21 Easy Health Tips That Can CHANGE Your Life

it is officially getting cold here in Melbourne I've actually got my turtleneck on today hi everyone it's Jasmine and welcome back to another video I hope you're all doing very well and if you're new here welcome to the channel welcome to our community you are more than welcome to enjoy my name is Jasmine and I make a variety of lifestyle videos and vlogs as well and the main reason behind everything I do is just to be able to inspire and add value to your life so today I'm going to be sharing with you guys 21 easy health tips that anyone can implement into their lives today or even right now and can potentially change a life will be a better and of course these are all things that I practice myself and I've truly seen firsthand how beneficial they've been to my own life they've able to share this with you guys and hopefully you can take something away from today's video hopefully this can inspire you to make little changes here and there and really all we need is just a little bit of your time and your prioritization towards your health and your wellness previously I have made of the air on 10 ways to a healthier lifestyle so if you haven't watched that already feel free to check that out I'll put the links over here so today's video is kind of a follow up on that so I won't be mentioning the things I already mentioned in that so okay it's how we can get into the video the first tip is for an easy building and nourishing and conscious salad dressing it's just to simply smashing avocado and massage that into your dark leafy greens I promise it makes such a huge difference you can easily get your greens in and you can never go wrong with such an easy salad dressing that takes a five seconds pretty much the second tip is to pair a healthy plant fat with every single meal that you have and I cannot emphasize the importance of healthy plant fats in your diet so whether that be a Mikado's or nuts seeds so many different varieties fats actually do help the absorption of many vitamins and minerals and they also help with your digestion as well the third tip is for the best iron absorption and pair your iron rich foods with a vitamin C rich foods so for example as I'm sure many of us know spinach is a food that's very high in iron so to get the best absorption from that it's best to pair it with a vitamin C rich food so it's something very easy you can do is to squeeze some lemon juice over your spinach and eat it that way or even drink a cup of orange juice with that and there are of course many different other varieties for a four ingredient dressing that you can drizzle over your salads or any meal that honestly makes all the difference and is my go-to dressing for basically every single meal apart from breakfast but I love this so so much it's super super easy and all you need is one tablespoon of tamari or soy sauce one tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar half a tablespoon of maple syrup 1 tablespoon of tahini or any other nut butter such as peanut butter and you just mix that together incorporate it well and just drizzle that over any meal and it is so so delicious number five is to add a dark leafy greens into your smoothie and whether that be spinach or mixed greens truly makes a huge difference in terms of nutrition and you can barely even taste it in your smoothie and also it barely takes any effort to do as well all you need to do is remember to add it in and honestly I think it actually makes the smoothie taste a lot better as well fine next tip is to create a routine for yourself so whether that be a morning routine evening routine our study routine is because when your body gets into a routine your body gets adapted to a way of doing things and that way you're actually able to say what motivated and consistent and this is all key to a positive well-being and also to a certain extent can allow you to be more productive so if you're trying to create a new routine I'd highly recommend that you write it down and try to follow through with that every day and of course if you think that it's time to change up the routine go and change the routine for yourself number seven is to always have a nourishing snack with you on hand this is a great tip for those of you of you are like me enjoy snacking in between meals because it keeps us safe shaded until meal time and personally when I get suddenly hungry and they're not able to access a main meal depending on where I am and what I'm doing I just can't really concentrate so with snacks keep it as simple as possible and utilize of Mother Earth has given us and that's fresh fruit and vegetables and nuts and seeds as well my personal favorite snacks are bananas and apples with peanut butter and not also make my own no-bake blissful sometimes or even my cookies which I do have the recipes up so I'll link it somewhere up here as well open a window in the morning art we wake up to let in fresh into your home your house or your apartment or whatever living space you live in it doesn't matter which window let in some fresh air into your room so that you can connect with nation wall and personally I think it's just so refreshing and really gives you a great start into the morning and you can really make a great difference to your mood as well my next tip and I kind of forgot which number it up to but we'll keep going and that is to meditate the first thing in the morning after you wake up this is something that I do every single day and it truly just sets me up for the day it clears my mind it brings a good mood it allows me to be mindful and brings me to the present and it just has such such amazing benefits for our bodies and it has been proved by science so even two minutes can make a huge difference my next health tip for you guys is to keep things simple and to develop a positive mindset we all have an inner main voice that lives at the place of SIA and tells us all these limiting beliefs that simply aren't our truth so things such as I just can't live a healthy and marching lifestyle all these things that aren't true and it's important to not fall for those limiting beliefs and not let that meatboys take center stage in our heads and honestly you can do anything just to keep it simple in your head tell yourself that you can do this that you are good enough you truly just need to stay open stay optimistic and also acknowledge that you are human you aren't perfect no one is perfect and that is the beauty of life as well so instead of trying to live a perfectly healthier lifestyle there is no such thing as perfection and to strive for balance instead for example my next tip is one that I am super super passionate about and that is starting your day off with a gratitude so whether you have just woken up and you alone in your bed or you want to write this down into your journal I highly encourage you guys to write down three things at the start of the day that you are grateful for and this can be absolutely anything there are no limits yet it can truly make a huge difference to your day it can lift up your mood it can make you feel better and it can really reduce your stress as well because as I'm sure many of us know when we're stressed we produce a hormone called cortisol and this isn't great frat boys are older yes if you were to take away anything from today's video be it to just list three things you are grateful for at the start of the day my next tip is to clean out your room or your living space I'm not saying that you have to take an entire day or an entire wait to clear everything in your brain I'm saying just to spend five ten minutes to clear out your space to all not've things everything makes a little difference and truly when your space is declared your mind is decluttered everything is connected to each other by next if a glass and one day I'm super super pumped about I don't know why I just really love this one it's one I've been doing a flight ever and that is to follow a one-pot recipes like I mentioned earlier keep things simple and you can cook delicious and nourishing meals in just one pot it's so easy you don't have much to clean up afterwards at all and it's just it's great there's just the whole penises in this so it's some of my favorite things to do I just in a pun I'll add a bit of water and then I add whatever veggies I find in my fridge so I'll just chop it all up no rules here and I'll just let that simmer in the pot for about ten minutes or until they're all soft and I'll just add some spices that I like and then once I've incorporated all the spices into the cooked veggies I'll just pour it into my bowl and top up with some thurman to veggies and also a pub so whether that be sweet potato or rice or anything like that and it's so so easy to make and usually I will meal prep my rice as well so it's already in the fridge and all I need to do is warm it up and I can literally make my dinner in 10 to 15 minutes it's that easy my next health tip for you guys is to live a life bursting with health for yourself because it makes you feel good in your bones it allows you to be the best version of yourself to wonder self fully and to show up as your genuine self because we know that you are more than worthy to all health and happiness it is your birthright so we make changes for yourself and your lifestyle for the better the next tip is to eat and mindfully when you can mindful eating is truly so important to incorporate as much as possible and it's really one of the easiest things we can do for our being as well because when we eat mindfully it allows us to become more in touch with our physical bodies and our intuition so when you eat I'm sure that you are physically hungry and that you don't hurry through your meal either and then you eat when you're in a good mood feel the texture of the food that you're eating sit at a table chew slowly and truly savor the taste as you eat my next tip is to become aware of your posture so whether you're sitting or standing or running or doing whatever your posture does actually have a direct impact on your well-being so it is super important so sit up straight if you're at a table and if you can try to get a laptop stand or even a standing desk even better and also you're always it is sure to have a regular breaks ethnicity and a desk to stretch and to just move those muscles and bones as well the next tip is to do exercise that you truly love and you feel super good doing when you do exercise that really lights you up from the core and sort of something you feel that you have to do you are more motivated to do it and you'll also enjoy it more and you can be actually more energized and you can actually prioritize it into your daily routine instead of feeling like it's going to be in training part of your day so sometimes it may take some time for you to find out which exercise you truly love and that's okay it's all about experimenting so go out and try all different kinds of exercises until you find one that you lean resonates with you the next tip is to read during your commute time I'm sure that a lot of us spend a lot of time meeting to work to school or just going around to places and this is the perfect time to do some reading and you can even listen to all your books I guess that is a sort of a reading and it really has such great benefits because you can gain so much wisdom and knowledge about the world and even about yourself and really I think there is anything that you can lose from reading there's only things to gain my next tip is even if you're not a writer to keep a journal keeping a journal is truly the best self-help book that you can get your hands on because when you write down your emotions in your thoughts and you realize your feelings at the present moment or even for the day it a cultivates self awareness and self awareness is so careful change better remember that you don't know what you don't know so to become more aware and know more about yourself writing is one of the best ways to do that and even just 10 minutes a day whether that be the first thing in the morning or before you go to bed 10 minutes can make a huge difference and you can learn so so much about yourself tip number 20 is to sleep 30 minutes earlier 30 minutes may not seem like a huge amount of time naturally turn underestimate the importance of sleep even half an hour can make a huge difference to your quality of the sleep and sleep is something that is so important for our bodies to function at its best and to just have a positive overall well-being so just by sleeping half now early which takes nothing but a little bit of prioritization you can wake up earlier the next day and therefore incorporate more self-care into your morning routine so that you're not rushing and you're not skipping the important things to try to sleep half an hour earlier tonight and see how you will feel tomorrow your last tip that I have for you guys is related to sleep again and that is to add a drop of 11 to aisle 2 a piece of tissue and put it under your pillow for a better night's sleep this is because lavender oil is actually known for being a natural relax in which does help with improving your quality of sleep so you've got nothing to lose just one of those little things you can do that can make a big difference to your health in so those are my 21 easy health tips that anyone can implement into their lives today that can truly make a difference for your life so I hope that you guys enjoyed this beer and if you did it please give it a thumbs up so I know and if there's any that resonated with you please let me know in the comment section below as well and also feel free to share your tips as well I love learning from you guys and I guess that wraps up this video thank you guys so much for watching again I love you so so much you are also amazing standing we love to you guys and I will see you next time bye


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