24 Minute At Home Abs Workout – Ab Blasting Interval Workout

everybody this is Daniel and Kelly with Fitness we're calm and today we've got a great core workout for you so we're gonna be doing groups of 4 exercises twice through 45 seconds on 10 seconds rest so this would be a nice quick transition and we're going to totally burn out the entire core we going to 3 groups so by the time we're done with this you should be basically unable to sit up all right so let's go ahead and get started with this thing like I said we've got 45 seconds like Kelly said we've got 45 seconds through of each exercise or exercises per group and then get a little longer break in between starting off with a jackknife crunch fully out flat harder version watch me so just keep a bend in your knees to make it quite a lot easier for our conversion monkeytoes legs perfectly straight those arms perfectly straight try to keep them hovering off the ground if you can you want to make sure you also keep that lower back flat against that mat the entire time as you drop them down you're gonna want to pull them up you can always alternate back and forth between the heart and easy version as your endurance is just to keep it challenging for yourself so you get a nice burn and next one is a knee tuck crunch meet charging this in about 10 seconds so sit up on that tailbone easier version is hands down the ground harder version hands up if you're using your hands try not to help too much if you need to just use it as a basic support for balance but do as much of the work as you can with those ABS try keep that back relatively flat trying to roll over or hunched over especially as you lean back I'll keep that back perfectly flat whoo that burns already so you should be feeling this not only in your abs but you might be feeling it quite a bit in your quadricep the top of that thigh these chickens can always rest in between repetitions so set your feet down and then extend back out all right side crunches next so we're start on your left side first I'm laying out with those legs leaned off to the left crunching up so focusing on your right side get a nice tight squeeze if you want to make this harder you can always use a dumbbell just hold in your hand just press it straight up over top of your shoulder there's no timer and switch over to a back boat crossover it flat out on your stomach arms straight out you can kick your arms and legs off to the left now as you pick them up here bring them over top of imaginary block down to the right hand back over again if you can keep them hovering if it's too hard for you can let them touch down each time or you can actually pull those hands back to really make it easy hey you doing over there definitely comes in handy to have a really cushy mat to do these types of exercises a yoga mat just won't cut it so then you're also gonna be feeling this in your lower body as well the inner thighs on your butt alright starting this whole thing over again back over to that jackknife crunch flat on your back keep those lungs open try to hold your breath it helps to inhale during the easy part and then exhale for example here it would be when you're squeezing back up just keep going that happy place it starts to burn just try keep pushing through it or take a really really quick break and starting again yeah these are pretty long intervals so they're meant to be kind of a burnout round so don't feel bad if you need to take a quick breather all right up on that tailbone for that knee techcrunch if you like us you're probably already starting to feel a little bit of a burn going on a lot overheard and just think this is only the first group of three who like I said if you need to give it a break that's perfectly fine try to hold let it relax for just a couple seconds then go right back into it again all right side crunch again this time legs crossed over to the other side so lay those legs off to the right focusing on the left side crunch it up nice and tight so you're not gonna feel like you have a ton of range of motion on this but you want to make sure you're squeezing as tight as you can trying to get that shoulder down towards that hip just keep it going one more arms legs out nice and straight sitting off to the left or right pick them up and over and back again get as much range of motion as you can all this exercise without throwing your body into position so by doing this kind of rocking back and forth motion not only focusing on your lower back should be feeling through your glutes and hamstrings a little bit upper body hand those are Bleek's all right that's the end of our first group and take a short little break we're gonna start back into that next group so this next one same thing for exercises running through the same thing 45 seconds on 10 seconds break to switch to the next all right let me go ahead and reset this thing here what do you think you know more break you ready to go all right let's do it all right starting back up our first one is going to be a crisscross crunch so laying flat on your back hands behind your head one knee tucked up making everybody do a different exercise so if you wanna make it easier you can do one crunch up then kind of relax for just a second in between do your next punch otherwise trying to make it a really fluid motion where you're never really resting all the way on the ground and to make this one really really difficult don't bring your knee in pass an ID on your Russian twist all right Russian twists up on that tailbone feet pull down as close as comfortable back perfectly flat arms in front of you just rotate left to right so for the harder version take your feet up off the ground as you lean back a little bit more the further you sit up the more you're just perfect you're up and down twisting the less those ABS have to work so the further you lean back with a perfectly flat back the harder you're gonna have to work the more muscle development muscle strength you're gonna build how're you doing over there all right side hip raises next so starting your left side on your elbow nice or easier version feet for harder version we're gonna hips straight up and back down give you a nice straight line through your body so you're definitely going to feel this in this side that you're dipping down to but you should also feel a little bit through your upper body as well as through those flakes especially the leave is supporting you and helping you do that lift try to keep those hips perpendicular to the ground try to let them lean over forward your body's gonna try to lean back or lean forward to try to get some bigger muscle groups like your abdominal muscles to help out but try keep them sideways back pull so flat on your stomach arms and legs gonna come up just squeeze them up squeeze those elbows back to your sides back out hand down hug them for the harder version back up squeeze out and back down this gets too hard for you feel free to let those arms and feet and I actually touch down to the ground each time I try to do the hardest version you can for as long as possible a nice slow controlled motion alright let's start that over again so another criss-cross punch or what was a suggestion all right hands behind your head all day back and forth let's try to get a good rotation through those shoulders oh come on okay hands down front back flat rotating left to right just give it a happy place keep pushing through it check keep everything nice and solid nice flat back youch yeah you always hold on oh wait to make it harder all right side hip raise this time on the other side so knees bent or feet stacked whichever's whichever you can control or whichever is harder for you they connect we can actually still control try to pull that shoulder underneath you down towards that hip try to get a really nice squeeze press that hip up Wow all right one more shall batboat polled and one gives you a nice long break everything up pull those elbows back back forward and in anything giving out yet squeeze make each of those movements count this one helps encourage better posture really two of them yeah really folks I'm pulling those shoulder blades back whoo all right that was the last one of those for that group which means we have one group left to go before you start up that one let's get a little bit of a water break see you guys in just a second you alright guys we only have one group left to go so let's go ahead and get started you ready all right toe drop yes more fun than others all right so legs start up crunch up towards those toes one leg drops back up crunch up again down the other side the easier version you guys do this keep the knees bent it makes for a little less resistance on those ladies my body's giving out on me everything's shaking we did some heavy leg workouts for you guys yesterday so we're kind of suffering from still this one's good for your flexibility too so on that note if you are feeling and flexible again you can bend at the knee just do what you can alright next one is reverse crunch oh yeah same position alright so legs up again hands down on the ground this time very slowly just shove those hips straight up in the air try not to swing your legs a lot of people when they do this they'll get a good leg swing going try just to push straight up in both of water nor so much sloshing her [Laughter] I think everyone isn't you laughing doing a broker rockers might be alright so a little bit of a crunch and then just twist left to right easier come down and rest in between each make it harder but never really relaxing those ABS always hovering a good way to do this is to focus on trying to reach like you're almost trying to reach down towards your toe on each side we're keeping those shoulders up off the ground so you're gonna be feeling this in your abdominal muscles quite a bit from having to keep your shoulder blades up and in those obliques from tipping left to right apparently chose the wrong shorts for this work again alright swimmers are next over onto your stomach arms legs out about shoulder-width hip width apart left hand right foot comes up first down and then opposite arm and leg up and back down so easier version I'm just letting those hands and feet touch the ground each time and keep your face hovering so bit off the ground for the harder version you hover everything all the way off the ground protect that neck make sure you're always looking down towards the ground you don't want to Crane your neck up or tip it off to the side left or right through your back and your glutes and your thighs as well try keep those arms nice and straight time to start bringing them in close alright starting to mow over again so back to that toe touch drop whole thing back and forth nice and slow off to the side just keep pushing it focus on that form try go as long as you can to those muscles about to give out give yourself a little bit of a break and go right back into it or get through the whole thing without stopping if you can alright reverse crunch next turn hands down legs up press it up oh man my quadriceps are giving out on me my body does want to keep my legs to thank you for doing a ridiculously all right to intervals laps hi rockers crunch those shoulders up twisting left to right keep those abdominal muscles pulled in nice and tight so concentrate on pulling that belly button down to train those abdominal muscles to contract in and flat rather than pressing out like they're gonna typically want to this will help you keep a nice flat stomach generally speaking just keep it going keep those shoulders up high last one all right full of swimmers left hand the right foot and then over the other side try to keep them hovering if you can keep those lungs open no holding your breath I'm just kind of go at your own pace try to move them too fast my nice tight squeeze the top each time so really focus on that and let it relax all right that was the last exercise the last group so if you're not going directly into another routine right now make sure that you do a cool down and stretch otherwise doubt is complete I'll see you next time guys


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