3-D BICEPS EXERCISE – Make Those Biceps “POP” With This 1 Exercise!


  1. Can't we just do chin ups?

  2. you can do that movement WITHOUT any weight at all and you will still get an incredible pump on your biceps!!!

  3. you talk a lot but your moves are awesome

  4. Great excersise. Totally felt it

  5. Does pull ups help biceps?

  6. subscribed!

  7. 47 haters

  8. Yes

  9. Great workout.

  10. Great tip for using the full range of motion. Thanks. 

  11. i cant sit like that :/


  13. Yes!!! Thank you


  15. you should call them KITE THROWERS


  17. can i do this with dumbbells?

  18. Thanks.

  19. This guy is fucking good.

  20. what if we dont hv a band or the machine….hw to work it out….

  21. FORM is KEY to any exercise.  You do an incredible job of explaining why this is true, and what it does for your muscles.  Thanks Jeff!  

  22. I Only have one problem I have two torn rotators but I have some form to me. I will try this exercise.

  23. U not even big! Just ripped

  24. That's freakin' brilliant!

  25. i can see hes a very skinny guy, and got ripped coz of these genius exersices.

  26. This guy's sure knows his stuff. I tried this exercise for the first time this week and made the very front part of my biceps sore which I had never felt before on that part of my bicep. Thanks for post!

  27. can I do it one arm at the time? and how much weight? how many reps?

  28. 2014 thru 2015 is gonna be my year Jeff. Thank you for all the great training advise cause, it's gonna help and it "WILL" make a difference!!!

  29. Very cool knowledge, reminds me alot of the <ZottMan Curl> where you rotate your wrists at the top instead of the bottom. Question though, would you also recommend this to compliment Standing Dumbell Curls, or only on cables? 

  30. I do a variation of this exercise using the same principles but for my triceps using a cable row machine in a standard bent over one arm position. Adding that extra upward flare at the end getting a little rear deltoid contraction. Any thoughts?

  31. why aren't u doing the full range of motion ?!

  32. wow what a great gift how thoughtful I still aint got i!

  33. There is no such word as BICEP. The word BICEPS is a singular noun. "The BICEPS." "A BICEPS." Not "the BICEP."

  34. I'm Jeff Cavaliere and I'm reaching into my stocking to pull out a forearm building gift for you

  35. I like! Thanks for the tip! I needed to mix up some new stuff. Never thought of bringing arm pass the head.Seems to let more blood in.Really flex a cramping pump! Awesome!

  36. Solid advice from a smart, determined guy. 

  37. Details are everything…thanks again man!

  38. This may work but I don't like this exercise since it involves flexing the shoulders too, which could get exhausted during the set quicker and more importantly BEFORE the bicep is exhausted. For me the best exercise is one where no other muscle is being exercised apart from the bicep. The most important thing is the squeeze at the top of the movement and slow extension, keeping the muscle under tension and making sure momentum or gravity does not take control of the weight. One more tip: people don't realise that when doing curls you are actually using your tricep to curl as well as the bicep. In fact if you chopped your bicep off then you will STILL be able to curl because ALL muscles push and pull (proof: leg extensions – quads squeeze the weight, squats – quads push the weight). Try doing exercised that 1. completely isolate the bicep, such as preacher curls and 2. involve no other muscle movement other than the bicep during the set 3. ALWAYS squeeze HARD for 2 seconds max at the contraction 4. Never let the weight drop by gravity: THE NEGATIVE PORTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT and is where I would say 80-90% of muscle growth occurs, since you are using oxygen in your muscles and not your lungs (try it – take a deep breath in on the contraction and you'll find that you can breathe HOWEVER YOU LIKE on the extension).

  39. Lol my grandma gives me scratch offs ever year too still

  40. i waited for this video all year 🙂

  41. Hey Athean-x guy, where did you learn all of that stuff?

  42. Nice exercise to finish up biceps routine.


  44. Great tips!
    And you kinda gets a similar thing in the rings when doing a pullup where you rotate from pronated in the bottom position to supinated in the top position. Kinda, since you don't elevate your elbows in the same way like in the end position where the hands has passed the neck in the video. Maybe some kind of inverted pull-up in the rings with turning hands will get you close to the thing?

  45. Great info!

  46. Wow this is really informative. I never thought about the activation of the shoulder.

  47. Hey,  talk about great timing. I just watched your video on upper pecs and pecs function in general. I am 62 with an expanding rib cage and "Old Man Boobs". I have been gifted with a slim frame and great muscle memory. I have given myself to age 65 to Not  have the body of a typicial 65 years old man. I have a few free weights and a strap system, I am working with body weight and will pick up some stretch bands. I shall continue to follow your program. This is great. 

  48. GREAT JOB Good info but can you get good results with out getting on your knees I have bad knees ?

  49. Jeff's Bicep Curl.

  50. Just did the motion without weight to see and yeah that feels great. Adding this to my routine definitely!

  51. How about sitting on a bench, leaning little forward and performing the movement with dumbbells? Isn't it pretty much the same movement pattern?

  52. what if i can't afford a lotto ticket, then what exercise should I do?

  53. Started off as a great addition to my biceps arsenal, but be careful, weightlifting friends…this move puts an obscene amount of strain on the biceps tendon where it attaches to the lacral area of the shoulder. I have been out of commission for 8 weeks and now Doctors believe

  54. Doctors believe it is a SLAP tear. It took me a while to go to the doctor because I am stubborn. This move and the triceps move can be quite dangerous. Be careful.

  55. I am definitely doing this exercise next time I am working my arms!!!

  56. push a little bit more and you may become the next Spartan

  57. Thank you again for so much dedication for all yr followers ,,,appreciate yr time and effort in putting these on youtube,,,wishing u all the very best take care ,,again thanks ,,,cheers Mac

  58. From 2011 til now you can see how he's really made progress while maintaing his size.He knows what hes doing!

  59. Could you do this on a Lat pull down machine

  60. can't wait to try this one. .

  61. This looks killer! Thanks!

  62. this guy is insane

  63. going back and watching a 4 year old video is crazy. look at how much smaller and less vascular he was.

  64. I tend to appreciate smaller things too………….like a cute blonde that weighs 100 lbs and is 5 feet tall. My wife ROCKS it!!

  65. I respect him for going into detail and explaining his stuff through proper research based on data.

  66. I think it's a great exercise to target all 3 functions of the biceps, but would the active insufficiency hinder your biceps strength at all?

  67. How you can do that if you dont have some cables in close position like he have? and not having bands…

  68. someone buy this guy a t shirt

  69. This guys is a great trainer deserves my money

  70. Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to get back to the form I was in around 29 or 30. I was a beast! I'm 46 now and my testosterone is low. I was told bicep workouts can help. I'm currently running 3 5 Ks a week, but I know I need to start lifting again.

  71. effective training

  72. who's watching in 2016?

  73. Call it calveliere curls.

  74. love.

  75. watching this in November 2016 , I made a decision to without and try my best forward. Putting price to the side and doing what matters in & out the gym. exercises seem odd but goes to show different things workout. I'm 22 & have been thru a bit but time to be different and a better me. happy Thanksgiving to all and a merry Christmas. ☝🙏🤘🖖💪👈🙌👏👋👍

  76. watching this in November 2016 , I made a decision to without and try my best forward. Putting price to the side and doing what matters in & out the gym. exercises seem odd but goes to show different things workout. I'm 22 & have been thru a bit but time to be different and a better me. happy Thanksgiving to all and a merry Christmas. ☝🙏🤘🖖💪👈🙌👏👋👍

  77. hey I love to work out but sometimes I don't feel up to it how can I get warmed up and pumped to feel up to it

  78. this guy means business, he must have been a biology teacher at some point back in the days. Sport and science at its best

  79. cringy intro:p

  80. Basically a high cable curls variation with two arms.

  81. Brilliant

  82. who is watching in 2017?

  83. plz put some rehab exercise for labrum tear on RT shoulder

  84. so where is exercise??

  85. Any chance these can be done with freewights or even kettlebells?

  86. He definitely looks smaller in this video and not as lean

  87. 666k views, coincidence??? i don't think so!

  88. Tried this today wowwww

  89. I think im late its November 2017

  90. My biceps are 3-D!
    Diminishing, disappointing and deformed!
    Hope this works!!

  91. We dont hv this machine in gym.
    Any alternative?

  92. hey Jeff, every time i don`t think you can come up with another biceps exercise, you come up with one anyway!! fast forward to Feb. 2nd 2018 and i cannot wait to try this one on Monday!! i take Sunday`s off, and will be chomping at the bit waiting for Monday to come!! i have absolutely nothing at home that would allow me to do this one now, or tomorrow!! the best Christmas present ever, and it came from Jeff Cavaliere!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  93. This was a favorite bicep exercise of the great Mr. Olympia Larry Scott.

  94. I don't know why, but I read 6 years ago as 6 days ago 😐 was definitely surprised

  95. Doing this tomorrow!

  96. Thank you

  97. Make biceps pop with this one quick trick! 😉

  98. Superb

  99. Thanks sexy Jeff, I bought max size, but I couldn't view the intro video on how to use the program … If I call, It's someone else, not you at the helm –
    Spare me the one liner… 'you are too' busy,
    chemistry connection with Cavalier to me is essential –

    The Voyz Of Force …

  100. 2019 here .. been watching him for about two years. He's a gift to humanity!

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