2018 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge | 18 Days to a Healthier, Happier, More Beautiful YOU!😊

hi everyone its dr. Elizabeth welcome to my channel I'm so glad you're here you asked for it so today we're going to be creating our 2018 healthy lifestyle challenge so what is a healthy lifestyle to me it encompasses far more than just physical strength it's vibrant glowing health body mind heart soul and spirit boundless energy and beauty that radiates from the inside out so today I'm going to be sharing my best tips and tools to help you create a healthier happier more fulfilled life so that you can crush our healthy lifestyle challenge like a champ and soar like the superwoman and Superman you are it's time for all of us to wake up to the awareness that we have the capacity to live our greatest life imaginable in fact it is our birthright to do so and when we do everything is possible alright what are we waiting for let's get started hello my beloved's hello welcome back how are all of you oh my goodness I just love you guys so much and I'm so happy to be back here I literally feel like the luckiest woman in the whole world to connect with each one of you our community is extraordinary all of you are so beautiful and I am honored I'm delighted I'm thrilled beyond thrilled that all of us are here together in this beautiful community waking up making our lives better expanding getting healthier getting stronger opening up our hearts even more to giving and receiving love the whole thing so I like to say I love you and I'm so happy to be with you guys today and I have a really amazing video plan for all of you but before we get to that we have to take a peek at I love map because seriously you guys look at this love map I am just in awe of all of this you are all magnificent thank you for telling me where you're from I love this idea because it unites us and together we are so much stronger we are so much more courageous we are so much more expanded and we can be do and have so much more when we come together so I just wanted to tell you guys we're doing great with the love map keep telling me where you're from if you don't see yourself make sure you say hey dr. Elizabeth put me on the love map and so we're gonna just keep on growing this love and thank you so much for being a part of I love map I love that you guys love this all right so today you all asked for it we are going to do the healthy lifestyle challenge so here's my idea tell me if you like it 18 day healthy lifestyle challenge for 2018 do you guys love that so I thought 18 days is like just feels like the perfect amount of time you know what just not too short not too long just right so let's talk about hell the lifestyle what is a healthy lifestyle for me a healthy lifestyle is way more than just a healthy strong physical body that's a great start because this physical body number one is the only one we get this lifetime so it's not like a car you can just run it into the ground and get another one is all we have so we do want to take very good care of it it also houses our mind our heart our soul and our spirit and so for those reasons as well we want to take very good care of it and healthy lifestyle for me encompasses all of that body mind heart soul and spirit so I want to show you guys what we're gonna do today this is my healthy lifestyle challenge we can call it a toolbox but what I really like is a treasure chest because it holds jewels and treasures in it and these jewels and treasures are tips and tools I'm going to share with you today that are going to be in great support to us being very successful in accomplishing our healthy lifestyle challenge so when we take on this challenge if you just did one one thing one little thing of all the things I suggest for the healthy lifestyle challenge you are further along than you would be if you did it so look at it from that standpoint sound good I think that's good let's get to our first healthy of lifestyle challenge healthy lifestyle challenge number one that's going to our treasure chest and see what we have here drink more water I know you guys hear me say this all the time but it bears repeating over and over again because over 70% of all of us are chronically dehydrated I was astounded by that statistic so being dehydrated causes all sorts of challenges for us a lot of times we'll think we're hungry but the truth is were just thirsty our bodies need water so what I'm gonna take on is drinking a minimum of eight of these glasses per day so now some of you might be like okay dr. Elizabeth I don't really water so we're gonna do a little thing that I like to call beautiful water one because it makes us beautiful and two because it looks beautiful so Naboo spa they seek to play don't move I'm gonna get something and we're gonna make some pretty water for ourselves so first we're gonna grab a picture and fill it fold some nice healthy water next we're gonna grab some delicious produce from our basket of life you guys know we love our basket of life and today I'm using an organic lemon that my neighbor Monty picked from his beautiful garden he also shared with me some fresh mint some orange and also some lavender Thank You Monty so we're going to slice this delicious lemon and pop that into our water next we're going to take some fresh mint and then we're going to take some fresh lavender all organic all from straight from Monty's garden you could also use organic Apple you could use orange you could use ginger so get creative and let me know what combination you try and now you have delicious nutritious hydrating beautiful water cheers to you guys oh my god it's so good message me below and let me know which combination of beautiful water you decided to do alright Cheers let's go on to our next to healthy lifestyle challenge tip number two have a green smoothie for breakfast and a raw green juice some time for a snack during the day okay I know you guys know I say this all the time but it bears repeating over and over again in fact a lot of you are messaging me saying hey dr. Elizabeth I'm doing that I'm studying my morning off for the super food green smoothie and you're telling me you feel amazing so if you haven't yet if you're are doing the super food green smoothie already message me below and let me know the reason it's important to start your morning off with the super food green smoothie is because how we start our day sets the trajectory for how it's gonna go if we nourish our body in a way that is so life enhancing everything else in our life gets better remember what I say small changes equal miraculous results this small little change of having a green smoothie in the morning will make massive changes everywhere else in your life what it'll also do is having that green smoothie in the morning gets your mind thinking the way of oh that was really good and really healthy now come lunch you're gonna think oh I already had the green smoothie I feel amazing what can i nurse my body was for lunch that's really great and makes me feel healthy and that's why I've done so many I think I've done three what I eat in a day videos already go back see what I eat in a day just start incorporating more living foods into your day and you're gonna feel amazing next as part of tip number two is have a green juice some time in the day you can make it your snack in the morning you can make it your snack in the afternoon it's a perfect morning snack or it's the perfect early afternoon snack so if you incorporate both of those things in our 18 day healthy lifestyle challenge you're gonna feel amazing and it's going to naturally help you to eat healthier and make healthier choices during our lifestyle challenge healthy lifestyle challenge number three you guys ready daily exercise this can be anything you all have carte blanche on this one grab your superfoods green smoothie pop on some workout clothes and sneakers and let's get moving you can go walking running you can even do cartwheels if it makes you happy just go on an adventure to discover ways to move your body that gives you great joy I decided to bring you to the beach with me just to give you a little inspiration and show you some of the exercises I love to do and remind you that you don't need a gym to workout and if it's cold where you live right now because I know it's winter in the northern hemisphere you can always work out in your home just get your body moving if you do some form of exercise every single day you are going to feel absolutely amazing and you're going to see a profound change not only in your physical body but also in your emotional mental and spiritual well-being as well exercise is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves so give yourself the gift of movement during this 18 day charm pinky swear promise me that you will do some form of movement every single day during our 18 day healthy lifestyle challenge good ok let's go on to our next healthy lifestyle challenge healthy lifestyle challenge number for celebration and gratitude gratitude makes everything in our life better when we could be grateful for the things that we now have even if it's just gratitude for our breath you hear me say this all the time life is beautiful and in that beauty a lot of challenges and it's not just the challenge but what are we going to do with the challenge if we can infuse gratitude if we can infuse love into those challenges what happens is those challenges dissipate also get yourself a gratitude journal you guys know you saw in my nighttime routine every single night before I go to bed I write down what I'm grateful for and every morning I wake up I write down what I'm grateful for it sets the whole tone for the day so beautifully it's such a powerful tool so for the next 18 days we're going to start our mornings and end our evenings with gratitude thank you so I promise man you guys are gay now the next thing celebration this key is so powerful and so important I celebrate everything I'll be like yay I finished this I do a little happy dance oh yeah I did my workout let's celebrate if you begin to celebrate your life life begins to celebrate with you but that celebration elevates our frequency and it takes us out of low vibration takes us up to the mountaintop consciousness and remember what I said when we're up here we can see everything when we're in the thick of it we can never see our answers but when we come up above the level of the challenges in our life we can see everything celebration is one of those tools that gets you there along with gratitude those are the tools that take us to the mountaintop consciousness so every single day we're gonna celebrate even the smallest little victories if you have yourself a green smoothie in the morning I want you to do a green smoothie happy dance well I miss me you are gonna do that all right boom okay let's go on to our next healthy lifestyle challenge healthy lifestyle challenge number five drumroll please mmm I love this one open your heart to love why this is so life enhancing is because at the core of our being we are loved when we can open up our heart to love why that is so powerful for our healthy lifestyle challenge is for several reasons one we open ourselves up to more self-love just doing this challenge is a way of loving ourselves and the more we can love ourselves the more we can love those around us so it has to start with us second part is open yourself up to giving and receiving love now I'm going to talk to a beautiful women here for a second ladies you work at an office that's a masculine activity it's an activity of giving you raise children mothering is not a feminine activity that's a masculine activity you run a household that's a masculine activity you run a company that's a masculine activity you take care of the kids it's masculine activity all of these things are masculine activities so then you look around going well wow I'm not in my feminine energy very much at all these next 18 days I want you to begin to relish being in your feminine essence energy what that means is receiving the masculine energy its purpose and its essence is in giving any wonderful man that you see in the world at his core in essence what this man wants to do is protect profess and provide us Steve Harvey says in his wonderful book they want to give and so as women we don't always step back and allow ourselves to receive it's so important to begin to elect yourself receive so in opening up to not only giving love it's very powerful to open up and receive love so in this 18 day challenge I want all of you all of my beautiful beloved's out there open yourself up to receiving love all right next healthy lifestyle challenge tip is yes this is where the soul comes in my friends this is where the soul comes in do your passion how that plays out in our healthy lifestyle challenge is what I invite you to do every single day do something you love now I know you all have very busy very full lives if you can just take five minutes let's say you love to sing sing for five minutes or let's say you love to paint get up a little earlier in the morning and just paint for 15 minutes let's say you love to dance that's one of the things I love to do I have a promise to myself that I'm carving out one evening a week or I go dance nothing gets nothing gets in the way of my Sunday night that is my salsa dancing time to myself and that brings me such incredible joy so even if you only have an evening even if you only have an hour even if you only have five minutes it doesn't matter do what you love because what that does is that gives you so much joy remember I talked about the jLF after the joy factor the love the fun factor when we do what we love it raises our vibrational frequency and then more of what we love can come to us a healthy lifestyle tip number seven mindfulness oh you guys know I talk about this all the time the power of meditation and the power of living a mindful life is so profound when we can begin to become alive awake and aware in our own lives that's where the magic begins so what are some practices that we can do that will help us be more mindful in these next 18 days during an 18 day healthy lifestyle challenge number one you hear me talking about this all the time stop for a minute especially if you feel yourself becoming stressed especially if you begin to feel anxious if you just stop in the moment that's where the awareness comes in and say oh okay I'm feeling anxious I'm feeling stressed you close your eyes take a deep breath in and you just get centered the other thing I'm really excited to share with all of you is that I am partnering with a wonderful app called the calm tap so I've been using this app since the beginning of January and I really like it it goes really well with what I share here on my channel and I think it will be a wonderful tool for you guys to utilize as we go through the 18 day challenge and it's completely free it was the number one app on Apple iTunes in 2017 they have really nice music they have guided meditations they have them seven days in a row so what you can do is you can do the seven days of calm you can do alleviating anxiety or deviating stress but it's a great tool for us to incorporate and use while we're doing our healthy lifestyle challenge for eighteen days give that a try and see if you like it I'm thrilled to be doing this eighteen day healthy lifestyle challenge with all of you I hope you like these tips I hope that you put them into practice so until next time just know I love you too the galaxies and back I appreciate you message me below anything you want DM me on Instagram I'll leave that right here and until next time happy skinny-dipping in the Fountain of Youth and good luck with our 18 day healthy lifestyle challenge I know we are gonna crush it and slay it and just just be magnificent with it yeah love you guys


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