2019 Best Mass Muscle Building Protein Shake

what's going on YouTube it's your boy Jake here on the score Maserati body brother nation breaking nation what's going on like I said I'm still gonna try to do these videos for you guys I'm back on track I see all the haters I see everybody's saying oh he ain't coming back blah blah yes I'm coming back okay um as you guys can see I got to use my phone cuz my on my camera I was using it's messed up so I think I got a bottom one so yeah I just gonna have to work with me it's the iPhone I'm 10 so quality shouldn't be that bad but it is what it is like I said using my phone but I'm gonna make it happen no matter what um as you guys can see the video I'm gonna stop talking I'm gonna do more action than talking this is a high protein shake okay I'm trying to put on more mass more size clean the clean way I'm not trying to do too much of a dirty boat as you guys may or may not know I'm gonna forever boat so I'm forever broken or whatever the case may be always trying to put on sighs but the clean trying to do a little cleaning now and real quick man I'm gonna show you guys a shake that I use that I do I drink these about maybe four nights a week five nights a week this is after I eat everything this is my last meal it is the last thing I'll put my stomach right now the time is about what time it is it's about 917 right now and I'm gonna show you how what I do man right before I go to bed sure yeah protein I take before I go to sleep and this is a mass gainer mass protein high calories high protein high carbs if you try to put on weight this is what I recommend you to use this is what I recommend you to do okay if you're trying to lose weight it's real simple I'm gonna show you how to do that too okay so as you guys can see I'm showing you guys my greens using for my mass midnight late-night protein shake as you guys know that I'm using my phone so I can't excuse me I'm using my phone so I can't show you guys my face as you can see these my hands so I'm gonna go ahead and start with protein okay this is regular weight tech protein it doesn't it don't matter what type of protein you use just any type of protein okay one scoop of this protein is 24 grams our protein you got the calorie count right there is 130 for one serving one scoop okay 24 grams of protein total carbs is going to be 5 grams of carb okay zero zero zero point one saturated fat zero trans trans fat and less less than one gram of sugar so this is very very macro friendly if you're cutting or trying to book whatever ok now I recommend you guys instead of going out to a smoothie king or smoothie world or protein world or shape well I started to do my own thing and I'd rather do that how I make it my own shakes at home I'm doing my own thing at home because number one it's very cost efficient okay you don't have to waste so much money on a bunch of excuse me proteins protein shakes at the vitamin stuff wherever you get your protein shakes okay it's more cost-efficient for you to do home and your own comfort at home because number one you're gonna save money like I said number two you know what you're putting in you know the ingredients there's no secret ingredient you know what's going in your body what's in your shake okay so you know what you got going on I got a coffee oh allergies this thing okay so as you can see you got the weight sec protein here okay I got my two granola bars Chili's going all the bars and this is just for extra carbs and things of that nature let's go ahead I know my head is actually young guy telling me that always mother let's go ahead and get the nutrition facts real quick while I'm asking protein shake got 17 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein okay zero cholesterol sodium counts 95 was that 95 milligrams not too bad but we're not here we're not getting our protein either this is just extra car getting our protein from this so I'm gonna do two maybe maybe two and a half scoop so I can get about like 67 grams I had these two this is what is it to brand so I'm talking about 70 grams of protein maybe 80 so protein to granola bars regular great value peanut butter okay there we go several grams of protein per serving now on top of this this ain't this 17 grams of protein okay now you're trying to bulk up man you don't care too much about the macros you're not doing too much back okay I got a little bit of honey left don't got done much left but I got some might throw some honey in there right here I got some organic coconut milk dairy free because now that I'm older I think I'm lactose so this is the Nutrition Facts fade but I want to track your macros so if you're cutting you're just going to use this this and that and these dry fruits and that's it maybe a little bit of peanut butter but I probably don't recommend that so much so that's the dried mixed I mean fro I'm sorry open for right now strawberry and I got a mixed bag pineapple strawberry peaches and mango so this is the kind of flavor I got a birthday cake we'll see how that's gonna taste it probably won't taste crazy so I say I'm doing it on my camera so I got a whole B do everything myself okay I just opened up the tops of everything because I got one hand over here you always want to start out with more I always want to start out with your water okay water or liquids so I would say liquid first so you're posting or whatever don't get stuck to the bottom always gonna start out with your liquids first protein second bear with me like I said I got one hand one scoop of protein two scoops and we're gonna do a high man forget it man you trying to get big right and I ain't gonna do too much I'll do a half school now if I was a regular day throughout my day iPod with it took three scoops okay understand you still get in some on protein from our peanut butter okay so that's the half the school half the school throw that in there I'm gonna do our honey necks like I said bear with me I got one hand ladies and gentlemen oh okay I saw honey and I'm glue the peanut butter go ahead grab a spoon real quick like I said but they're with me I got one hand I this is gonna work see if I could set that like that no it's not gonna work it stay tuned I'm gonna turn it over to ya so I got one big hefty spoon of peanut butter go ahead one big spoon so this is populated 14 grams and peanut butter probably like 14 grams okay bear with me I'm gonna shut you off for a second I'm gonna come back give it take out say we got about like 20 grams 20 grams of peanut butter go ahead and say we got 20 grams of peanut butter in here on top of the 60 grams of protein I wash that out later go ahead pour my own milk there we go my boy everything I don't do no scaling or wind on my eyeball this for the most part that's what we got right now okay I'm gonna do strawberries because it's probably gonna taste crazy morning next please so let's do a handful of strawberries okay I don't sit up here and count how many strawberries I'm not growing or none of that just we can grab a handful and throw those in there show you out of macro facts on here one gram of protein 14 grams of carbs so I'm thinking one strawberry one grand so I got it by like maybe ten in there so that's another 10 grams of protein okay eleven twelve and just strawberries throw some ice in it real quick the ice probably not going fake falling all over the place so that's what we got going on ladies and gentlemen nice in a protein shake before you go to bed I promise you it'll do you justice okay let me go ahead and grab this on my nutribullet I'm using nutribullet so blend it up tent it up blend it up ladies and gentlemen like I said I got one hand hopefully this don't over over arms spill or whatever rock good we were taking it up hold on take this over all right Oh tight you know real quick go ahead not working hold on ain't working Wow look at that it's not plugged in that's why it ain't working it's crazy right no don't laugh Oh laughs give me any plugged in I know plug it in there like that baby okay hopefully work now okay now I like my protein shakes a little bit soupy watery okay a little bit soupy a little bit watery I saw I like my protein shakes I'm gonna go ahead and turn this camera over see I can see you arrived so got it right here but dang yeah I know what I forgot me I didn't even tell me man I'm mad at time why don't I tell me man look what I forgot to put in I've got to put these in man tell me man I forgot I don't even tell me yeah I say yes hasty that's supposed to tell me AG can't me got to put these in now I gotta open this thing up do this up don't drop these in so stand by Alma go ahead drop these in man yeah I didn't say that to me hopefully it'll work it smells delicious you ain't even gonna lie to ya I pray it works pray it works me down here we go I already knows where overflow you see I already know it man thank y'all for not being real of man it's overflowing because of yeah yeah I didn't even tell me man Yahoo's supposed to be people we're supposed to be finding yeah I didn't even tell me she came out of Rogers body we got to put two uh granola bars in I didn't even tell me man steak tomorrow got the granola bars in hopefully it'll blend up all night like we're golden now man did we go I didn't even keep a real with me man but here we go yeah it's all blended in there now so Riley initial recognition don't say I never helped you out with nothing man don't Santa help me a lot with night man now go ahead make your own I gave you everything you need is right here everything you need got your strawberries you got your honey right here protein coconut milk peanut butter granola bar might to tear this up boy I guarantee you you won't put on sighs master don't say I never did that for y'all one more thing the most important thing is got to keep this pinky up when you drink it okay ain't gonna taste right the pinking up mmm no yeah like comment subscribe show your boys some love punish recognition I'm back back I said I'm out of here


  1. Bro nice but now clean up before your wife freaks lollll πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻😎

  2. looking fuckin yummy

  3. Can you do a review on Anarchy Labs Assassin Preworkout?

  4. He really thought 10 strawberry was 10grams of protein lol. Bro it says on the top the serving size for a reason. Not to eyeball it and think each strawberry is a gram of protein. Reason to weigh your stuff

  5. Hell yeah 😎😎😎😎😎

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