24-Hour Fitness Gym Members Misled

MONEY COMING YOUR WAY. NIGHTBEAT’S ANDREA NAKANO LIVE WITH THE HEFTY SETTLEMENT.. OVER CLAIMS OF SOME SHADY SALES TACTICS. Prosecutors in this case tell me they been going after 24 hour fitness for about a year and a half. Since the District Attorney’s Office got a flood of complaints from members that the gym


  1. I am trying to freeze my account longer, but they won't let me.

  2. I got a job offered at 24 hour fitness. How long does it take for them to send me a background check?

  3. Google search for:

    ABC Financial Sucks
    Paramount Financial Sucks
    ASF International Sucks

    If your gym uses them stay away!

    Our gym does their own billing with firmpos.com so they control the customer experience.

  4. I was lied to too. It was awful. Dishonest too

  5. Hate their trashy employees as well.

  6. The pembroke 24 hour fitness is so dirty and too packed now. Lots of shady people there. Glad I left it and found a better gym.

  7. I belong to 24 fitness gym in Pasadena California worst gym ever staff are like high school kids place dirty all the time and the worst thing members are the worst posers ever bullying other members I left a year ago and have not gone back it's the McDonald's of the gym Industry stay away unless you're a wangster

  8. 24 hrs fitness is a scam, all they want is your money
    At any cost!

  9. I used to work for them and they are total crooks. Executives are crooks who treat employees like garbage and pressure them into unethical selling practices.

  10. a 5 yr deal with bally total fitness ruined my credit when I was 17. it was messed up for 5 yrs. had to get a lawyer to fix it since i was under 18 wheni signed the contract

  11. I was signed up for three months. When they took $100 annual fee? Then when I called and complained. They said I would get $10 dollars off my monthly payment. Nope they still charged me the full amount. 24 fitness 🖕

  12. I want to see they ass for towel service

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