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hi laughs welcome back to my channel I've been getting a ton of requests on my Instagram story and by the way Instagram is my only social media so you can follow me at its Roxy James right there so I've been getting a ton of requests to do a cooking video for you so I decided to share three easy healthy lunch ideas that take less than 30 minutes to make so I hope that you enjoyed this video and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe for more like these and let me just say that you are going to get super hungry watching this video so I'm sorry in advance I warned you first up is baked salmon and vegetables and I'll share two ways you can bake salmon so I prefer you're buying salmon already skinned and in a vacuum sealed package like this because it's so much easier to work with and you can just use how much ever you need at a time versus an entire huge fillet of salmon and you have to like cut it over and skin it and all that crazy stuff before you start cooking be sure to preheat the oven to Laden heats up nicely and this really cuts down the baking time so for the honey glazed someone you need honey of course mustard I usually use Dijon mustard but this one works just as fine you need a finely chopped garlic black pepper and cayenne pepper so mix it all up and then apply liberally to your salmon this recipe is also on my blog so you can print it out and use it if you want the actual recipe and all of the steps laid out really nicely you can check that link to my blog there but yeah once everything is coated in your honey glaze bake your salmon for about 15 to 20 minutes at about 350 degrees Celsius or until your salmon flakes really easily the next way you can bake your salmon is using another one of my recipes on my blog and it's this chili salmon so I love using coconut oil and this is a chili infused coconut oil from sea GE and this flavor is perfect for this recipe because of the chili infusion next sprinkle some red pepper or chili flakes to it and that's literally the only two ingredients that you need for the salmon and by the way coconut oil solidifies whenever it's cold so that's why it looks like frozen on the salmon so if that happens to you don't worry it is totally normal it will be fine when you bake it and like before you want to bake for about 15 to 20 minutes until the salmon flakes easily so since the often was already on with these salmon baking I decided to do some oven roasted vegetables so you can use any vegetables to this part but I did green beans carrots potatoes and onions and honestly recently I started grilling and roasting and eating raw vegetables as much as possible so once I have all of my vegetables laid out really nicely in my baking tray I use the CGA eleven infused coconut oil to give my veggies a really tangy kick and I added a sprinkle of black pepper to add some more flavor so at this point I know you're probably wondering where the heck is the salt but I actually cook with very minimum souls to be honest mostly no souls at all and that's only because I prefer using fresh herbs and other infusions and Static living happen to add salt to anything it will definitely be the pink Himalayan salts okay so make sure to toss all your veggies so that everything is evenly coated and spread nicely on the baking tray and you're gonna put that into the oven for about 30 minutes until everything is nice and tender and oh my gosh you guys this smells so good it's such a rich combination of flavors and it was so easy to make for a complete meal I added some greens and this is watercress as a side to my oven roasted veggies and big salmon you can also add a dollop of sour cream to dip in but I actually prefer low fat Greek yogurt but I didn't have that so this will do for now but just don't overdo it and that's basically my first easy healthy lunch idea in under 30 minutes and this is perfect because if you're really busy you can just toss everything into the oven finish up your work and then you'll have a hot delicious meal waiting for you the next meal is even more simple and you can get it done in even less time for this you will need a ton of raw colorful veggies like no really go crazy with the colorful vegetables because the brighter they are it means it has a lot more antioxidants for you and those are super good for your body so I have canned black beans kale tomatoes bell peppers onions broccoli and corn so for the corn I just boil it and I like my corn really simple with nothing added and to make digestion easier I'm grilling the broccoli on a grill pan using some canola oil and I get so many questions about this pan when every posted on my Instagram story and it's actually a double-sided pan with a grill side and a flat side on the next side that you can use to make like eggs or pancakes I love this pan because it has that beautiful grill effect without needing an actual grill and all the hassle of putting up an actual grill so I will have a similar one linked in down below so you can check it out because this was actually gifted so I have no idea where it's from I leave my broccoli on it for about 3 to 5 minutes flipping them over occasionally I love keeping that bright green color so it's really just to soften the broccoli and give it the nice char for the carrots here's a fun little trick you can do use a vegetable peeler to create ribbon like strips of carrots it makes it easier to eat and is also aesthetically pleasing let's be real so I had brown rice left over from the day before so that's the base of my rice bowl but if you're prepping this meal be sure to put the rice to boil first and then prep your veggies and beans so we'll be ready by the time you're finished okay so now for the fun part it's time to layer your rice bowls so I put my rice in the middle of my bowl and then just add the vegetables around it and yes believe it or not it is as simple as that and for the dressing and use garlic infused coconut oil because I love the flavor that garlic adds and the coconut oil is a healthy fat with so many benefits this is a much better than preemie dressing with processed ingredients and high unhealthy fat contents so these rice bowls are my go-to meal and one of my favorite lunch ideas because it never gets boring and you can add a ton of different vegetables all the time to change things up so the third a meal option is a basil spinach pesto pasta I have a gluten-free pasta on the stove and now here's what I'm most excited about using basil for the first time for my herb garden so if you've been following me recently on my Instagram stories you would see that I'm super into gardening and growing my own food so I have this beautiful basil that I'm obsessed with and I actually cut a piece of it off for the first time in life and I'm using it to make my pesto so this pesto is vegan and not free so it's definitely not the traditional pesto but it's still really yummy and to make it you'll need basil spinach garlic lemon coconut or olive oil so all you do is toss everything into a food processor and you can squeeze like half of a lemon in it to give it a really nice kick of flavor and you just blend everything up until you get a sauce like consistency like this and can we just talk about how beautiful this color is I realized there wasn't any protein in the pasta so I decided to add chickpeas to it and then drizzle the pesto all over it and mix everything together and this was so good by the way let me just throw that in there and for an extra touch I love feta but if you want to keep this vegan you can just add some vegan cheese and you guys my mouth is legit watering do this voiceover because it looks so good and I want some pasta right now I'm like literally so hungry okay so those were my three healthy meals in under 30 minutes don't forget these salmon recipes will be posted down in the description bar below also comment down below and let me know which meal idea was your favorite and which one you're gonna try if you're gonna try any at all which I hope you do because it's so easy and so delicious that me pictures on Instagram stores if you tried any cuz I want to see what you guys have been making thumbs up for more cooking videos and don't forget to subscribe for more amazing content thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye mwah


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