pretty much pour it into hot water or hot milk I prefer the milk but you could totally do it with water and as I said these three are my favorite so the latte the mushroom coffee mix and then the mushroom mocha mix so cheese made with chaga I hope that I'm pronouncing that correctly so if you're interested in trying them out or if you're already a fan of first egg matt ik and you just want to get your favorite product then this is actually the perfect opportunity because they're having their annual summer butter sale the products on the site are going to be up to 60% off and on top of that if you actually click the link in my description bar you can get 15% off on top of the 60% off sale so it's basically like stealing this is a huge sale it's going to last until June 23rd and then it's not gonna happen again until November so definitely don't miss out on this opportunity and with the link in my description bar you can also get free shipping on orders of $100 or more so what that says back to my smoothie once you have all the ingredients it's easy peasy from here on out you just throw everything into a blender I started off with the superfood cubes and a little bit of almond milk mixed at first just to make sure that it had good consistency and then I added hemp seeds a good tablespoon of peanut butter and before sig Matic latte mix blend it all together once again and poured it into a mason jar normally I would just drink it straight out of the blender bottle but I wanted to work on my presentation skills and once again a recipe that took less than three minutes with lots of good ingredients and I promise you it's gonna keep you full because it just have a good amount of fats in there and fats actually take a little bit longer to digest so it's gonna keep you full for quite some time and that brings us to recipe number three last but definitely not least for this one you actually only need three ingredients one is avocado two is rice cakes and three is pink Himalayan salt I use pink Himalayan salt because I think it tastes butter like I feel like I taste of salt a lot more than a regular salt but you could use whatever is available to you really if you want to make it even more interesting and if you had some extra time you could also add egg white or egg on top that's gonna add more protein but I think that it works so well on its own that it doesn't really need anything else if you want to just go with that I usually do about four to six rice cakes depending on how hungry I am and one full of akkad o spread on all of them I'm a fan and I mentioned that they all taste great let me know if you end up recreating these and what you think if you'd like me to do more videos like this and definitely comment below as well you know once again definitely take advantage of the four stigmatic sale up to 60% off on their website right now plus an extra 50% off with the link in my description bar and free shipping on orders of $100 or more throw-ups it's also super easy to use and if you're new and you're looking for something specific for example you want Beauty benefits then you can actually categorize through that and again thank you so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy please give it a thumbs up subscribe for more and I'll see you all in the next one


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