3 Easy Healthy Salad Recipes

hey guys it's Danny and today I'm here with a new episode of clean and green with Danny and I will be covering salads today I'm going to show you how to make three different salads using just five ingredients and I'm gonna also show you my go-to salad dressing that I will tweak ever so slightly for each salad now remember if you try any of these recipes or you're making any clean and delicious salads of your own snap a picture and tag me on instagram and on facebook using the hashtag clean and green with Danny's so we can all stay connected throughout the month now let us get started now the first salad I'm making is my kale crunch salad personally I love using kale as the base of a salad because the texture is very hearty and it's super nutrient dense so it makes for a very satisfying salad in my bowl I have four cups of thinly sliced kale and to that I'm going to add two cups of thinly sliced red cabbage super crunchy two cups of chopped up carrots then I have one green apple nice and bright and tart that I chopped up indigo and then one chopped up avocado which is going to add a nice creamy rich texture and taste now I'm just gonna set this aside and make the dressing which is super simple it's basically just a slight variation of my go-to vinaigrette I'm gonna combine two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar which is nice tart and bright then I have one clove of crushed garlic and just a teaspoon of honey it's gonna round out the flavor and the dressing give it a pinch of salt a pinch of black pepper and then I'll just gently whisk this all together now my go-to formula with salad dressing is I do one part oil to two parts vinegar so that's why I've got the two tablespoons of olive oil and four tablespoons which is a quarter cup of the vinegar okay once I've got that all whisked together like I do here I'm just gonna drizzle this over my salad and then I like to use a pair of tongs like this and gently toss this until all the ingredients are incorporated and everything has a nice light coating of that dressing okay now this allit holds up really great because it's nice and Hardy so you have two choices you can either just puple it on this leave it in the fridge and then snack on it all week long or do what I like to do and make individual servings you could do that in a mason jar make a salad jar or you could do in any airtight container you have and you'll have yourself some clean and delicious grab-and-go salads all during the week okay next up I have my chunky Greek salad now you don't always need lettuce to create a veggie packed salad I'm gonna show you why in this salad for our base I'm using four cups of chopped up cucumber now personally I love using those little on Persian cucumbers because they are super crunchy then to that I'm going to add two cups of chopped up baby tomatoes 1 cup of garbanzo beans that's gonna add a good bit of protein then I've got a quarter cup of diced red onion and a half a cup of halved kalamata olives and those olives add a nice rich buttery creamy texture to the salad without needing to use any dairy okay I'm gonna set that aside and make my dressing now this dressing is the same base recipe I'm just gonna tweak the acid and the flavors just a little bit so this time I'm starting with one tablespoon plus two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil then I have three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar the balsamic is a little bit sweeter than a red wine vinegar 1 teaspoon of dried oregano 1 clove of crushed garlic fat pinch of salt fat pinch of pepper and then again I'm just gonna whisk that till everything is well incorporated and drizzle this right over my salad now this salad is great as is but if I want to bulk it up I will put it on top of a bed of baby spinach or some crunchy romaine another thing I like to do is serve it as a side dish to some grilled chicken or maybe like a kebab in the summertime lots of different options but with all that being said same deal as the last salad pop a lid on this and store it in the fridge as is or if you want a salad on the go that you can bring to work or have for lunch put it into individual containers and you've got your salad that you can grab and go my third and final salad is a quinoa and black bean salad now quinoa was great because remember although it's grouped with the grains it is technically a seed so it's both gluten free and high in protein which makes it a really nice base for a salad so all I'm gonna do is combine two cups of cooked quinoa one chopped bell pepper I'm using a red pepper here nice and sweet 1/3 of a cup of diced up scallions one cup of black beans which is gonna add a more protein to the salad and then I have one chopped up avocado I'm gonna set that aside and make my dressing so for this dressing I'm gonna combine two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a quarter cup of fresh squeezed lime juice so that's the acid it's nice and bright and fresh one clove of crushed garlic then I have just an eighth of a teaspoon of ground cumin it's gonna give it a smoky warm flavor fat pinch of salt some black pepper and then I'm just gonna whisk this together and drizzle it right on top of the salad and then we'll toss that all together hmm-hmm-hmm the Kefauver explosion so much good stuff going here little crunch from the scallion creamy avocado bright dressing with that smoky undertone you guys are gonna love this one you got to try it so there you guys have it three very simple extremely delicious salads all using just five ingredients these are all amazing options if your cleansing or detoxing or if you're just trying to keep things clean and delicious make them on the weekend pop them in the fridge you'll have healthy on the go lunches that you can turn to all week long so now I am curious if you're gonna try any of these salads which one do you think you would try first which one do you like the best come on down in the comments and let me know and don't forget if you try anything or your making anything clean and delicious yourself take a picture and tag me on instagram and on facebook using the hashtag clean and green with danny so we can all stay connect it all throughout the month thanks so much for watching guys I'll see you next time with some more clean and deliciousness Cheers and today I am here here we go and today I am here with a new series a new episode a new video so no Rob yep boom here we go take a trick it's a trick lid have two in it here we go so now I am curious I lost my voice right there you


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