3 Healthy Meals For Under $5

welcome to the discount rates that are shown I am your host Dee gully your money segment coach here to show you how to save money today's episode is entitled three healthy dishes for under five dollars about a year ago I did this video entitled five dishes for under five dollars and many of you criticized me trust me I understand I mean I thank you for all the positive and negative feedback on that video when I shot that video about a year ago I really was just trying to think about all the different things that I've lived off of in college and in college I didn't have a lot of money and I didn't really know about or there was not a lot of healthier restaurants near my university so I just really tried to survive on what I can grab and get but there's an old cliche that says when you know better you do better so guess what I know better and I am doing better and I am spreading better information so let's get started with today's show um the first thing I like to make almost every night is a salad and in my sight I when I can get to the farmers market I try to buy fresh bandage but when I can't I buy bagged spinach one cucumber regular onion purple onion and a tomato and what I use for dressing is I just take a little virgin olive oil and just you know sprinkle it over my salad I don't like a lot of heavy dressing but this is what I eat probably for dinner almost every night next if I want something light for lunch what I do is I take whole-grain pasta and I will saute in a saucepan a little spinach sometimes dice up a tomato put in a little olive oil maybe a little butter seasoning and I just let that simmer and then I mixed in my pasta and this is a really great pasta dish that anyone can make for under five minutes the last dish I love to me because it's really really quick and it's really cheap this dish is under three dollars i buy the 99-cent bag of vegetables from wraps and it comes with carrots corn and green beans is called a country style vegetables you get this for $0.99 and I take a half a jar a regu pasta sauce and I make vegetable soup and this little dish lasts me at least three to four servings so as you can see all of these meals are very very quick very very inexpensive and I hope I'm doing better with a healthier side of things so it's now time for the financier tip of the week stay tuned I'll be right back you before the break I share with you the three dishes that are keeping me looking slim this summer and they all fit within my budget and I hope your budget as well but if you have some secret favorite foods that you are cooking this summer please let me know they must be budget-friendly and they must be healthy I don't want another beat down like I got over the last video so post your information on this video I'll push information on my Twitter page post your information in a response video whatever you do just spread the word until next week I am your host Dee gulley don't forget to subscribe to the discount trendsetters show and www.cannainsider.com and don't forget to tell a friend until next week I am signing off peace


  1. What is the soup recipe please?
    Sounds good! 🙂

  2. I like both videos!

  3. you…are…a…BABE!

  4. You can even grow veggies inside your house. I grow lettuce and swiss chard on my window sill! you just need a sunny spot and a pot. great video:)

  5. I have a simple pasta dish . I boil pasta with sea salt and olive oil and in another pan I add olive oil diced of roma tomato fresh oregano salt pepper galic and cook for a few minutes and then when pasta is soft enough I am the pasta to my pan and top with fresh parm .This is simple and yummy

  6. I love Ur videos, Thanks so much. I see Ur point from both angles. My 2 kids & I on the go would get 3 .99 burgers, a small fry & small soda w/free refills $5 & tax. I did the tuna casserole w/mac&cheese/mushroom-soup/canned-peas. Also cheap are chillimac, shephard's pie,.

  7. Great video

  8. @SarahBaraful

    Thank you so much for supporting The Discount Trendsetter Show. I truly appreciate it.

  9. Try this for a salad dressing. I use it for both a tossed salad and my steamed vegetables.
    1 TBS apple cider vinegar
    1 TBS balsamic vinegar
    1/2 TBS Realemon
    2 TBS orange juice
    a squirt of spicy brown mustard

    This combination tastes great. Please give it a try….Virtually no calories and no fat. I started eating healthier about 1 1/2 years ago and have lost 50 pounds. 198 down to 148, and feel great!!!!! Blood pressure & cholesterol is now good. This is with a change in diet. No medication..

  10. @Letwisdomspeak1

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I will be do a video on accessories.

  11. Love the earrings. I love earth toned and dangling earrings. Please do a show on this one day. Also love the recipes.

  12. @katanaxou

    Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  13. You can really tell you eat healthy because your skin is SOO nice 🙂 x

  14. I subscribed months ago but I am slowly making my way through your videos as I get the time. You are a joy to watch and you are so likeable. Great tips for a poor student like me! Thanks sister!

  15. @babygirltatertot

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

  16. Good job, try Brown rice, frozen veggies, canned tuna and stock cubes. All you need to cook a dinner for pennies. Cook veggies in a little water and 1/2 stock cube, add the canned tuna and serve with the cooked brown rice. Simple dinner which costs hardly anything.

  17. i love these videos! Thank you!!

  18. luv ur outfit.

  19. Great ideas! I like to grow my own herbs in little potts on my window sill during the colder months,and in the summer I put them outside. They add a lot of flavour to your meals, and are very healthy! Cheap too, because they keep growing year round.

  20. bananas for breakfast or whole grain bread is good for breakfast. spinach is very healthy! i love to eat that in my salad all the time! ^_^

  21. Thank you so much for supporting The Discount Trendsetter Show.

  22. Great tips. Although rather used a jar pasta sauce, you would save more money using a canned tomatoes, add water, reduce it, and then add the frozen vegetables and seasonings.

    Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

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