25 Chicken Recipes



  2. I don’t like chicken but I’m still here 😃

  3. I'm currently fasting and watching tasty videos…😂I can't wait to eat.

  4. Me: 25 amazing chicken dishes…OK

    “Skips 10 secs to the video”

    6 pieces of bacon…


  5. First dish looking like ulti 😝😝

  6. Hi! A constructive criticism, there are sooo many recipes and so little time to write the ingredients, that I usually don’t finish the whole video.
    This site Is very interesting and I like.

  7. 😍😍😍😍😍🤩

  8. 20:02 Kid sees broccoli and says 'Mom what the hell is this'

  9. ليش اطالع هذه السوالف في رمضان؟😭😭😭👌👌👌

  10. Who puts honey on chicken


  12. I'm so hungry right now

  13. Is pasta a chicken recipe?

  14. Who else watches these when ur hungry

  15. i want to try that honey glazed fried chicken. it taste so yummy,

  16. Is anyone else vegetarian but is still watching?

  17. Nailed it . Lol

  18. Its so mouth watering 😜😋

  19. I plan on making this in my future restaurant

  20. I made the second one and I LOVED it

  21. Can you use half and half instead of buttermilk for 1.35 ?

  22. That first one looks good…

    But I don’t like bacon OR onions😐

  23. i can tell that 5:05 taste good.

  24. someone's about to get laid or burn down the house

  25. Dam i fixing Make this one day

  26. If 5-minute crafts had a cooking channel……..

  27. Who else watches these and never tries them.Guilty

  28. I didn't know every chicken dish needs milk and cream. For me milk and cream in chicken dish. Ewwww

  29. Watching it makes me hungry like if you too

  30. This music is slappin damn

  31. Omg! It looks so delish. I might try this with my fave spaghetti. You might want to check out the vid link here : https://ckk.ai/9M3c

  32. hey try this best filipino chekin asado recipe:) link https://ckk.ai/pfZfA

  33. I am on a fast and watching THIS!!!

  34. 3:06 Nailed it. LMAO!!!

  35. Why am I watching while fasting

  36. All of them look delicious 😋😍😋😍😍😍😋😋😍

  37. In the 8th one after it was put in the oil it became a beauty blender 😄😄😄😄😂😂😂

  38. In the 4&7 recipes it looks like a Chinese one

  39. How do you add honey on chicken in the second recipe ⁉️⁉️

  40. the second recipe looked pretty good until I saw her putting honey on top of them.

  41. Nailed it !!😁😁

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