228: Dr. Jay’s Carnivore Diet Study & Telomeres

All right Anthony we are alive stand by
for audio. All right good day good evening ladies and
gentlemen welcome back to another LIVETHEFUEL show and you can hear some
excitement in my voice because I’ve got a repeat co-host returning and I love
rapping with this guy we love so much rapping with this guy that we actually
aired here’s your little hint if you’re a recurring subscriber we aired my own
secret DNA analysis over Facebook live and then since blasted it on YouTube and
everywhere else because that’s what I do and but this gentleman his site his
domain which I’ve been sharing whenever I can is AJConsultingCompany.com he
knows a little bit about DNA and for you new listeners you’re about to find out
who. So returning to the show Dr. Anthony Jay welcome back sir. Thanks for
having me back so for newer subscribers out there why do I get out about you so
much a new interesting work because I kind of pursue the stuff that I’m
interested in more so than the stuff that I’m supposed to pursue why me for
example I’m currently finishing a wonderful French press cup of coffee and
from my live DNA analysis you taught me something about myself that I have a
genetic marker that says I process I forget how you described it I process
caffeine better than most people I guess so yeah a metabolism quick yeah there
you go so yeah there’s a couple of different caffeine genes that are
interesting I mean what I think I feel like that’s one of the the easiest ones
you know that most people talk about but there’s so much there’s so many more
that we talked about that we’re so deep oh I know like for example I did not
write glute I’ve been still taking that supplement by the way yeah although I
will admit my chiropractor that’s right ladies know we’re gonna dig right into
the health geek stuff my chiropractor I found out she also does she could
actually submit the blood analysis stuff which I wish I had when you and I did
that because you said you can get a much more in-depth well-rounded data sampling
when it’s the DNA data from 23 me and blood data right
oh yeah that’s usually I do but when it’s on the air it’s
trickier because you know we have to be kind of general to the audience so
everybody understands what we’re talking about if we get too specific into your
life then the minute kind of it might cut some people out of the loop you know
true true but yeah I would have done that
well and real quick for people who are hearing glutathione so here’s my
translation I always try and generalize it better but the whole point is I’m a
big geek about detoxification of the body
aiding it in a natural cleansing process but at bay long story short I believe
the whole glutathione component is a necessary supplement to aid my body in
its detoxification process is that accurate yeah for you specifically it’s
more important than normal yeah and why is that now because if clears heavy
metals and it clears just a lot of different products that you know are
toxic like you said and and just the fact that your body’s not producing as
much as it should as much as a normal person based on your DNA I mean that’s
one of the many things so it and and what I always tell people when they have
those genetics those particular genetics as I say take glutathione and if you
don’t notice anything then don’t take it you know it’s not worth spending a lot
of money like vitamin D even if you don’t feel any different you should take
it anyways if your vitamin D is low but for good fine if you don’t feel a
difference then you probably shouldn’t take it but to be honest with you pause
on that point real quick for ladies and gentlemen who are newer to this show the
reason why I want to kind of give you a quick little connection back to our past
episode is because obviously clearly this guy knows a little bit about DNA
and my genetic markers now and he does this is the service of the people but I
wanted to kind of set the stage what we’re gonna dig in today because
obviously this show today we’re gonna be digging a lot into something that he
cares a lot about and I’m pretty much starting to care more about which is
research behind this whole Carnivore Diet craze and on to all my fellow meat
lovers out there so we’re gonna get to that but let’s at least close the this
little component here so I don’t feel anything from glutathione. Admittedly I don’t know what that is because I’m such the health nut that I’m sure
normally when you do these these analysis on people’s DNA you are
probably normally giving feedback to people not like me like they aren’t
already a geek it’s a lot of both yeah so a lot of people are a lot of people
aren’t yeah so because I already do regular cleansing and detoxification of
the body you probably already you don’t have a lot of heavy metals probably okay
it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t keep doing this though per se just cycle on
and off once in a while yeah I keep like trying once in a while but I wouldn’t
stay on it permanently okay I would cycle it yeah
what’s good cuz actually I ran out like last week yeah I’ve been on it for
consistently God whenever I post that Instagram so it’s been at least two
months so I’m trying and I try and go at least
60 to 90 days to get it you know consistently into the body being
metabolize regularly and and just to see what it does but again cuz i detox so
much and I live such a healthy lifestyle I always clarify this to people just
because I do it doesn’t mean I’m not still consuming toxins and heavy metals
it’s still in everything I think that’s something we have to be care about right
that’s why you’re such an advocate for you know anti plastics yeah oh yeah I
just got a new reverse osmosis filter system and it’s stainless steel and it
doesn’t have a tank it’s a tankless reverse osmosis which is
kind of cool most of them have like a plastic storage tank where they keep the
water Oh see that’s annoying that’s annoying because then you run out
of water you know if you’re drinking a lot of water yeah and a middlee now
you’re talking about this because as I’m drinking my coffee out of my getting
famous steel mug and then oh here’s another Yeti double-walled stateless I’m
gonna keep my water in so I’m all meddled up yeah but to your point I have
hard water here in the city of Allentown Pennsylvania even though the next city
over where I used to live there water was sourced from reservoirs so I never
had hard water there well the city of Allentown I found out they source
through their water from a series of like city-owned wells
a well system basically so high high hard water like I scored a 26 which
apparently is very very rough and very hard now I installed a water
softening system using salt pellets and everything else you’re bringing up
though is I know that that giant tank that has a salt in that the water is
mixing with is plastic yeah oh yeah well that’s yeah well you can but you can
what what a lot of people do is and what I recommend what I do is after the salt
after the whole you know you put an activated charcoal filter on it all
right that’s what I haven’t done any filtration yeah I’m still using I have
like a Camelbak charcoal infused filtration pitcher that I use yeah
exactly you know really your shower and stuff it’s it’s just nice because it’s
it’ll clean out a lot of the pharmaceuticals and the chemicals my hack is I had a
tenant on the other part of the house that I rent out to as well so right now
I’m softening now the whole house from off the main cuz I that way hey cuz I I
don’t want to pay for new water heaters and everything else down the road
because of our water so like you know I’m gonna soften the whole darn house
that way the tenant benefits as well now to your point I’ve been thinking about
what kind of filtration to throw in because you can still filter and I don’t
want to buy all the devices for like the showers and all the other stuff I’d
rather do it right off of the main I’m good to go yeah that’s what I like to do
and then I still I still run a reverse osmosis you know I would still use that
charcoal picture mm-hmm but it’s nice to have just a relatively inexpensive
charcoal unit after your water softener doesn’t have to be like a crazy giant
thing it’s just not just I think it’s big enough to handle your house and also
doesn’t slow down water pressure I’ve been pokin around you know a lot of
our like ladies know but as you’re listening I’m on the video feed but I’m
showing my hands on the video and a lot of these big in line units the filters
that are hanging down off your water piping is probably a good two feet long
or a foot net long filtration reservoir they’re gonna pass out all through so
yeah yeah it helps a lot yeah so the osmosis goes in after that then –
well I just have it on my drinking water just so because it’s which also includes
a charcoal filter which is sweet so plus you’re killing two birds one stone so to
speak three birds actually because I’ve read mineralized water see now that’s
one thing I was worried about too is my hole
opening process am i removing too many well I know what the reverse are suppose
does you definitely move some of the healthy minerals so no yes I actually
put them back in in a controlled fashion after I what we talked about you what
kind of price tag we’re looking at what what did you drop what did you drop I
think you must I want to say $400 even Oh we’re under 500 yeah that’s doable
let’s get more than out of my water softener hey no no no that’s a good deal
and I think it’s more important to have filtered drinking water and netiquette
like you said you all are filtering your drinking water you know with getcher
it’s just inconvenient to have a picture I’ve got four kids you know so it’s
constant with the whole drink water thing well and I’m a hydration machine
so it’s just like I’m putting water and salts especially again after my DNA
analysis with you I learned that I need more salt than most people well exactly
yeah and I knew that I knew the importance of salt and water at the
cellular level for the healthy mitochondria and all that power plant
process so it’s like so now it’s funny because my fiancee was always a geek
about salt and we’ve never had her tests done but she she learned that a young
age that she had the start consuming more salt because she ended up like not
having a seizure I don’t think but she was passed out or something as a kid and
they they did some tests on her and they said she has to be consuming more salt
than most people yeah yeah what was involved in that well it’s pretty it’s
pretty darn common but I could tell you actually through yeah four different
written four different nationalities not so much but for us Caucasians yeah it
seems to be a lot more common she’s deadly Caucasian and she’s also that
special baby saving blood too so she’s very she’s very valuable to mankind
because she and I both donate blood every eight weeks so all right now they
chase her down and they sort of kind of remind me like hey you can come back in
when you’re ready but we really want work did you have the iron the high iron
gene I can’t remember I always pass my iron yeah I’ve never had a higher
problem I can’t remember that was on the yeah you should supplement my life oh
yeah well III check for that that’s one of the genes I checked for and it kind
of ties in carnivore diet because meat has something called carnosine it is a
lot of carnosine and next plants don’t make consume you can’t find
if you’re pure vegetarian you’re not eating any carnitine so let’s let’s dive
into this right so we’re talking about carnivore now you know carnosine let’s
keep that on the docket and then let’s hit on the importance of our mutual
buddy Vinnie Vinnie shouts of any torta rich – Fitness confidential podcast he’s
gone the show multiple times here as well but he he loves his big argument
not argument but just justification for education is we always just drop hey man
if the vegetarian or the vegan lifestyles were 100% complete wat no one
why would you have to supplement and number two the biggest argument is b12
so b12 is an animal and in concentration is best arrived through animal animal
proteins through me correct yeah oh yeah yeah well carnitine is super important
too but I think the biggest argument in my mind that’s the biggest scientific
argument if you’re gonna argue at scientific research studies that have
been proven but I think there’s so much science we just don’t know you know most
people think that we’re so far along in science we just know everything we
really don’t you know like when you run these mass spectroscopy studies there’s
thousands of different compounds there’s breakdown there’s breakdown products and
it’s super complicated and so we’re in reality there’s probably thousands of
different you know things were getting from when we’re consuming meat and we’re
consuming them in a balanced form you know and not some isolated one substance
form and that is probably super a lot healthier than we realized we just it’s
hard to prove that you know there’s thousands of variables it’s different
depending on how healthy the animal is and all kinds of different things and
who you are you know man woman what’s your age how much are you training you
know like what the livestock Epona right we talk about lifestyle on this show all
the time like everybody’s lifestyle it’s guaranteed different at all different
levels so little logo yeah so I mean this idea that it’s just about b12 and
once you if you’re a vegetarian you just help them at b12 you’re back
normal it’s not really true um it’s not even close to true but it’s it’s hard to
argue that scientifically you can but it takes a lot of work it’s a lot of time
but carnosine is one of those things you can also argue carnosine and say look
carnosine is unbelievably healthy and it’s found in meat I mean it’s it’s it
protects against oxidation so you know if you’re cooking something you know
things get oxidized the Iraq and oxygen okay you know anything that’s oxidized
can harm your blood vessels this is going back to the big topic around like
free radicals and all that yeah yeah yeah ya know and the things that can
harm your blood vessels and cause plaques and your arteries blocks in your
brain and just a whole host of different inflammatory type problems joint issues
no inflammation man it’s everywhere these days
and so carnitine protects against all of that and again you don’t get that from
vegetables so you can sit and make that argument too which is completely
separate from v-12 Oh what what’s most interesting to me is that carnosine it
it regulates your it reduces telomere shortening well you and I agree on that
because I actually take a supplement from a nutrition company about that
they’re a little tagline is like a man your if you telomeres are short
basically telomeres long you live long you tell them here’s your short you’re
screwed like the whole point here is fighting the aging process and the
telomeres are essential ya know so have you tested your telomeres no it’s one of
those tests I gotta add to my to-do list right now there’s not a lot of points to
it unless you do it before and after sort of test you know ah so being a
health nut maybe I mean I I just want to do that age thing where it’s like oh
you’re you’re 41 now but maybe my telomere say that I’m thirty double yes
oh yeah they probably went to yeah no I mean that’s what that’s exactly so in
the study that I’m spearheading is a carnivore diet study and you know your
audience might even already know about it a little bit just because there’s
been a lot of social media buzz on it we had we had the big the big viral guy
he’s gone viral since I originally brought him on was obviously dr. Shaun
Baker South Baker’s been like he has become the I don’t know the advocate the
outspoken person he’s the mascot for the carnivore died for sure but hey even
Vinny and I joke around we’re like you know what he takes it to the extreme oh
yeah well he likes to give in those debates
with the vegans and everything else because that’s such a religious crowd
you know I mean it’s it’s really they’ve replaced religion with vegan and it’s a
it’s a really impatient ‘t group of people let’s put let’s pause on that
right we’re not i’ve never i agree like vinny same thing and you I think you and
I are the same I respect people’s lifestyle choices I respect their faiths
or I don’t talk about religion on the show any of it and if you chose a vegan
lifestyle because of your love of animals okay I get it but then just make
sure you’re aware that you better supplement the heck out of that
lifestyle because it is not a 100 percent lifestyle we are naturally
omnivores great book on the boards dilemma is a classic first thing I ever
learned about the word Omni we’re from and again I’m a huge advocate yes I am a
carnivore and yes I still eat vegetables I’m not Sean Baker where I just live off
of steak yeah well that’s the thing as a lot of people are and I mean a lot of
people in the cardboard diet are super zealous about it too I think the zealots
are difficult because they’re not really open to what’s good and what’s you know
what’s healthy they just they’re picking aside they’re sticking to it no matter
what they don’t really care about the logic or the arguments yeah I mean you
can find that pretty much anywhere but you seems to be super concentrated in
the vegan community it’s not every vegan but definitely it’s there’s a lot of
them out there that are really really small they’re just frankly they’re just
trolls you know they’re just always there oh I watched I watched him on
Vinnie’s Twitter feed I watch them on bit on Sean Baker’s Instagram feed
so it’s interesting how they all manifest differently and in different
ways and yes it is a very trolling aspect that’s like listen they’re not
the ones going out and chasing down your 50 subscriber fanbase
and talking smack against the 20 or 50 people you following I mean little side
hint they’re like you really have no following because you’re just a troll
sitting there bothering people and we’re just trying to pass on knowledge and
education yeah yeah I mean I understand it you know the idea that animals are
sentient and gems it’s killing but but nevertheless you know it’s healthy it’s
the way we’re designed and the carnivore diet study that I’m spearheading has is
just specifically designed to to get at the root of this problem that we have
which is we don’t have any data on the cardboard diet we really don’t have any
good scientific professional scientific publications on carnivore diet
specifically you know just pure red meat nothing else you know so here’s my
question on that I’ve become a advocate for moving on from the word diet and so
I would love to see us with this study or doing possibly more fit to a keyword
that Vinnie cares a lot about with his whole NS ng trademarking right no sugars
no grains is this not a diet it’s a lifestyle so I’m intrigued that
if once well as you progress through this research you want to complete if it
we could finally bring it to the point where this is a lifestyle cuz diet
thanks to magazines and bro science and everything else has become a short term
mental thing yeah how do you piece here is like guys we’re trying to teach you a
sustainable lifestyle well that’s the funny thing about this is I’m actually
not teaching anybody sustainable lifestyle I just want it to be a diet at
least for this study and if people want to carry on after the study that’s fine
but what the reason the reason we need some data on this is because I think
it’s beneficial in specific situations oh there’s your spring check now pop it
off screen-sharing ladies and gentlemen again aj consulting company calm but dr.
J’s carnivore diet study is right here it’s a 90 day game plan yeah I was gonna
have it 30 days originally but Shaun Baker I actually consulted with him
first and he said no you gotta go 90 just to really make sure the changes are
there as a guy who’s been in the fitness space a long time like my
self – I would agree with this because 30 days is great for a crash
transformation I don’t care it I can put anybody who’s been on in M&Ms and soda
diet through anything even the vegan vegetarian transitioned everybody’s
gonna eventually look good at the end of 30 days compared to where they were if
they were consuming manufactured foods lots of sugars and grains it’s a no
brainer it’s just to really establish a significant transformation it’s to me
actually it’s a 90 day or I actually prefer a 16 week so I actually prefer a
four month component but I think 90 is definitely a bare minimum to see a
legitimate change so yeah most people most people that are joining the study
they’re actually going to start in the year 2019 they’re gonna start after New
Year’s because it’s so difficult around the holidays to do complete pure
carnivore but that’s what I’m asking people at least for this study and again
I don’t think people need to carry on forever
some people will want to and it’ll be beneficial for them but most importantly
from my perspective is I want to see some data you know I want to see how
their telomeres change that’s kind of the foundation of the study but if we’re
also doing blood work before and after and then we can translate that into
people that really need it we can say okay this is a good diet for people or a
lifestyle or whatever for people that are Ottoman have an autoimmune problems
right or whatever and then you want to use that as a complete lifestyle for the
rest of your life you know well that may be along with some other interests you
know aspects but just for the study like I said I don’t care if people would just
want to do it 90 days hardcore you know and they said autoimmune is a celiac
disease considered autoimmune oh yeah oh so so our our mutual friend Anna Bochy
no the author of a happy co-hosts Anthony show like she’s got major celiac
and you know obviously thanks to Vinnie’s influence she’s created you
know a cookbook that’s literally all sort of free grain free obviously it’s
not carnivore heavy Nona here yeah I mean some people some people need to do
the carnival and some people don’t you know like
there’s some examples I think Jordan Peterson is the most outspoken example
of somebody who’s got autoimmune problems that benefits from cardboard
and every time he eats a plant whose immune system you know flares up and
starts attacking his body and brain and really oh yeah any plant
yeah okay hold on so I gotta throw in a variable here since I grew up in farming
the whole organic crap you know is it plants or is it possibly the chemicals
that could be still within the plant because even in the organic craze
there’s they’ve now created organically approved herbicides and chemicals to
keep bugs off and stuff so it’s like everybody thinks organic means chemical
free and I’m like add no you gotta read the fine print
well I think with him he’s an unusual case because what it sounds like he’s
pretty much sensitive to anything that’s plant-based period and uh we said he’s
broccoli he has a problem oh yeah yeah that’s what sounds like and that can
definitely happen because plants are so much different more unique than humans
right all right like our tissue is very similar to animals so if we’re eating
the animals that’s not that much different mm-hmm oh and you’re eating
plants they’ve got completely different cell wall structure they’ve got all
these different proteins just just myriad of different different components
and our bodies so the biggest problem is because we all seem to have leak you got
these days a lot of people punch holes their guts through through these
chemicals that you’re talking about it’s called intestinal permeability yes
sugars are part of that too right it causes inflammation so yeah anything
that causes inflammation causes can cause a leaky gut yeah I agree with you
though but the chemicals obviously accelerate the permeability but I know
that the excessive sugars in grains cuz grains get converted to sugar sugar form
as well you’re definitely bombarding you’re adding inflammatory responses
migraines are worse because they’ve also got husks and things and that kind of
harsh on your intestine at the same time with the whole long involved chemicals
but but basically the point is so many people have leaky gut and when that
happens you’ve got all these proteins pouring into your bloodstream and then
your immune system is reacting against them because
that’s not natural to have full proteins pouring into your right proteins have to
go through our normal digestion process they’re not broken down into their
building blocks they’re just pouring into your blood yeah
then your immune system is attacking them and thinking that it’s like a virus
or bacteria and then you become reactive to that stuff
the the reason you that doesn’t happen with meat though is because if you if
you reacted with meat your body would eat itself
like you can’t your immune system is smart enough to know hey I can’t I’m not
gonna destroy red meat you know well mean there’s a few probe there’s a few
of substances on red meat we can react you but nothing to do nothing like
plants isn’t there truth again I and usually
have a geneticist explain this better maybe I mean maybe you don’t maybe you
don’t dig in this level but again over the years I’ve learned that obviously
our muscles don’t necessarily require protein to recover they require the
branch chain amino acids your BCAAs if you want alright those are the building
blocks right so but over to your body to utilize the BCAAs ask to go through the
digestion process unless you’re taking supplements for that your point is like
my body doesn’t like pure boom protein hit me right it’s got to go through so i
kapu love branched chain amino acids out and you and then utilize them for so
remodeling or healing a recovery etc etc well it’s like Legos you know like
literally if you’ve got a chain of 20 Legos or hundred Legos or whatever those
go through your intestine and that chain of 20 Legos should not go through your
gut that would be leaky gut it was supposed to do is your intestine is
supposed to break those down into single Lego blocks and those are supposed to go
into your through your gut and into your intestine and then your body uses the
single you know the single Lego blocks right since I just love Legos as a kid
so you’re working with me man yeah yeah well that’s not what’s happening though
today today if people are getting leaky gut these massive chunks of protein are
going into your blood and again that triggers your immune system so for
simple I’m literally envisioning me building a castle out of out of Legos
and then like ripping an entire like turret or off the corner
yeah yeah just dumping it right into the bloodstream yeah that’s what happens
yeah yeah that’s going to be very easy on what’s interesting about carnosine
like retirement for Constantine it protects against some of that autoimmune
reactivity and again that’s just specific to red meat so red meat is very
recognizable it’s very similar to your body the components in red meat are
similar to components in your body but then also it’s got protective factors
that are concentrated that you don’t find in plants so there’s a lot of
really interesting things but again the research is not there for people eating
100% neat you know that’s what I’m really trying to get up is I want to
answer questions like what happens to your testosterone what happens to your
blood sugar what happens to your inflammatory markers you know because
blood sugar might go up it seems to it possibly goes up a little bit but people
that are eating pure meat just 100% meat which is kind of ironic but it makes
sense at least to me as the science does it make sense because your body can
convert how proteins into sugar if it needs to you know I hate to use WebMD
but it’s the first one that comes up sorry different joke but like okay
carnosine it’s a protein building block that is naturally produced in the body
it is found in muscles when they are working and it’s also found in the heart
brain and many other parts of the body so we already have carnosine present I
guess which is even more important while we consume carnosine correct yeah oh
yeah it’s like creatine you know like yeah we make creatine our body makes it
but it’s also beneficial when you supplement it oh this is interesting I
mean treating complications involving oh here we go we’re back to diabetes again
yeah nerve damage i disorders like cataracts kidney problems obviously then
obviously tied to improving your muscle strength which obviously your heart is a
muscle exercise performance very interesting yeah they’ve even developed
drugs too so in carnosine gets broken down by an enzyme called Karnas car
harness turned awesome ace I think wow they say that three times fast
yeah and karna sanae’s has been a target for drugs so
I’ve actually developed drugs to try and prevent carnitine from being broken down
so that way there’s more carnosine and for people that have diabetes so they’re
actually developing should be breaking up the natural process though or well I
think it’s a bad bad idea because if you get diabetes or just need to get off of
sugar for the most part yeah depending on the type of diabetes and all the you
know but for the most part people just keep pounding sugar and then they want
to find a drug to protect themselves against diabetes so that’s the wrong
strategy but you know the point is it’s pretty recognized that carnosine is a
super valuable tool for diabetics and one of the other interesting things
about carnitine and I’m probably the most interesting to me is it protects
against advanced glycation end-products have you heard of these things advanced
glycation end-products glycation yes not I’m not cluttered of all in that way
what yeah I’d like Asian yeah glycation just means sugaring you know putting
sugar on things yeah the carbs which I’m against yeah yeah well so advanced
glycation end-products when you basically have too much sugar around and
it starts sticking to proteins and that causes all kinds of health problems you
know like when you could when you die and you go to them and your body sent to
the morgue they put something called formalin or
formaldehyde yeah to fix bodies what that does what forms from aldehyde does
is it cross-links proteins it’s makes proteins stick together so they can’t
function they can’t move and that’s exactly what advanced glycation
end-products do these ages people call an age BGE is an acronym which is
hilarious because it causes aging so these advanced patient products it’s the
same thing they stick proteins together so they kind of act like forbs
formaldehyde they’re really nasty you know it’s not good that’s one of the
reasons high blood sugar all the time is so bad for you probably the one of the
biggest reasons because of advanced medication and products and carnosine
protects against that protects against advanced glycation end product but I’m
loving here is tues I’m doing some I’m not you but I’m trying to do my little
google research right so I don’t know if you recommend or every what
ScienceDirect calm I can’t officer yeah okay but I love how if you google
carnosine amy lee brings up my issues metabolic syndrome right which is which
is tied to diabetes but also like psychological health too so yeah yeah I
mean all this stuff and you can see you there on the bottom line it talks about
glycation and cross-rhythm yeah yeah wow that’s that’s the most fascinating part
of it to me is that carnosine is very it’s a good aunt antidote for people in
America because Americans are eating way too much sugar I mean we have so much
manufactured food what do you think is in the manufactured food process sugar
yeah oh yeah our fructose which is another form sure you’re all these
deformed yeah well this is I actually so I didn’t realize this by the way so
carnosine okay if you’re in the fitness because I’m a health and fitness nut we
do and we’ve had a few fitness followers of the show carnosine versus carnitine a
lot of supplements have carnitine what is influence over there now a carnitine
is a totally different thing okay it’s like more like an ammonia product by
product of breakdown it’s different it’s carnosine in Satou carnosine is two
different amino acids that are linked together beta alanine and well yeah it’s
a dive daddy died not inside the radical scratchier just about free radicals so
there yeah fatality and histidine yeah okay um so it’s just two amino acids two
of those LEGO building blocks that stuck together that are stuck together in
animals your body can make carnosine again that’s why it’s in me because the
animals make it yeah but as you eat meat you get a lot of it and again there’s
nothing not really studies with people in just purely eating meat well I was
gonna ask you because obviously like I’m not Shaun Baker right but like this
morning I didn’t eat until I do so much
intermittent fasting just because it’s easy I’m fat adapted so I wake up and
I’m not hungry I’ll make it I’ll make a fatty coffee or with heavy whipping
cream coffee or something but then I didn’t eat until 11:30 12:00 o’clock and
like I used to live and breathe buy the whole breakfast
then you realize like breakfast means just you’re breaking your fast so you
can choose when to have your said breakfast which is why I’m a nut for
brunch man like when I travel I love the Yelp app and I search for brunch
I don’t search for breakfast I search for brunch but I had a had a five egg
yolk three egg white omelet so more yolk then whites because there’s more
proteins in the whites and then three sticks of bacon and I haven’t eaten
since and it’s now 6:30 p.m. I just had more fake yeah yeah now I do the same I
do the same thing unless I’m super active what’s your point a mic it was
there any carnosine in any of that because I had bacon which is a pork
product and I had an eggs which obviously is a chicken product so yeah
I’m not sure about eggs actually I never checked but definitely the pork is gonna
have carnitine but you find a lot more in the muscle tissue it’s like like you
just read online it’s brain and muscle is the biggest sources so if you’re
eating brain and also uh liver right yeah or against yeah or organ has always
been tied to super I mean you look at the Inuits and other other lifestyles I
mean the forget what species of of carnivore creatures they when able oh
the the killer whale when it kills a shark it goes right for the liver
oh yeah most animals yeah mulligans wonder why that is
yeah yeah nutria nutrient density of organ meat oh yeah so there’s a random
brand of fun trivia for the podcast yeah but I mean the thing about again the
thing going just coming back to the carnivore diet what I’m setting out to
do is have people do 90 days and before they start it I want them to be
omnivores and I want them to test their telomeres so that we can get a sense and
I think a lot of listeners probably don’t even know what two years are
basically their end caps on the DNA so they protect your DNA it’s the tips yeah
yeah and and but I mean what’s important is that as we age the DNA actually gets
shorter just drawing on my whiteboard for peopIe you’re on chromosome now yeah yeah just little caps on them downs
as we age no no and that’s my best yeah yeah that’s good and yeah and what’s
what’s crazy about it is you can manipulate your to them yours pretty
quickly if you change your diet in the healthy way or if you start exercising
and you weren’t to exercise and you change that and you can actually
question can we make them go longer again or no Alec once they’re gone
they’re gone now you can make them go longer yeah okay in fact what’s really
cool is red-meat makes them go longer you know not just
this carnosine component no I just read me itself so they’ve done studies
already on people that eat more red meat not not pure red meat I’m looking at
pure red mean I’m looking at carnivore not on the floor okay this is a good
pause could you clarify this clarified this whole carnivore versus Omni more
obviously already hinted Omnivore’s also eat veggies too but when you say pure
red meat you’re saying you’re anything else right I can put
salt on it and drink water and that’s it and maybe some fat like lard animal fat
but that’s it oh so like oh here’s the interesting thing so okay so last night
I had some amazing grass-fed ground beef made a cup and seared some burgers in my
iron skillet but I did throw in some grass-fed butter and I cooked the
burgers you’re saying nothing no butter for the carnivore diet study Wow this I
had no idea so yeah this is yeah this is really detailed so I would be using
animal fat instead after news large no what’s the other name for that tell mo
tell I’d have to use tallow happy beef to ride tell like Oh bread bread yeah or
bison or something yeah and just not birds yeah not not because I think those
things are unhealthy but because I don’t want to skew the study right like if
somebody’s sensitive to Dairy like super sensitive and they’re eating butter it
could throw off the study good point you know I just wanted you to be for butter
yeah you actually have to basically that rare yeah because butters butters are
not processed like milk I know I’m wrong I actually think butter is super healthy
and that’s another reason I don’t want people to put it on their meat because
that might skew the study in a healthy way you know like maybe this is an
unhealthy thing to just eat a hundred percent meat for most people maybe it’s
you know maybe it’s not we just don’t know you know that I mean
there’s no data so I’m gonna bring up your rules here ladies and gentlemen
we’re actually on his site AJ consulting cubby comm slash carnivores study and
you actually put some of the rules either you’re going through right now so
I just want to add this up for support so right well that’s the thing is you
take a telomere test before you start and then after 90 days no hat will see a
difference and then hopefully people will take blood tests they don’t have to
rate now I would be ideal but so on so would I be a viable candidate for this
no well maybe it depends if you’ve been carnivore you know I’ve never done 100%
carnivore but I wait the past two nights I ate red meat for dinner but I don’t
know it’s a big ya know I mean you’d be a candidate sure I’m doing a heavy
whipping cream in my coffee so that’s dairy so yeah yeah and you’re probably
eating veggies Oh actually I’ve cut way back on that just to I have it leaning
more towards my Manipur experiment okay yeah so you probably wouldn’t be a
candidate when I’m out at restaurants yes like the oh and I went out for
dinner at a restaurant I had broccolini with my yeah I’m still consuming
vegetables yeah no I’m I mean the people I’m
looking for just straight-up omnivores that want to try the carnivore diet for
the first time for the most part because there’s a lot of people that are kind of
on the fence but they they’re saying you know what I’m want to try it and I’m
saying awesome try it and and just but you’re
gonna be all in this just send me the data when you do it yeah yeah and
there’s enough people out there you know a lot of people are saying well how come
you’re not paying me to do it it’s like well you don’t have to do it that’s
nothing for isn’t anybody to do it science isn’t always a paid thing but on
if you not if you it only it’s only a paid thing if you’re desperate and you
need people to participate see doc I mean I would I’ve actually consider
helping you with this because I am I am that geek
and I don’t I tell people all the time like what is the legacy you’re leaving
to this world like what are you giving back like I made my business of for
purpose business there’s a percentage always going to charity like all these
little things so it’s stuff like this that I geek out on because like wait a
minute I don’t need me pay for this I’m already halfway there now if not two
thirds away there so what if I decided go ahead and do this people hearing this
like okay well if Scott’s gonna consider doing it they might consider it – and
I’m not saying on that level of an influencer but hey maybe they’re gonna
geek out with me I don’t know awesome what’s so let’s let’s dig a little
deeper in its like what is the depth of commitment you know we’re looking at
these rules here let’s help people understand this well there’s only two
things right you have to eat red meat and water and salt just that’s it for 90
days I don’t care how much no alcohol nothing correct
ya know anybody who commits to a super super healthy lifestyle for 30 60 90
days there’s a lot of diets that also say the same thing I mean I tell you
old-timer if you cut alcohol out of your bout of your life you’re deadly gonna be
healthier I mean yeah it’s it’s a toxin whether you like it or not no yeah so I
mean the most important thing is you have to take the teal in your test
before and after I don’t make any money from that company or anything like that
vodka gory commit now it later test kit yeah exactly it’s a hundred sixty nine
milli it’s a good test anyways a lot of people are taking that test anyways wait
both times reset covered before and after that’s that’s the kit so you get
two tests with one hundred four hundred sixty nine bucks oh that’s good that’s
the total price yeah like I said a lot of people are doing this anyways if
people weren’t doing this you know I wouldn’t be able to find people but I’ve
always wanted to do it anyway yeah I mean it’s it’s a good test a lot
of people they complain about the test and say it’s not accurate but never
there’s never a study that’s perfectly I could test out testosterone measurements
and insulin measurements glucose measurements they’re never perfect
well espy we always see plane it’s 2018 how long have we had telomere testing
available to the public yeah it’s still it’s still technically
newer testing so you got to be patient with this stuff
well that and and there’s always inaccuracies and every test but it’s
pretty good you know I mean Elizabeth Blackburn she was a Nobel Prize winner
she’s involved in the company yeah there’s that age thing you were talking
about where you know you can tell them your age but then they can tell you what
your cells ages so I got this one this was from somebody who is 66 years old
but their cells appear to be 73 years old
yeah I see that here at the bottom so they’re below so it’s funny cuz like
we’re technically looking at a power curve but you’re hoping that you stay in
the center which is your actual physical age not your silly there at least in the
center no I don’t want to go towards them right to the better better oh yeah
yeah obviously so this person wow they’re so clearly they were not leaving
a very healthy lifestyle correct this is somebody I do consulting for all right
yeah and he’s okay with me sharing this without his name as I say there’s no
name who cares so yeah right I told you got on my podcast I was like
let’s just share this line I got nothing to hide I want people to know you can
they like it they like what I’m sharing great they can see I’m not hiding
anything yeah the other caveat is the coffee right which you can see there so
oh you can have coffee on this time or diet if you already drink coffee
cuz it’s already I trust me I’ve been consuming coffee for a while so yeah
I’ve gone off a coffee in the past yeah me too yeah you go on and off yeah the
problem is is people didn’t if they suddenly stopped drinking coffee when
they started this diet that could skew the results because that can change the
team of their length so I don’t want them suddenly stop drinking coffee important caveat no added cream no
creams that means I can’t be putting coconut oil in or anything correct
no MCT oil is no bulletproof format big black coffee no that’s a good point
okay yeah no all the details are there and then the blood work that I would
like to see her all those markers pretty standard stuff for the most part Sean
would have to modify things because he’s shared some stuff he’s still doing eggs
and bacon once in a while so oh yeah yeah um I mean he got it he’s like 90
five percent red meat no yeah no it’s a pretty hardcore study you know it’s not
for the faint of heart that’s why I want to get you on the
podcast so we can help at least expanding wareness that’s because we
need to get more people aware of this because if you’re not gonna get a lot of
people willing to commit that’s right so this is a level of commitment like this
is conveyed through a lot I’ve tested a lot of diets and lifestyles over the
years like to do legite testing daily you want to help prove yay or nay for
this lifestyle you better be hardcore carnivore yeah
well at least for that 90 days yeah I can see your point now and why people
want to wait until January 1st yeah most dietary studies is people are eating all
kinds of stuff and then scientists make these these conclusions but they’re
inaccurate conclusion that’s the problem with the whole like vegetarian diet just
all the studies with the vegetarians versus people eating meat or splitting
or eating fish or whatever it’s not it’s so messy now these people are smoking
they’re drinking they’re doing all kinds of different studies what do they call
that research it’s um nutrition epidemiology epidemiological study it
sounds fancy but then once you actually understand what it means you’re like no
that’s that’s crap it’s the surface level there’s no control group there’s
no accurate it’s just yeah it’s it’s messy that’s my problem and so if if I’m
gonna lead a diet study I want to be clean and this is the way I’m going to
do it because the people that are involved in the cardboard movement
they’re real honest you know I feel like you’re not going to participate in my
study and then cheat and then tell me that you just ate meat you know you’ll
probably drop out you know you’ll be honest and say hey I ate some doughnuts
so I’m gonna drop out and I’m cool with that okay yeah I have to consider this
because let me tell you something I beguine more and more on my red meat
last not this past year the year before I went back to the old school ways that
I grew up with and I put ID I bought a quarter of a cow so yeah I had a ton of
meat and I lasted about up until about two
months ago I started running out I think I have a couple of roasts left but I
have no more steaks no more burgers so this year I mean I luckily I already put
it deposit down and I just got my email actually they’re gonna be finishing our
cow and getting it ready for slaughter in December right before the holidays so
I should have my new quarter by January so a cost-benefit analysis this perfect
time to do this because last time I did this I think it cost me over $700 for
this meat but it worked out – per pound on average around 4 bucks a pound
yeah yeah I buy a cow yeah and I also hunt so that this is a good time of year
to start because it’s hunting season so you can go shoot a moose or something so
great let’s add that clarifier here because I used to live out in Arizona
and I was firefighting I love elk I love wild game where are we at with the whole
venison component or the wild game component with this it’s perfectly fine
yeah just long as it’s not Birds you know the thing about birds is they’re so
different that I don’t want I’m okay with like I still keep eating bacon uh
yeah no I mean that’s a good question a bacon-wrapped filet got me come on yeah
technically bacon bacon you could eat but that’s the rest of the pig
technically a red meat no you could technically but I tell people not to
because it’s a white meat because it looks white so it kind of it’s like a
pork loin will be a it’s so this is Chris I never I never realized this so
when you say red meats you’re kind of referring to like at Thanksgiving crazy
talk about the white meat versus the dark meat yeah it’s an area of the
animal correct no no no with the organs so people can eat organs on the study
they just happen for the most part it’s just beef you know okay I’m but but
bison exactly yep dear Alex okay like mountain lions would be
excluded because the wheat the meat is white you know I would exclude pork
because the meat is white I would exclude birds because the need is white
for the most part just to make it easy for people to understand no I don’t like
make a tooth yeah huh but if you hunt you know you
can save a lot of money go out and shoot a deer a couple deer know if it’s gotten
easier to nowadays of you can afford it like I’ve my last batch and me I tried
out a company by the name of Strauss meats because they had they had a
CrossFit package so they sell different like box bundles of different cuts of
meat but they try and source everything grass-fed etc so I bought the CrossFit
package cuz at a discount code and I already burned through that and then
Vinny’s new sponsors crowd calve you heard about them heard about yeah just
last night I just took advantage of his discount link which is crowd come slash
minion you get 25 bucks off so I just tried there I don’t know newbie package
which it would have cost me over 120 dollars for shipping and I think it came
out to be like 80 some bucks after the discount so there we go so I have some
steaks coming from them now and get stuff drop shift flash-frozen
the crowd cow is sourcing from sustainable farms that a grasp it I mean
it’s it’s it’s cool you can do this stuff nowadays so Wow
found out the two of the farms that they’re sourcing from is right here in
Pennsylvania so yeah and I don’t require people to eat grass for the study but I
prefer it for sure I’m you know it’s definitely healthier you know you don’t
have the atrazine blood we’ve talked about the estrogen chemicals and our
previous podcasts and things like that but yes your your book estro generation
shout out yeah it’s actually when people click on the amazon banner um on live
they feel calm that actually goes to my influencer page like Vinnie has set up
for him and I have that all the books I every book that I recommend I now tag in
Amazon and my influence and I since I’ve since divided the influencer page up
from products versus books so now when people click on the banner you can go
then just to the book section and there’s all the books so nice you’re in
there yeah I appreciate that yeah god I mean yeah yeah I think it’s
gonna be a really interesting study you know when I finally get all the results
back in the spring when all the dust settles out it’ll allow us to you know
get a publication that gives the world something to kind of go
on because I personally think knowledge is power you know I agree I use that
quote very often yeah if you don’t have any idea then you don’t know what it’s
you what it’s good for what it’s bad for like I said I’m open to the idea that
the cardboard dye just pure red meat all the time
is is bad in certain contexts for certain people I’m perfectly open to
that I’m also open to the idea that it’s excellent in certain contexts for
certain people like I don’t have any information yeah I love that Greek quote
right off your site Noah by self you know that’s basically Socrates yeah I’ve
never read your site before I just have to find this by accident right yeah
every page done every page in the onsen I love it yeah because I think you know
self-knowledge is one of the keys to just success in general you have to you
have to realize your weaknesses your strengths your DNA your health you know
if you want to take control of your life you have to have self-knowledge good
friends mind they’re also doctors he’s a cairo one of his favorite quotes that he
uses in his coaching is you know become your own inner physician yeah I tell
people all the time I have no problem meeting it especially now that shows
over two years old now we got over today we are at episode 225 as I’m recording
this it’s like it’s like there’s no excuse not to know and unfortunate you
can’t trust your MD to know they’re not they’re busy people they become an
assembly line just take the responsibility for your own life and
your family’s life and just start you don’t it like crush every book on the
face of the earth but just start reading or consuming or listening to podcasts
and just consider learning some things that you may have never heard before
yeah now there’s some ancient Chinese proverb to our Asian proverb maybe it’s
Japanese I can’t remember but it says something like if if you’re not reading
I don’t remember if it’s how ancient Han is but it’s basically says if you’re not
reading a book every week you’re boring you know and it might have in olden
times that might have been a story if you’re not hearing a story every week or
something like that like who are all learning but I guess yeah it’s been
translator reading in park every week don’t think
I’m crushing it that let me I don’t know yeah I do at least yeah I don’t know
minimum ten podcasts I consume a week at least and I’m always listening to an
audiobook or two well and then I’m interviewing you’re not interviewing but
I’m having co-host like yourself come on and we end up wrappings every week too
so it’s like even though I’m not consuming books I’m actually just
absorbing the knowledge as you and I are hanging out and co-hosting a show
together so there’s that knowledge as well so that’s why I love podcasting
yeah so let’s let’s sum it up cuz we’re outcome coming towards the end of the
show here when it comes to the carnivore diet study doctors sorry let me share
again dr. Jays carnivore diet study because I I did some googling before the
show and I really didn’t to your point nobody has taken the time to actually
dot create a documented study so this is exciting
and so besides him going to your website and looking at this if you had to sum it
up like what’s the hottest triggers that would make somebody even consider
committing to this because I want to make sure it’s really clear guys like
this is not something casual to undertake you got to commit so I
personally think the carnivore diet is going to be extremely beneficial for
people with autoimmune problems or information problems again I can’t 100%
prove that we don’t have studies but that’s where I see the potential okay
but who knows there might be a potential in ten different areas you know that we
don’t even know about right now and hopefully this study will allow me to
get funding to do follow-up studies in the future where we can actually pay
people to participate in things like that and kind of do more intensive
research type like blood work and like for example I want to test
testosterone receptor number especially for people who are aging everybody
claims that oh well you’re Scott you’re in your 40s now so your testosterone is
gonna drop well but even if your testosterone drops but if your receptors
are increasing right then your your body’s able to pick it up so it’s a
different thing so but that’s kind of thing you have to test in a lab you
can’t test it the medical doctors don’t test that they don’t know how to test it
they won’t test it so there’s a lot of different things that I
good test for you no wow look at cholesterol testing I didn’t even know
about the particles test everybody just takes Oh my regular MD doesn’t mean I
get I get a free cholesterol test every time I donate blood like they send me
the data back and if you look at their surface level data it looks like my
cholesterol has has gone up yeah I’m consuming you know health healthy
cholesterol rich you know meats so at eggs and bacon and everything else so of
course my cholesterol probably went up compared to two years ago yeah there’s
different particle sizes that you have to look at I mean all that precision is
interesting but like I say there’s stuff that you can’t do through your doctorate
though that I can do in the lab that’s even more interesting and more valuable
I think to try and figure out where the Carnivore Diet is useful for people in
certain contexts all right so if I commit to doing this clearly all I have
to go back now and read through all the rules and honestly I mean some people
ask me all the time like Scott I follow your Instagram and you’re always posting
meat meat meat are you doing the new carnivore craze and I’m like I’m
naturally a carnival or cuz I’m an omnivore
so yes I have a carnivore lifestyle but a Carnivore means pure meat no
plants sure now you see the one I’ve already started seeing the the vegan
trolls out there and they’re like well a true Carnivore means that you also hunt
and kill your own meat I’m like okay I’m not in a back country of Alaska I
apologize and agree that you you’re you you hunt I
just was following you online this weekend you had some but eight of bow
shots out there so I’m hunting all the time right now is the rut yeah for deer
hunting mansome shot some ducks this weekend shot some pheasants shot
six-point buck you know see now again I won’t be able to eat pheasant if I was
on a carnivore study so just the study if you’re on the carnivore diet you
can’t but I took the old-time monster 90 days is not that long yeah that’s only
three months that’s not the end of the world the biggest thing is is making
sure you have easily accessible sources about obviously meat right yeah
no and that’s why timing-wise I think I might have to do this because I want
some updated testing anyway but want to do a telomere test anyway and I’ve got a
quarter of a cow coming I know and the telomere test it’s the coolest when you
do two tests right when you do have before and after when you just before
you start to do it and then after you’ve done then it tells you something really
interesting that it’ll tell you whether you’re improving or whether you’re and
that’s what’s exciting to me because me being the health and fitness nut
self-proclaimed I think my data would G just as valuable right all right let X
stand point all right yeah yeah it’d be super interesting I’m not the
traditional no offense people the the couch potato house dad or without
housewife or anything else like I’m trying to stay active all the time I my
fianc tonight don’t have kids so we’re always on the go I’m literally writing a
book right now running a podcast running two different businesses so it’s like
there’s plenty of other stressors in my life so to be fair I would have a
different sampling of data but still from the athletic fitness world and
being a crossfitter that’s trust me this is dig me have a direct bleed over cuz
there’s a lot of cross hairs out there trying to figure out this carnivore
thing yeah and they’ve actually I just just came to my mind that they’ve done
Studies on people to eat processed meat and they found that that shortens your
telomere it actually makes you age faster compared to people that eat red
meat and which lengthens your tuning there so there’s a big distinction
between processed meat and like like the loading yeah like so long as longing
that constantly should a cheapy stuff where who knows where that meats better
where it came from. I like I like a nice prosciutto so but again
I’m a yeah yeah although thats that’s red colored I mean ya know after
this study I just wanted to be just as clean this can be and try and learn as
much as we can yeah it’d be cool man if you can join
send me you know talk afterwards oh yeah all right well let’s close this show out
so you can get back to your life I’ve got a got a deal with a dog with cancer
oh I’m putting him in for surgery on Thursday to take one of his legs
so as a Coonhound I was like dude if he oh then his one leg that’s in pain and
we’ve done all the research and there’s there’s no cancer throughout the rest of
his body and they said we take that leg and he’s fine
no I I did see that ramp that you built yeah I haven’t worked with wood in years I
was like hey let’s go build a Calvin ramp Calvin the Coonhound now needs a ramp
he’s getting a ramp. Nice, nice, a dog lover people dog so let’s close the show
I’ll give you proper goodbye off the air but ladies and gentlemen like before dr.
Chae leaves I want to make sure that he out like we do all of our shows we like
final words of the show what’s something all-encompassing and obviously let’s tie
it to carnivore diet so let’s well how would you like to close the show out
yeah I mean if you’re if you’re interested and you want to test out the
carnivore diet I think this is the golden opportunity because you know it’s
gonna contribute to the whole body of science that’s out there and help a lot
of other people besides just helping yourself kind of understand the Carnivore
Diet and will you be launching like a I don’t know I mean nowadays all these
little programs they have like a little community or you know like a little car
yeah are small like a private Facebook group for people that are in the study
that so they can take share best practices like like Vinnie has he didn’t
launch to it Vinnie has that whole NSNG community went viral
there has thousands of people in it so take a supporter all for 90 days I feel
like I’m not I’m not gonna set something up but I feel like Shawn Baker already
got a really good like a point infrastructure if you want to join in on
that okay there you go that’s good point he does have a good community it’s gone
pretty bottle as well yeah there we go so ladies and gentleman we did one last
screen share as we close out the show and again hang tight Dr. Jay and getting
a proper goodbye get some game plans but again ladies and gentlemen there it
is AJConsultingCompany.com is the main
site the this will all be linked this shows like we always do a direct link to
the study is AJConsultingCompany.com/CarnivoreDietStudy.html and again it’s only 90 days so just go there read up on it check it out and you not to
rush into it but just make the decision and think about it and then reach out to
Dr. Jay he’ll help you understand more and really you might be seeing my face all
over this crap because I’m obsessed with it and I would love to
geek out some telomere proof so but again ladies and gentleman there you go
another powerful of the fuel show we’re getting scientific we’re bringing in
some new research to possibly help impact positively our fellow mankind so
I think we definitely fueled your health and your lifestyle today thanks for
tuning in and remember AJ Consulting Company .com that is our multi repeat
co-host Dr. Anthony Jay for joining us once again so again thanks for tuning in and
remember you too could LIVETHEFUEL. will talk to you guys again soon


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  8. Being carnivore means no fiber and that's the greatest benefit for me

  9. Love the science! Listened in part to a vegan channel earlier today, and it’s all an appeal to emotions and virtue signaling, so it’s refreshing to hear some solid science on why eating meat can be beneficial…..new sub

  10. The information is good, but…. Let People talk, he has got valious info this doctor… And u don't stop talking and cutting him Al rhe time..

  11. OMG, this guy loves his voice, does he not realice!!! Why do u do the show, u r not letting the doc explain he's self, we don't fucking care about your life and how u do things.. We want smart questions..
    And u just talk and answer ur own questions.. You disent let the guy say fucking nothing…we dont care what u fucking eat yesterday night!!

  12. unfortunately good diet and good water have no effect on the super ego.

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