hi lovelies I know from years of reading comments on my YouTube videos that a lot of you are trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet whether you're full-on vegetarian or you're just toying with meatless Monday today I've got three yummy vegetarian ideas I think you guys are really going to love and they are so delicious trust me you won't miss any meat at all as you all know all January long we are celebrating the launch of healthy meal plans calm our brand new meal planning website that allows you to browse hundreds of recipes build your meal plan and create your shopping list we also have specialty meal plan bundles prepared for all sorts of diets like vegan vegetarians we have low carb meal plan prepared so I hope you will head over to the site once you're done watching this yummy video and check it out it has been such a labor of love and so much fun to put together and of course all three of today's yummy recipes will be featured on the site after the video so you can find them there now without further ado let's get to our first vegetarian dish that I am super excited about it is what I'm calling my best ever quinoa salad now this best-ever quinoa salad is actually based on a salad that is available at a grocery store near my house and for years I could not figure out what the flavors were that made it so incredible it's sort of this perfect combination of savory crunchy a little bit tart but I think I finally got it and I'm so excited to share it with you guys of course as with any quinoa salad this one starts with some cooked quinoa now I have cooked my quinoa in a little bit of vegetable broth with some garlic just to give it a little more flavor you could cook it in water it's totally up to you once your quinoa has cooled completely you can just transfer it into a large mixing bowl like this and then we can pile in our veggies so I've got some baby spinach headed in here with some red bell pepper as well as some corn kernels then I'm going to add some feta cheese now of course if you want to keep this recipe vegan leave the feta out it's totally up to you but I do find it adds just a nice savory touch then for some freshness I'm also adding some freshly chopped parsley this is one of those ingredients it took me years to figure out and one I did it really made the salad thing the dressing for this salad could not be simpler we're using a combination of oil and red wine vinegar it's really important to use a flavorless oil in this recipe you don't want a strong olive oil flavor something like canola or vegetable oil is perfect the red wine vinegar is essential because it's got such a nice tartness to it and finally the super secret ingredient is just the littlest sprinkle of chili powder you can just season this up with some salt and pepper to taste and give it a good toss and it is ready to be enjoyed and the best part is the longer it sits the better it gets so if stores in the refrigerator really beautifully and will last for up to four days look how gorgeous the color is nothing compared to the flavor though next for something a little different but we are making these delicious taco balls that are actually vegan since we're going to talk away the meat taco away take away now okay so I'm going to be blending all of this up in my food processor I'm starting with a few cups of cauliflower florets and to that I'm also adding some walnuts this is gonna give it some nice body and of course some great healthy fats then the most important ingredient is my tamari which is actually just gluten free soy sauce if you want to use soy sauce instead here that's totally fine what you're looking for is that savory umami flavor that has a bit of meatiness to it but of course is completely vegan to pump up the flavor factor even more I've got one chipotle in adobo sauce which of course is nice and smoky and spicy I've also got some chili powder headed in here some ground cumin and some garlic powder classic taco seasonings I'm adding just a touch of oil to this mixture and then we're just going to add in some lime juice for some tartness and some freshness obviously lime is always the perfect accompaniment to those smoky savory flavors that are traditional and things like tacos burritos and chilies alright this is a new food processor so I'm still learning how to make things happen with it I'm just gonna pop the lid on our food processor and then we're gonna start by giving this a few pulses we're essentially looking for that sort of ground beef texture we're just gonna transfer this to a baking sheet and let it bake away for 20 to 30 minutes if we can get the lid off our food processor get it into the oven at 350 degrees for between 25 and 30 minutes you just want to let it get nice and brown and have those flavors really come out I think it's always important to stir this once or twice during the cooking process to make sure it's evenly browned and then you can just set it aside while we get to work on our cilantro lime rice now of course you can always use traditional rice in this recipe but adding a little bit of chopped cilantro and some fresh lime juice to your rice takes it way over the top you may be familiar with Launcher lime rice from Chipotle this is that how easy and there you have it guys vegan dinner loaded with nutrients perfect for Taco Tuesday finally I'm whipping up a nice big batch of one of my all-time favorite comfort food classics it's minestrone soup and it features loads of wonderful vegetables plus you can add any extra veggies you have hanging out in the refrigerator that maybe are starting to go off a little bit minestrone is the perfect place to put them it all starts with a little bit of oil in my soup pot as soon as that oil is nice and hot I'm going to add some veggies to this so I've got some onion headed in here some carrots some celery we'll cook those for four to five minutes just until they start to soften up there is pretty much nothing on earth that I enjoy more than the smell of onion carrot and celery cooking up in a big soup pot once your veggies that started to soften up you can go ahead and add some garlic into the pot I'm adding two cloves here because trust me a big pot of soup can handle two cloves of garlic and then we can start adding in our fiber which of course I think we all need more of in our life I've got some red kidney beans headed into my pot I'm using canned red kidney beans that have been drained and rinsed and then I'm also adding some pasta to this I'm using these adorable baby bow ties but any small pasta will do in this recipe for my seasonings I'm using a classic combination of dried oregano dried basil and dried thyme in this recipe and then I'm going to add some diced tomatoes to this as well as a whole lot of vegetable broth will give this mixture stur bring it to a boil and as soon as it's reached a boil we can reduce our heat to medium and let this cook away now of course as with all soups the longer this cooks the more delicious it becomes but the fact is you really only need to cook this for 20 to 25 minutes just until your veggies are tender and your pasta is cooked through then once your soup is almost done you can add in your final green veggies I like adding my green beans and my peas right at the end of cooking I like saving these for less so they don't get too mushy during the cooking process I also at this point I'm going to stir in a little bit of fresh parsley and of course we should season this up liberally with salt and pepper let those veggies finish cooking and guys soup is on of course the making a big batch of this is always a good idea because you can refrigerate it for up to four days or freeze it for up to three months what's not to love about having extra soup in your fridge am i right I hope you'll give all three of these yummy recipes a try and if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a photo because you guys know how much I love seeing your kitchen creations remember all three of these delicious recipes are being featured online healthy meal plans calm if you haven't checked out the website yet I really hope you will it's a great meal planning tool so there's a lot to like about that finally if you haven't already be sure to subscribe because there is lots more deliciousness where this came from


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