3 Healthy Sandwich Recipes, Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss


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  2. What bread is ok and healthy for me to eat?

  3. This is how many PB sandwiches you've eaten

  4. Beautiful hands working fast delicious and easy sandwiches thank’s I like blessings

  5. Instead of toasting the peanut butter and banana sandwich with butter, coconut oil is probably a better substitute.

  6. No mayonaise in a diet! !!!!

  7. You had me at warm PB and banana, and lost me at 430 calories LOL Ever since I started this diet I hate tuna. I always loved tuna. It makes me want to hurl

  8. 2 slices of 35 calorie whole wheat bread 70 cals
    2 slices of kraft 2% milk cheese swiss or American 90 cals
    1/3 tbsp of butter to butter pan 33.3 calories
    Overall 194 calories per grilled cheese add veggies if you’d like
    Or use sandwich press with no butter and make grilled cheese 160 calories

  9. I hope to know how to make bread diet

  10. Why’d you use butter? You could of used a tiny bit of olive oil to cut the calories down by atleast 50-100

  11. Can u replace the celery with gabage?

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  13. Good but quite light.

  14. How last sandwich had 56 gram protein

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  22. Is Franz White bread that bad because it's kinda all I have please lmk. Next chance I get I will get better bread

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  25. Nice video, thanks for sharing, Madam My body is quite fine on average but my stomach is out, please tell me how to reduce belly fat.

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  27. I can't believe the first sandwich has 437 calories!
    On to the next video ! No need for butter and how many calories in the bread?
    Not a healthy sandwich!

  28. The nutitional info is highly inaccurate though

  29. Loves this recipes 😍

  30. Everyone is saying add yogurt but I can't 🙁

  31. you sure using mayo as ingredient still makes me loose weight?

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  33. You need to use herbs like cinnamon, and oregano, garlic with the onions.

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  35. Is it good for dinner

  36. Glad to have watched this!!

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