2018 Health Insurance – what you need to know- 6 important FAQ with answers

hi guys this is Diana welcome back to my channel let's talk money so today I would like to answer a few of the questions that I keep receiving on a daily basis lately and that's about what's going to happen to health insurance next year in 2018 so in this video I will try to address some of the questions such as what's gonna happen with Obamacare will the subsidies be here for next year will the panel team be here did the repeal and replace of Obamacare take place what's the open enrollment and if you are the questions so I will try to address this questions in this video if you have any questions about health insurance in general please feel free to comment under the video and I'm pretty good with responding as soon as possible and I'll respond if this is a general question I'll respond in under the video in the comment so let's get started so here are the most common questions and being asked as an insurance agent regarding health insurance so what exactly is Obamacare and will it be available in 2018 well the official name for Obamacare is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act PPACA or Affordable Care Act a short of ACA the repeal and replace of Obamacare recently failed so the ACA remains a law of the land for now the open enrollment this year is from November 1st 2017 through December 15 2017 during this time you can change or add health insurance for the 2018 year after the open enrollment is over you will not be able to apply for health insurance unless you have a qualifying life event what is a qualifying life event so basically a qualifying life event will allow you to apply for health insurance outside the open enrollment within sixty days it happened and there are four basic types of qualifying life events the following guy examples not a following not not a fully so let's I'll give a few examples of some of them first one loss of health coverage losing health coverage including job based individual and student plans losing eligibility for Medicare Medicaid or CH IP or turning 26 and losing coverage to a parents plan will allow you to apply for health insurance outside the open enrollment changes in household like getting married or divorced having a baby or adopting a child death and family next one is changes in residence like moving to a different zip code or County a student moving to or from the place they attend school a seasonal worker moving to or from the place they both live and work and moving to or from a shelter or other transitional housing other qualifying events includes changes in your income that affect the coverage of qualify for gaining membership in a federally recognized tribe or status as an Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act of a corporation shareholder becoming a US citizen living incarceration jail or prison AmeriCorps members starting or ending their service what is the penalty for not having health insurance if you don't have health coverage you may have to pay a fee you also have to pay for all of your health care to avoid the penalty you need insurance that qualifies as minimum essential coverage here is the fee for not having health insurance in 2017 and 2018 the fee is calculated in two different ways first as a percentage of your household income or per person you pay whichever is higher the percentage of income basically you pay 2.5 percent of your household income so another method method of calculating the penalties per person which is 695 dollars for the adult and three hundred and forty seven dollars and fifty cents per child under the age of 18 and that is the maximum amount of the mound it could be charged as a penalty cannot be more than two thousand and eighty-five dollars what is the subsidy or tax credit and how can it help me basically a subsidy or a tax rate lowers your monthly health insurance being you if you qualify let's look at this through an example for example if you are a 45 year old single individual living in San Francisco and making forty seven thousand five hundred dollars a year you can still get a subsidy in the amount of one hundred and sixteen dollars a month here's how it works so if your monthly premium is let's say three hundred and fifty four dollars and thirty eight cents for the CCHD health plan then the subsidy decreases you monthly premium and in this case by one hundred and sixteen dollars so you pay only 238 and the dollars and thirty eight cents per month so how to find and compare health insurance plans well insurance plans insurance are complex and choosing the one that suits you best can be overwhelming you can get health and rolling and comparing plans by phone or with the local in-person agent I am a covered California insurance agent and I work with most of the insurance companies in California so feel free to reach me directly if you have a specific question if you have a general question please feel free to comment below this video and I'll respond as soon as possible love this video don't forget 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  1. great video, but it's a bit shaky. try to use the stand to take videos!

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  3. OBAMA RUINED HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA i lost my health insurance and my doctor obama is an idiot

  4. I was expected $1,000 refund but they sent me a bill for $650. I only made $15,000.

  5. Insurance companies are forcing car payment numbers here, this is bull! I think they could be more realistic on pricing no one can afford this

  6. I do not want government based insurance. What choices do we have?

  7. Fuck that Im not filing , That fucken scumbag presidents peace of shit 💩🙉

  8. Hi There – when apply on healthcare.gov when do you know if you are eligible for tax credits? Will you know before you click the ENROLL button?

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  11. Why is there a fine ? If I choose not to pay for health endurance? I’m single , healthy AF and broke AF

  12. thanks for the info, very helpful.

  13. Does penalty goes up if I don't get health insurance every year by year or its stay same amount ?

  14. If you missed the open enrollment here are some options (ACA exempt plans) – A person who has one of these plans is NOT subject to the tax penalty under Obamacare rules.: http://www.alierahealth.com/InsuranceCenterHelpline

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  16. Can you enroll mid year?

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  18. I love having money in my pocket . I'm eating good every night . 2016 was bean and rice.

    It's bull. Trump wave the penalty last year's income tax. Why are we still talking about penalties when it can be avoided.

    I don't seem to get a tax break at the end of the year for paying 6,000 in health in when I never made a claim

    Just too much fees everywhere
    Property taxes
    Homeowners insurance
    car insurance
    Life insurance
    list just goes on and on and on we're all being robbed

    What happened to the good old days where you went to work and the whole paycheck was yours

  19. Hello, I just recently enrolled for 2018 because I didn't know the penalty deal is not longer enforced. So now I don't want it, can I cancel? Thanks

  20. Commie bastards, Why don't you pay my bill. You voted it in Commie bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Is there a way to be exempt from the $695 if I simply could not afford health care in 2017?

  22. how bout health insurance of 2015

  23. how bout health insurance of 2015

  24. how bout health insurance of 2015

  25. how bout health insurance of 2015

  26. how bout health insurance of 2015

  27. How long can I be uninsured and still qualify for an exemption in 2018?

  28. 3:44 Penalty for not having health insurance.

  29. can I carry my own private insurance even if it doesn't meet all the MEB requirements?

  30. So as of yesterday, my wife & I had separate insurance policies, mine was $350 per month w/a $5,000 deductible, hers was $650 per month with a $4,500 deductible, she paid more because I had a grandfathered policy. That's a basic per year total of $21,500 and we are pretty healthy (58 & 55) and rarely see a doctor!!! Today we went with the marketplace tax credit… A joint silver policy for less than $275 per month and a $400 deductible, with a stated income of $20,000!!!! That's $3700 vs $22,000 for basic health insurance, for just the two of us. WTF???? We were troubled thinking it was welfare, but it's not. It's credit for the abdominal insurance rates our congress approved for their insurance buddies.

  31. If the current tax plan being negotiated which includes removing the mandate for insurance passes by Dec. 31 2017, will people without insurance in 2017 have to pay the fine?

  32. it's cheaper for me to pay the fine than pay for Obamacare.. $754 monthly with a $14,700 ded… no thank you Obama.. I cannot afford that.

  33. if you loose Cobra, can you get CoveredCA?

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