2016 Mental Health in the Workplace: A Public Health Summit

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  1. The extent that University of Michigan professor Vic Strecher as gone towards publicizing himself through his daughter’s death is astounding–speaking engagements, press releases, punditry, book deals, live musical accompaniment, online videos, social media postings, in-residence scholarship, undergraduate curricula, honorary football team captainship, random first class airline passengers, and, for that matter, any person willing enough to listen for god’s sakes, in a crusade-by-sympathy for applause and professional aggrandizement.
    But most disturbing of all is the exploitation of her identity for his venture capital-backed corporate name (JOOL=Julia) to obtain even more serious money for himself. (See: https://bit.ly/2Ggfxs7). What you are really seeing behind the switched-on tearful emotion and smooth-talking razzmatazz is a cruel, financially self-serving arrogance.

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