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hey you guys greetings from Germany on this actually it's Friday morning it's a little bit after midnight Thursday night and I was looking at my notes from this week for the weekly update and I figured I'm gonna film it now and get it out of the way because I'm off tomorrow on Friday and that way I don't have to think about the things anymore that happened this week and I could just focus on what I want to get done this week and including a few videos I have planned to make at least two videos one being what's in my bag and maybe a live stream we'll see but but the weekly update for this week is as follows let's get started with with work so I had the situation that last Thursday I was approached by the team leader about having gone outside and taken a few tracks of my VP my vape steak or vape mod I don't know but my large East cigarette and I wasn't out there for thirty seconds when I saw through the windows it's a panoramic window through the windows that she was closing my windows again and my doors she doesn't like me airing out the place she would like to live like a reptile in about what 70 75 degrees at least and no airflow I cannot deal I have a deviated septum that's number one I have allergies that keep my nasal cavities closed for the most part even though I take allergy medication and so I came back inside and she said where were you when I said I was outside taking a few puffs and she said I have to clock out for my smoke breaks and I said vaping by definition is not smoking and so I was only out there for 30 seconds and I'm not gonna clock out for that the time clock won't allow me to do that and I'm not you know but you have to wait at least one minute to punch something else and so I cannot clock out and take a few puffs and clock back in and so she wanted to be a beyotch about it and so it's it didn't end well I just you know asked her she had said what she wanted to say and she took off then on Monday I got an email from her that she must have written Friday after I'd left and it's reminded me of the non-smoking policy on the premises and she added a PDF file to that explained all of that and I just I I couldn't heal because you know to start your workweek off by by that is is ridiculous because she had no business telling me after all the extra work we have been doing and me filling in for my coworker that was off last week there was a lot of extra pressure on me she knew about it and yet she felt like harping on me for a minor detail that she could have just overlooked and she by the way is the one that has sometimes 30 minutes on end private conversation on company time and goes out to our car without and now disappears for a minute on end and that's that's the person that wants to harp on me for being out there for 30 seconds so I'm getting her email I'm thinking about responding and I did respond on company time because this is not a private matter and I didn't mean it off though because of emotional situations like this I would you know I typed something out like a response even in the in the drafts box until I feel that now is the right time to send it so I was gonna sleep on it and then maybe you know look it over again and send it to her but as you know after that email that she or she wrote on Friday she went into the weekend and during the weekend she had an accident she she fell she stumbled and fell and broke her elbow apparently we haven't heard from her since so we don't really know what is going on but so so I was thinking about you know just leaving leaving that email that I wrote back to her response to her email I left it in my drafts box and you know the day went on and the department manager shows up in front of me in front of my counter which is the t meters pass and my boss he's the head of Human Resources and so he was smiling and he said so that he went the timid did you went the boss lady ever get that how did he say it I wrote it down did you and boss lady ever figure out the smoking issue and I said come again and he was smiling you know he was he wasn't being 100% serious but he wanted to address it and so I felt that I should respond I said why did she snitch on me for something I didn't even do or that I didn't do the way she told you because he told me that smoking on the premises is forbidden and yada yada so he gave me the speech that you would have given somebody that smoked on company time which I didn't I did not there are people that go out there once an hour they don't clock out and they disappear for 10 to 15 minutes so you know what I mean and so I I let go I just told him look number one I was vaping and not smoking and so the non-smoking policy was never violent I was a few meters or yards away from the building and so don't even don't even believe her while you still believer I said and also I told him that I vaped and didn't smoke and that I'm not gonna clock out because of the time won't let me clock in until a minute is passed and I'm not out there for that long plus I'm hardly ever out there to vape this was the first time and she wants to harp on me know and I also told him that I did sign the one-year contract but I still hadn't turned it in and that I'm thinking about whether or not I should be doing it because with the way she is she is what's the word abusing her position and taking out her moods on us I'm I'm seriously considering not turning the contract and because no you go ahead and – wouldn't work at you squared away and I'm gonna talk to her when she gets back and look she's gone now and I said yeah but for how many weeks and then she'll be back and she she'll think that she can do it just like she did it for six years I've heard for six years he's been a biatch like this and so he said no don't you worry and turn in your a contract and I would talk to her and I said okay so you got my back right and he said yeah all right but the fact that she had told on me is ridiculous but she paid for it this week and I guess karma is a biatch so I told him about all of that because of her being gone the work climate is really great everybody's in a good mood it's just so strange because nobody has to be tense and you know tiptoe around her or be quiet because when you say something that she doesn't approve with she just jumps right down your throat and so it seems like you know since the spider is not in the web you know everybody is not nervous more and they're all they're not in an upbeat like in a good mood and I told him about what she did Thursday because you know of course the main topicals her and so I told my coworker who also got back on on Tuesday what the team leader had done and she said don't you dare leaving and you know we'll figure things out and don't take her seriously I don't know how other people do it but I asked them since you know she was the main topic and so one of my co-workers said what I do with it is this and I said that's a fake written oh my gosh I've never seen you have this expression on your face and she said this is the grin that I put on the fake grin that I put on when she says something that is really mean I you know I just I just think that people like this will eventually trip themselves up and so I'm waiting for that day but for six years you know that girl has been with the company for about one and a half years and so she's she's waiting for the team leader to trip her own self up the the woman the team leader has grabbed a colleague by the arm the last receptionist that was there be caught because of which I have this position now because she left she grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in a in an office and so she was reprimanded for that but nobody ever fired her for assaulting another colleague but anywho and another guy that works at Human Resources that works under the department manager that I was talking to but that has also had a situation with the team leader last week he told me that he just keeps telling himself it's not personal she has gotta have issues and it's not personal and I said I understand you know I wanted to know how others deal with this and it was two people that I hadn't talked to about how they deal with what she doesn't work and so these two have kids they have younger kids and they cannot afford to lose the job so I'm thinking that place into how they react to her and how they do not feel like something needs to be done right now and they all said the same well she's gone now she'll be out for quite some time yeah but she'll be back eventually and then what then she'll just continue unless she wakes up we're all hoping that maybe the pain pills will learn the pain medication will trigger something in her that would change her but just to give you another example that that came up this week of how she acts so I'm it was a few weeks back or a couple of months back when we had a meeting it was an office reception meeting and so as soon as I clock in the meeting starts and so my clock in I get my cup of coffee I head towards the conference room I enter the conference room and I see that the blinds are down and so I put the blinds up she walks in and yells at me what are you doing and I said I'm putting the blinds up so that we can see each other what and she goes when I'm having a PowerPoint presentation and we're not gonna see it if you put the blinds up now will we and I said how am I supposed to know that you are gonna do a PowerPoint presentation and none of the meetings that we've had in in the year that I've been here you've never she's never done one and so I'm supposed to what be psychic and know that she's gonna do so you know things like that or last week she came to the reception and I don't know what she wanted I still don't know but my blinds were down but tilted in the upwards direction so that light can come in and that was because I couldn't deal with the light shining onto my computer screen and so I put the blinds down but but tilted them upwards and so she and and at them and so the Sun was shining when I did and I got busy on the computer and when she got there the Sun was not shining there was a there were clouds in front of the Sun and she goes what did she say we work in an office not in a cellar and I said what are you talking about and she said well the blinds they need to be up and I said no the blinds need to be to where I can't see my computer screen and she cause it's darkest in a cellar in here and it wasn't her exaggerating all the time is you know whatever but anywho she'll be out for a while and it'll give me time to think so this is the update on work and we had so much fun this week I mean we have lots to do but the the work climate is just so much better now that she's gone it's it's that to say but it is that way all right I'm still listening to the song Drive not all day long but you know here and there the song drive by the cars and so the whole thing like having the thought of listening to the to the song again and coming across Benjamin or singing it instead of Ric Ocasek which I thought was singing song had been thinking that he is saying in the song for years and Benjamin are also sharing my birthday the exact same day but not not the year and him being born in Ohio which was my point of entry and I've been thinking about you know states and ceremony like I've been comparing both countries in my head ever since I came back from living in the States for 11 years you can't just erase that kind of you know experience and and pretend that you've never to the state and so all of this plunged me into the hole what does it all mean kind of a rabbit hole and looking at what I need to change to be happier like to make my my environment you know more you know easier for me to resonate with and getting out of the city and stuff like that and then I became aware aware of that I am one decision away from living a completely different life and guess what I've been thinking about this like all week because what am I gonna do I'm not gonna just quit this job without having another one died but with that – what would be the consequences of that you know and I was thinking about that and today one of the YouTube channels that I'm subscribed to life on the half-shell 2.0 was talking about the exact same thing and she quoted that I don't know word for a word for word but something along the lines of line of what that we are one decision away from living a completely different life and I've been thinking about it and okay so what if I did quit the job without finding another one what would my life be like would there be even more pressure on me to find another job yes there would be and it would also be a financial problem but would I not be happier would I make a lot more youtube videos and you know be happier this way and needless money need less money and and I was I was aware of the big no because I'm aware of the fact that even even with the team leader being out for a while the race of $10 a ten-year-olds a month still remains a fact I mean that's something that the company did not the team leader and also the extra work is still being piled on us and the construction site that is feet away I'm gonna show you a picture no I can't because it shows the building but it's a few feet away from us it's ridiculous and there's a huge crane right in front of the reception window it's it's hilarious enter the noise the noise pollution is just amazing and that construction site will remain there until next year if they will be there for over a year and we will still have the apprentice with us for four months for four months we will not only have extra work because the team leader is missing and because we have been assigned extra work but we also have to teach that apprentice something and you know explain what we're doing all the time so it's a lot of extra pressure for not so much more money and that's been going around in my head too and I still have to travel for two hours a day without getting paid for that time and so while the absence of the team leader is giving me room to breathe and to think and it's making everybody feel all upbeat the same negative factors that I just mentioned they still remain and so there is a need for change despite the t meter not being there and so there's a lot of thinking going on concerning that but also I'm thankful I don't have a job I can pay my bills do have a roof over my head you know the gratitude part is is still on my mind too and then while I'm thinking about all of these things you know so this is it for work but while I'm thinking about these things there's this lady in Canada that has you know she's been commenting on my channel in the comment section but then mentioned that she's thinking about making you know filming her own videos to on her channel and she started last week and she has been blowing me out of the water here she is I'm gonna show you the channel picture the channel name is redneck teepee and what she's been talking about it's just you know it's it's almost like what I need to hear like she's talking about nature the connection to nature the connection to animals how animals react in stress situations so how they deal with trauma and she's also talking about her attempted suicide which made me cry on the bus before work I watched the first part of the video at home but then I had to hit the shower and get out of the house and so I watched the rest of it on the bus and I cried and she she was of course she's got the channel and so she wasn't successful in committing suicide but a horse saved her life please check out her channel she's amazing she's just saying these things like somebody's reading the weather forecast it's amazing these life wisdoms you know these these lessons that some of us never learn in life and she's been through a lot and she talks about it on her channel and she's also making video clips of nature you know like a horse grazing or the dogs playing or whatever it's it's amazing I'm loving her channel she's only got a few videos so far and I was subscriber number two but she she's gonna go she's gonna go places with with what she conveys it's I'm amazed and so please if if what I'm talking about interests you please go over there and check out her channel if you resonate with her please subscribe to her I just find her amazing the way she talks and you know and she's and did I mention that she's in Canada on the west coast of Canada I didn't know Canada had a West Coast I thought the west coast of Canada was Alaska CL stupid sir you know we sometimes are so I learned about that that Canada has a west coast oh my god and big because of her videos I remembered how connected I was to nature in the States because I lived in the country and how connected I was to animals and how I learned from them like before I moved to the States I had no idea that chickens had personalities but I was taking care of chickens there and I was feeding them every day and I was getting the eggs and we had selkies and you got to look them out there they're beautiful and they have personalities like even if they look the same like you can tell you know like okay this is the one that's always doing this or that or they they talk differently I mean they sound differently and some are you know like one is aggressive and the other one like like always you know like walk sideways towards you and looks at you or I learned so many things about nature and animals while I was in the States and I also walked a rotten pit it was a Rottweiler in a pitbull and I walked him and his shoulder muscles alone I mean he cracked me up he came about up to my knee a little higher maybe and when I walked him my ex-husband said to me are you sure you wanna you are you sure you want to have your arm pulled out by the socket and I said what are you talking about he said are you sure you can walk a rotten pit and I said I think so because I was you know all cocky and so I put a leash on that dog he was a yard dog and I put a leash on that dog and yeah he almost dragged me through the landscape I swear I had so much fun with him I want to put a picture here to show you him he's dead he he died like a few months before he left but we had a lot of good times and I learned from animals a lot in this one time he broke free like he wanted to go for a walk but I had to work or whatever so he broke reei came home from work he wasn't in his pen and and so a late at the neighbor lady drove or came up the driveway and she said are you missing your dog because there's a dog running around on the on the highway down there and I said yes I've been looking for him is he all right and the lady said no I think he got hit by a car and he's limping so I kept yelling for him so that he knows you know where we are like maybe he was dizzy or whatever so he came like limping up the driveway and I said oh my gosh what happened and I saw he had asked fault you know crumbs what is it called like little pieces of asphalt on his head and he was bleeding a little bit and he had some fur missing and he was laying down between the trees on the ground as flat as a pancake and I had read this you know being in the states Ealing with animals I read about that stuff so animals can heal themselves by connecting with with the earth like being as close as they can to earth and so he was panting and at the same time like laying as far as he could and then he got up and he peed and he only peed a drop of blood and I had heard about that probably meant in our injuries and I just sat down with him and my daughter and I we got him water and food he wouldn't eat he drank a little bit but eventually he recovered from the whole thing he did but I learned so much from animals so much I I can't put it in words the cat also the cats that I had and I saw turtles that came out after a rain through the pine trees that I used to watch the sunset and every night I could you know every time the Sun would set behind the pine trees and it was just all inspiring but yeah that's why I love her video so much retinic tepee is to youtube and the channel name anything if this is this sounds like something that might interest you you're not gonna regret it yes amazing way of getting these messages across and also I would like to shout out my girl Lisa in New York her channel name is Gigi days I'm gonna put her channel up here too and she's also been talking about her mental health just like redneck tippy just about what she's struggling with and she's in a similar situation at work you know being caught between a rock and a hard place so you quit yes or no you've gotta find another job first and how are you gonna do that and so and it was a birthday this week happy birthday girl mail is on the way I just finally made it off and I didn't want to mention it because I didn't didn't want to put like you know to take the Thunder away from you but the fifth of May I remember right after the 20 25th of April is my daughter birthday she turned 24 and on the fifth 5th of May is when I got out of the hospital and I was so happy so for the first time in the only time in my entire life I left the hospital with another human being that I had created oh I still probably never forget that date and so yeah shout out to Gigi days if you want to check out her channel such a lovely person I mean I cannot say enough good things about her I loved watching her videos and no girl they're never boring they are not boring it makes no difference if you do your dishes and talking to the camera if you have makeup on yes or no if you grant or just you know tell us about your day never bored you have such an amazing way of getting things across and a way with words sometimes and I I consider myself having to have a large vocabulary but you use words sometimes I have to look them up I swear I'm amazed by that so I can still learn even more English words that I can use and so I love your China and I know it's gonna grow I just know it is gonna grow there's there's that's others to it alright another thing that happened this week is my divorce lawyer contacted me again I haven't mentioned the divorce in so long and I've I just kind of give up on it and so I didn't contact the divorce lawyer anymore I mentioned it in my goals for 2019 back in December that this year I want for 2019 to be the year when the divorce is final and then I'm gonna change my last name back to my maiden name which is a typical German name and but I hadn't contacted him because I'm not I'm not enthusiastic about him and I'm gonna let you know why so I've been separated from my second husband who was from Indiana and we got married in Germany in 2003 in 2003 in 2007 we moved to the States and the same year of humans later he left because I had given him an ultimatum because he was being as lazy as he was being over here he did not look for a job and then he didn't even have a shot at finding and so on because he didn't even have a driver's license the state of India Indian and indeed it was Indianapolis that that confirmed to me that he didn't have a driver's license because before he left the states he had caught a cost an accident in a rented rented rented car rental car and he didn't have insurance on it which is close to impossible you have insurance with every rental car right but anyway they took us drivers license and we had to pay a fine of $3,000 before even having a chance of getting his driver's license back but he didn't tell me that at the time he told me that three years later so I haven't been with him since 2007 he left my daughter and I stranded and deserted in New Mexico in the heat with me working at Walmart making 675 an hour and so this is the guy I want a divorce from so imagine me fast forward 11 years I'm back in Germany I see a lawyer and I say I've been married to this man since 2003 in 2007 we we moved to the state and that's the year that he deserted me and so I would like to get a divorce and guess what it's almost one and a half years later and I'm still not divorced why is that because the German authorities want to give my husband who stole from me who stole most he stole my daughter's mp3 player from her the night he left and as cowardly as he left I was working at a hotel reception at the time that was the job after Walmart at the hotel reception I made 750 an hour and he left my daughter alone in the house and took off and he moved to Alaska with the money he had stolen from me I had given him two months rent in cash and he wrote checks that balance because he didn't have an income and because he didn't look for a job and and so he took my money and he bought a plane second a ticket with it and move to Alaska and he stole everything he could make into money from our home and so yeah so I I told the lawyer what had happened and still they want to give the German authorities still want to give him a chance to be notified about the divorce the or the initiation of the divorce that's a joke it's off kind of detached myself emotionally from this and I'm just gonna let it unfold so the lawyer said in the email he wrote me that the court had set the date the divorce stage the actual final days for June 27 but he's on vacation and so it's gonna have to be postponed and so I don't even care anymore so this summer my divorce is going to be final after being married to a man Lisa I'm getting the divorce but I understand why you're not getting it I'm getting a divorce from the man that I have not been with in 11 years finally and but I'm not happy about it because they call just let me sign a statement saying I herewith certify that I have been separated from this man in the States for you know 11 years and stuff and if they found out any different they could have you know throw me in jail or whatever but they didn't do that they kept you know googling him on you know on the internet will try to find in addresses that they could send letters to you know the the notification or you know blood belly you know just notifying him that I'm filing for divorce and so they wanted to keep doing that and so it's been almost one and a half years well actually one year and three months but by the time that lawyer gets back from his vacation I don't care it's gonna happen this year also I calls I only have one and every time I wanna show you my classes they're not around I have a pair of glasses and I bought them in the States for about $500 they you know they tend they automatically tins and I think it's called transitional glasses or whatever and they have a really light frame because otherwise I get a headache and they're really good quality but I've had them for two years and they've you know and I wanted to get like a pair of spare glasses or ones that I even light or don't have such a dang it one of these days of when I've sold to you but you know the black kind like almost like the one that Shannon circa watch at first and wears you know like thick framed and okay so I called my health insurance that I wanted to see how much it would be or how much copay it would be to get glasses and they told me that they don't pay it unless you need six diopters I'm gonna put here what that is it's the unit of measurement that they use to describe the strength of grasses that's all I got so my eyes are not that bad and so now I'm your Germany with health insurance they take about a hundred dollars out of my page like every month for health insurance and they're not even gonna pay anything on glasses and I told my coworker about it and she said oh no no they've been and I don't watch TV and I don't follow politics but they said that that the German politicians are discussing that having clear of clear vision or good vision is a right is a right that needs to be honored and so healthy they want to get the health insurances to pay for glasses again so I want to wait until that happens and I'm not getting my spare glasses now but I'm disappointed because they take office money out of my paycheck and so I go to the doctor and I say I need energy pills and she writes me a private prescription which means I have to pay for them that's a joke that is a joke but all of this goes back to what my girl in Canada is talking about and that is not Welling in in her video that she just posted before I started this one to not dwell on the struggles but make changes mentally or in the physical world or just accept what is because animals do it too right so true so true and I'm gonna keep thinking about these things while I make changes and why I you know achieve my little goals and you know complete my projects but I'm glad that I'm out of the depression hole but I'm still thinking about things a lot a lot but I've been told also that that's a normal thing in my at my age even though I passed the change but you know thought wise like getting into you know that age where you look back like I only guards for only seventeen years until I can retire and so yeah this is my Week in Review I mean the highlights or what I think might interest others too and so let's leave it at that cuz I'm already at 40 minutes again all right thank you guys for watching oh one more thing but I wanted to make an extra video about that I'm gonna I'm gonna make it about amber Lynn Reed I'm actually glad she's disappeared for a while I hope it's a good sign and I hope she doesn't come back with the whole bag full of lies I hope so but I want to make a video about that because I'm not feeling that about not being worried about her I'm not forgetting bad Gigi mentioned that Gigi days mentioned that honored shadow that she feels a little bad about not being worried about her I don't feel bad she's playing around with us enough but hey I'm gonna talk about this in a separate video right thank you for watching you guys thank you for being with me on this journey figuring things out and for all of your amazing comments thank you so much alrighty I'm gonna upload this or get the upload started and go to bed and I see you too well probably tomorrow yeah with an amber video I'm just gonna tell you my thoughts on that why I don't feel bad about not caring stop caring worrying about her alrighty talk to you tomorrow I have a great evening and show you a Friday Thursday night and I'll see you in my next video bye


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  5. I enjoyed this so much. Everything you’re going through seems so familiar in my life; been there! That horrid woman at work has been removed by the universe for a reason! Reflection is your friend, and for a while you have a brief reprieve.
    Be well, ~~QM ❤️

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    U really are a beautiful soul
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  7. I love people who love animals! I've noticed you always get a little sad when you mention your animals because you miss them. Can you have pets where you live now? I'm a total shut-in and I would have gone crazy by now without my animals. I think people need to be physically touched regularly or their mental health will deteriorate. it doesn't have to be a touch by another human, it could just be petting a dog or snuggling with a cat.
    And I agree, their healing abilities are amazing. Injured cats will often purr to accelerate healing~

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  9. I couldn’t catch up with HRH Queen Sabine until today, so I curtsied twice before watching. Thank you for giving shout outs to other channels. I love Roger’s and would love also to see more animals and nature. My friend kept silkies in the suburbs and one would always come into the kitchen to sit on her lap. That hen disappeared so my friend was distraught, thinking a fox had caught her. A couple of days later she found a poster nailed to a tree: “Found. One very friendly chicken”. Much happiness!
    Thank you for your chats with us Sabine. I love them ❤️ You’ve reinforced my goal is to look forward not back. Lots of nasties behind me that I want to drop like a sack that’s breaking my back.
    BTW I got an advert for Versace when watching you. Quite something!

  10. Hi Sabine! I was wondering… have you ever tried nasal spray Avamys or any other corticosteroid? Just the thought. I'm not trying to be smarter than your doc 😀 But I know how annoying constant problems with nose being blocked can be. I have been taking this medicine since I was diagnosed with allergy over 10 years ago and it has improved my breathing quality significantly. I have some issues with sinuses too and my septum was deviated too and it still helped.
    Thank you for reccomending other channels. I will definitely take a closer look. Already watched a little the newest vid from Life on the Half Shell 2.0 and I rly like it so far.
    I just can't with your team leader. She must be very atrocious person. It will sound rly bad but I can't help but being glad that you can have a break from her BS. Stay strong! Cheers!

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  12. Kisses from South! Greece, Athens!

  13. Funny my doctor told me yesterday about vision therapy and the Bates eye method to improve vision. Maybe that’s something that can help you

  14. Hey beautiful Aunt Sabine hope you have a happy and relaxing weekend.. I decided to stay home this weekend to do 2 assignments they don't have to be handed in until the 3rd of June but I like to get it over and done with.. Then will spend my days watching you tube or DVDs in my pjs on the couch with the wood fire going eating lots of junk food no doubt love and hugs from down under to up and over 😂😂🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️

  15. I was going to say hopefully the higher ups will notice the morale going up without that team leader there but screw that, i would bring it up to the one that came into your office talking about the "smoke break" & with any luck changes will be made. It's always shitty when one person brings a whole team down. Thanks for sharing all this. We will have to throw a online party when your divorce is finalized! 😉
    Again, thanks for sharing i love hearing what you have to share! 💞

  16. Hi Sabine, Love hearing from you, , I feel about you, like you feel about your favourite channels, ie: Gi Gi, Redneck hippy, Roger. I start looking for your posts about 5pm( England time) every day. You and I have so much in common.It seems to me that you are surrounded by Negativity, at work and at home, you never seem to get into a nice calm place to relax and work things out.Also, how you feel about Nature and Animals is soooo me.We have a little black cat, called Missy, she is a rescue cat and had a rough life before.Now she gets loads of love and attention from me and my husband. She has a great personality,we love her so much, she gives that love back tenfold,in very small ways.Could you have a Cat in your apartment? It would be lovely for you to come home to,it would show you real love and give you a sense of calmness in your stressful times.Well, I hope you have a good weekend, I will, as always send you my love and Prayers. 💖 xxxxx

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  18. Heya, i can't believe you signed that contract, I don't trust your supervisor to keep the team leader under control at all, he hasn't before and now you are on the verge of quitting he's suddenly going to be able to? She obviously believes him to be on her side or she wouldn't keep going to him with her lies about you…and other people probably. So he sounds like he's talking to placate everyone including her and then just lets her do her thing.

    So please don't hand in the contract unless you have a written confirmation from him about what he's going to do about her, words are way too cheap.

  19. I also love animals. Haven't eaten them in almost 15 years! Couldn't bring it over me

  20. one word. Narcissist.

  21. I saw the Cars perform in Santa Ana, California in 1987 ad they were AWESOME! Benjamin Ore had a beautiful voice😢. I can relate to you so much because I struggle with depression, panic, and anxiety. I went through a painful divorce in 2014 after 24 yrs of marriage and being together 27 yrs (since we were 16-18). I miss hi terribly and I struggle every day and to make things worse my now EX bff left her husband and is now living with my ex husband!

  22. Hope you have a good weekend Sabine ! 😉

  23. Sabine, you are so sweet. I watch your videos because i relate to you in some way. There's something about you I find very transparent. I think it's so nice that you give recognition to youtubers that you watch. I grew up on farm land and I miss being home every day. I'm glad you are all getting a break from that woman at your job and good for you for sticking up for yourself and not lying down to be a doormat, that's something I need to work on. You are in my thoughts and hope things continue to go well.


  25. Are you able to have a fan at your desk??

  26. Sabine-
    Get away from this environment!
    This woman who is your 'team leader' is absolutely inept in the skills of being a successful boss. The story you told in less then 3 minutes is proof- she's closing the windows and she knows it's stuffy and very uncomfortable for you and others- hospitals, library's, restaurants – keep the places COOL- why?
    Cuz people can always reach for a sweater- but when rooms are stuffy and hot people start to go nuts – they can't take it!
    It makes for a calmer atmosphere when the room is kept cool –
    She must have gotten hired by a inept person at their job as well!! Lol
    OK I'm excited to continue watching! I'm happy ur discussing country life vs city life!! Thanks for covering it!

  27. My boss chewed my ass for wearing jeans. I was wearing them because I had worked 13 nights in a row, 12 hour shifts. I hadn't had time to do laundry!!!

  28. Anyone know what happened to CC Tee?

  29. Very cool of you to give smaller channels a shoutout, Sabine. I love finding new channels, esp. low-key undiscovered ones. We need to see more of real people, that haven't developed the YouTube superego yet. I agree about AL lol I had barely even noticed she was missing. Whoops..! It's kind'a nice to see all of the media chatter that constantly surrounds her channel go quiet for a bit.

  30. Hello Queen. Can you post the names of the channels you mentioned? Tried finding redneck tp [or teepee or tipi] and can't find her channel.

    Keep looking 4 a new job.

  31. It's called abuse of authority. She sounds like one of those who get off on being in 'control' of others. They have an exaggerated sense of importance. When the powers that be fail to reprimand an employee and fail to address problems, they are setting that employee up for sabotage by other employees. I've seen it happen.
    By the way, your opening is beautiful! It's so feminine!

  32. Your workplace standards sound a lot like mine, I love the way that you stand up for yourself. I've written many statements for coworkers and myself! Gigi is a wonderful speaker and has such charisma. Take care.

  33. Yay! Long weekend for you! I'm glad HR has your back and that the environment at work was better for you this week! Whoa! She actually physically grabbed a coworker?! Wow! The thing is, we all have issues, that doesn't mean we can all act out on others because of it! I hope her injury will show her how to appreciate others. I'm happy you had fun this week. I am going to sub to Life on The Half Shell. Holy hell! The construction will be for another year? OMG Thank you for mentioning me! I am humbled and touched. Silkies are so cute with their little fluffy suits. <3 Wow! That dog story! Dogs are so awesome, I adore them <3 Gigi Dayz has a new sub as well! You are so supportive and inspirational Sabine <3 I hope it all works out with your divorce, so you can release all that negativity. Big hugs from Canada.

  34. KitKat did a good job on the new intro! Very pretty 💞💞 where has she been??

  35. I just love you so much. Thank you for the shout out, Lady! You're definitely my soul sister and it is just incredible the parallels we have in our lives! Nature and animals are such a huge part of my heart and my life, as well. Many of my pups over the years are gone to the Rainbow Bridge now but your dear doggo reminded me of my Molly; a rottie/lab mix.

  36. sorry you are dealing with that woman at work. I used to own silky chickens as a child. Love nature, will check out that channel you mentioned. Im still trying to get some kind of direction with my own channel, I dont like being on camera, Im more the photographer who like to be behind the lens

  37. Every time you mention The Cars ,"Drive" your whole face relaxes and your eyes are dancing. I ❤💖 it. Everyone has that same feeling upon hearing our fave 🎵🎶.

  38. Yea enjoy the extra day, make sure to have some sun and fun.

  39. Yaaasssss!!!! Lisa and her vocab. Love you both!!!

  40. OMG watch one of my vids, I HAVE a 10 month male Rottweiler and two pits.

  41. Chantal said she would be gone about a month but started to say week. That was 2 days ago. I'm betting AL will end her boycott in 5 days unless she sees this. Someone put up a video of someone chatting her on Snapchat calling her on her weigh ins and AL blocked her.

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