2019 Olympia Preview – 12 Weeks Out

all right what's going on you guys Nick here with Nick strength of power so this weekend actually puts us exactly 12 weeks out from the 2019 mr. Olympia in Las Vegas in September so now that we've hit the 12-week mark a lot of the competitors that are competing in the Olympia are beginning to post 12 week out updates and post prep updates because now at 12 weeks out we're really getting close to the Olympia we're really you know it's Olympia time now it's time for Olympia videos so in this video I wanted to go over again the current list of qualified bodybuilders for 2019 mr. Olympia show you guys some of their 12 week out pictures and also talk a little bit about the point standings of qualified bodybuilders so far for the Olympia now keep in mind here this list still does have the ability to change between now in the Olympia there's a handful of Pro shows there's the Chicago Pro the Vancouver Pro the Tampa Pro the British Grand Prix so there are opportunities for these point standings to change and also for guys to qualify and be added to the actual official qualified list so the way this works on that right-hand column there those are the bodybuilders that have not won a show or qualified for the Olympia yet but those are the point standings for the bodybuilders that have been competing over the 2019 Olympia season so the way that column works is the top three bodybuilders in the point standings when the Olympia comes around those bodybuilders qualify for the Olympia even though they didn't want to show or qualify the same way the guys on the left hand column did the top three in point standings will be qualified for the Olympia when the Olympia comes so let's actually talk about the points column first because we haven't really talked about this too much yet this year so the top three end points our Akeem Williams with 23 points cederick mcmillian with 16 points and luke Sando also with 16 points now like I said these point standings can change there's the possibility to one else could qualify on points if they did really really well that basically every show between now and the Olympia but I think for one it's pretty safe to say that Hakeem Williams is going to the Olympia I don't think anyone is taking away that number one spot from Hakeem with that solid lead of 23 points I mean no one else is even close to that Hakeem is not going anywhere so it's safe to say that it came is gonna be at the Olympia now based on what I've heard I don't think we're going to see cederick mcmillian at the Olympia he technically will probably qualify based on points but again based on what I've heard I don't think Cedric is doing it now Luke Sandow in third here third in the point standings now apparently Luke is not going to be doing that British Grand Prix at the end of June and trying to win that show to qualify for the Olympia he's gonna try to get there on point so he's assuming that his top three status is not going to change between now and the Olympia which there is a little bit of risk in that I mean it's very very unlikely I think at this point that someone would knock off Luke Santo with 16 points at this point in the season I do think it's possible but I think it's very very unlikely that Luke Santo is gonna lose that top three standing in the points now there are some other guys on this list that I think are going to be competing to win a show one of these upcoming shows and actually qualify by winning so I think a lot of these there might be some guys in these lower point rankings that aren't going to move up in the point system but might possibly want to show and qualify that way so that's still a possibility as well so let's go ahead and break down the left-hand side here this is the guys that we know are already qualified for the 2019 mr. Olympia so you got Shawn Rhoden of course he won the Olympia last year and mr. Olympia winner is then qualified for life that's important to know as we're going through the rest of this list because we're gonna get to another name on here Dexter Jackson which i think is an interesting one Phil Heath also on this list also mr. Olympia qualified for life now I think we should also have the caveat while we're reading this list of understanding that just because there's names on this list does not mean these body butters are going to be competing at the Olympia it just means they are qualified to compete this does not mean they've confirmed they're competing at the Olympia this is just a qualified competitors list so you got roelly winklaar William bow neck Brandon Currie those are your top guys from last year's Olympia and that's how they qualified you've got Dexter Jackson so this is interesting because Dexter Jackson has qualified for life if you don't remember he won the 2008 mr. Olympia and he's been a top player at the Olympia basically ever since now we know that Dexter is doing the Tampa Pro which is a show that is right before the Olympia so I think this confused a lot of people because I see in the comments sometimes when I'm talking about that topic people are like well Dexter Jackson what if he doesn't qualify for the Olympia why is he waiting till the last minute like that so Dexter isn't doing Tampa to qualify for the Olympia Dexter is doing Tampa because he wants to add that title to his resume it's a show that he hasn't won yet he wants to add another Pro win to hit that already very impressive resume so I'm sure there are probably some bodybuilders that aren't yet qualified for the Olympia probably got like big Rami who was originally planning on doing Tampa that are probably a little bit disappointed when they heard that Dexter is doing the Tampa Pro because Dexter doesn't need to qualify they probably didn't expect him to do a show like that which would serve as a very good last-ditch effort for a body Buddha that has not yet qualified for the Olympia to jump in a last-minute show like that that probably no top Olympians are gonna be at because it's so close to the Olympia why would they want to ruin their prep for the actual show and do a show like that so a show like Tampa is usually you know a good opportunity for a lesser-known guy or maybe a less talented guy to qualify for the Olympia so I'm sure a lot of those guys are probably not too happy to see Dexter doing it and that could very likely have played a role and why we're not going to see big Rami in Tampa I'm probably not gonna see big Rami at the Olympia so you also have Clarence deviis you've got max Charles you've got Steve kook low Wan Morrell Josh Lonardo it's Patrick Moore and John della Rossa so right now you've got 13 men that are actually qualified for the Olympia plus the top three in point standings it's looking to be about 16 competitors at the Olympia with the wild-card factor of whether or not Phil Heath is gonna show up maybe one or two names might be added to that qualified list over the next couple months now I for one actually think this is gonna make for a very exciting mr. Olympia competition now a lot of people are saying oh the Olympia's gonna be boring this year you don't have Phil you don't have Rami you don't have Kai and to those people I would say well number one you don't know for a fact that you don't have Phil and we still really don't know for a fact that we don't have Robbie we're probably not gonna know until tamp is over whether or not Romney's gonna make that attempt or not to qualify for the O but without Phil without Rami without Kai even though Kai has been out of the conversation for a while I think this leaves the top three wide open I think this leaves the top six wide open and the reason why I think that's gonna make the Olympia interesting is it's gonna make it a very competitive Olympia because those placings that were kind of predetermined in the past that top six was kind of a very tough group to crack I think there's a very real opportunity for somebody new this year maybe multiple new people to crack the top six and even crack the top three so even though we're not gonna have these heavy hitters like Phil Heath or big Rami and again we don't really know that for a fact we could still have both of them and it would be a crazy Olympia but I think that's gonna open up the opportunity for these guys to be even more competitive and these guys that are fighting for a top six spot a top three spot I think what's gonna happen here is we're gonna see some new guys rising to the top so that wraps it up for the video today guys just a little bit of an Olympia preview for you guys today twelve weeks out is kind of a big milestone and getting pretty close to the Olympia so thank you guys for watching the video please give it a thumbs up if you did enjoy it please subscribe to this channel because you do know there is going to be plenty of Olympia updates over the next 12 weeks and of course at the Olympia on this channel so if you want to limpia news make sure you subscribe to this channel and as always thank you guys for watching Nik strength empower signing out


  1. 1 more sandow for dexter before he retired

  2. I really think Brandon curry will win…. if he gets that conditioning down ,he will upset everyone…..

  3. I have a feeling someone else will win. That’s got nothing to Do with how he looks either. Just a feeling

  4. Anyone for Dexter? No? 👀
    Okay. Dexter’s in for the resume(Nick,2019).

  5. Currys the future. It will hopefully be curry Winkler and bonack in that order. Rhoden will be lucky to be top 5 I think.

  6. Isn't Dexter qualified forever?

  7. I thought Flex Lewis was competing in the Open ?

  8. its roelly time to win the mister olimpia .. ?? 🤔🤔

  9. Mark my words. Phil will be competing this year in Vegas and he will BRING IT. His gut is under control, he’s bigger than ever, and he’s waiting till after Tampa to reveal his prep. He’s going to pick up #8. You saw it here first. Also taking bets on this.

  10. Oh man, Shawn the only one who looks like a statue

  11. Is the people's champ also qualified for life?

  12. Akim Williams would be deadly if he brought his best conditioning. He has Colemanesque size and thickness.

  13. I think this would be Bonacs year.

  14. Who's pumped to watch the live stream on iHerb again?

  15. How does Akim Williams keep getting all these points and not win a single show

  16. don’t want to be “that guy” but how about Kai Greene’s special invite?

  17. Dexter Jackson will win 2019 Mr Olympia

  18. I can believe its vince carter’s rookie year as linebacker for the NCAA golf championship, i heard he used synthol so he might not even qualify

  19. Why isn't Cedric doing the Olympia?

  20. Brandon curry win

  21. Yea he’s lying if he don’t think he’s behind.

  22. Steve benthin!!!!!

  23. Wheres the best place to watch the event live?

  24. Dexters full diaper walk to the stage… holy shit. Sad.

  25. Nick's early posts and likes.

  26. I would bet on Curry since he happens to be American.

  27. Curry

  28. My predictions:
    1: Brandon Curry
    2: Roelly Winklaar
    3: Shawn Rohden
    4: William Bonac

  29. What the hell, its already 12 weeks away!?!?!

  30. Does a loss hurt you in points? I dont understand why rami wouldnt do the Tampa pro. I mean if you dont win you dont get the momentum, but dexter is beatable (not saying hes bad), and if you lose you're in the same spot as if you didnt compete.

  31. make vid about logan frankling classic debut please

  32. I honestly cant wait for this Olympia, I hope Curry can win.

  33. CURRY.

  34. Gotta love all that shit Nathan de Asha talked last year and hes not even qualified. Lmao! Keep talking shit Nathan!!!!! Lol!

  35. Will Phil compete this year?

  36. When I see Rhoden, I see a great responder to the drugs, not a genetically gifted person who is enhanced by drugs (like Phil Heath looking muscular as a bb player naturally). That guest posing will not do him any favors moving forward.

  37. Wtf happened to Nathan Deasha? Or Sergio oliva ?

  38. Delarosa looks grainy af! And Dexter is a scumbag. That's fucked up

  39. Don't count out Dexter, that's for sure. He could very well come in and take his 2nd Olympia. If he brings it, he is unmatched on that stage.

  40. Thanks

  41. Dexter also said he historically gets better from show to show with the amount of time between the Tampa n the Olympia…hes in it to win it n is looking at his previously successful preps to nail it.

  42. Should Dexter win Tampa, he'll have all the infinity stones

  43. Nicks ads & ads & intro and then video.

  44. Jackson is going to train super hard for what is, in all likelihood, going to be his last Olympia. Given that there is some uncertainty about the top spots this year, I think his years of experience conceivably give him an edge that less experienced body builders lack. All it is going to take for him to walk away with the whole whole kit and caboodle this year is for a couple of people to come in slightly off. While a major show right before the Olympia would be a hindrance to most body builders, I think the wily veteran can actually use it to his advantage to dial in certain aspects of his physique that may not be absolutely perfect in Tampa, while maintaining all of his mass, while still staying incredibly cut! I honestly think Dexter has a VERY good chance of winning yet another Olympia 11 years after his last win. I know most people have him pegged for a top 6 finisher, but mark my words… The Blade is gonna take the 2019 Olympia.

  45. Roelly all day baby!

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