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hi lovelies of course the New Year is always a great chance to get our healthy eating back on track but eating better doesn't have to be boring and today I'm going to show you three stepped-up salad ideas that prove just that now all three of these salads are in celebration of the launch of our brand-new website healthy meal plans calm if you haven't checked it out yet it is such a great site I'm so excited about it the site allows you to browse through hundreds of healthy recipes add them to a weekly meal plan and then automatically generate a shopping list if you're the kind of person who wants a little more help with your healthy eating we've got some specialty meal plans that our in-house dietitian has created just for you and they cater to all sorts of dietary preferences so we've got a vegan one vegetarian low-carb whatever your diet we've got a meal plan for you I hope you will check the site out as soon as you're done watching this yummy video and without further ado let's get to our first step up salad this is my fig and pomegranate salad it's so good it doesn't even eat like a salad I promise you that now this starts with a really wonderful dressing I'm starting with some olive oil in my bowl to that I'm going to add my acid which in this case is white wine vinegar and then the secret to this dressing is called pomegranate molasses now if you can't find pomegranate molasses in your supermarket you can go ahead and swap in some honey if you wanted to but it's got a really wonderful flavor that of course really complements this gorgeous salad I'm also going to hit this with some salt and some pepper and then we'll just give it a good whisk then we can turn our attention to the base of our salads I wanted to make the salad extra-special so I'm actually using a combination of finely chopped green kale as well as some Dino kale Dino kale is also known as lesson Otto kale if you are having trouble finding it in the supermarket it's really dark green and great for you to add a little more color and some crunch to this I've got some shredded red cabbage headed into my bowl and then for some incredible freshness I've got some chopped parsley as well as some chopped mint headed in here I'll top all of this yumminess together with my dressing until it's well coated and then I'll arrange this mixture in a serving dish and then finish it off with some show-stopping choppers I've got some figs that I've just cut into quarters I'm gonna top that with some gorgeous pomegranate arils I've got a little crumble of feta cheese for some savory nest and then lovelies just for a little bit of crunch and even more gorgeous color as though this needed more great color I have got some pistachios headed on here my final step will be adding just a little more fresh mint to this and that is a fully loaded salad my friends what is not to love about this salad I think it is a serious flavor bomb a granite flavor a pomegranate give me a break next for something equally unique but equally delicious we are making a miso a broccoli slaw that is to die for there's no mixed green salads happening in this video we are stepping up our salad game and this recipe really does it it all starts with a wonderful miso dressing the base for this dressing is actually some orange juice you can use freshly squeezed or store-bought totally up to you today I'm adding some miso paste which can usually be found in the same section of the supermarket as your tofu I'm also adding some almond butter to this some grated ginger and a little bit of agave syrup for a little bit of sweetness once all of that is in your bowl you can just go ahead and whisk it away give it a taste actually so good now the base for our broccoli slaw is not surprisingly some broccoli I have about 4 cups of broccoli florets here I really finely chopped them of course with a slaw you want everything to be nice and finely chopped to that I'm adding some shredded red cabbage some chopped snow peas and some carrots tons of great color tons of great crunch in this salad then I'm going to pour over my miso dressing and then we will give this a good toss as with most laws the longer that this yumminess sits in that delicious dressing the happier things are going to get so go ahead and let it for a J and you'll see it's even better tomorrow to get this law even more happy I'm going to finish it with some chopped almonds and then I'm also going to add some finely chopped green onion salads like this make me so happy you wouldn't even believe it seriously awesome finally today we are making a smashed avocado and shrimp salad now to get started I've got some avocado in my bowl obviously when you're smashing avocados the riper they are the easier your life is going to be I'm gonna add some lemon juice to my avocados as well as some parsley chives and dill so there's a nice verb basis flavor happening once it's mashed up we're just gonna add in a little salt and a little pepper give it one more stir and we can construct our salad in this case I'm using a bed of baby spinach you could use really any greens you wanted in this salad then I'm gonna pile on my cooked shrimp of course you always have the option to cook your shrimp yourself I actually bought the cooked stuff from the supermarket you can buy it frozen I just let it thaw it's so super easy to work with for some lovely crunch in this salad I've got a whole cucumber that I just diced up and then I'll just serve that with my smashed avocado and some lemon wedges for good measure this salad is loaded with flavor creaminess and crunch it's got great texture it's got great color avocado say this is a seriously shrimp recive salad can cuke believe how easy that was we are winning at puns today folks wow wow wow wow wow I hope you will give all three of these incredible salads a try if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a photo because as always I love seeing your kitchen creations don't forget all three of these yummy recipes are being featured on healthy meal plans calm our brand-new meal planning site if you haven't checked it out please do I think you'll love it finally if you haven't already be sure to subscribe because there is lots more deliciousness where this came from


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