2016 FDA Regulations~Support HR2058

what's going on babe Pam sub I'm saying bringing you another video today and today we are going to talk about the FDA regulations now i know i do not have the influence or the subscribers that grim green and sort my mind i have so you know my reaching out to you guys is very limited so i don't have like thousands and thousands of subscribers to reach out to but i will tell you guys this even if i can support even if i can get one or just a few people to advocate it would do us so much good so basically the fda just released you know is really really strict bang on vapors they are very lenient with smokers like always now i do agree with the reasonable things the FDA does you know like proper labeling or selling the miners we don't we don't we've been doing that since we've been a vape community and the thing that I can ask you guys to do is just the beam were adult instead of saying at the FDA on facebook or having DNA 200 screams that say fda fda you know guys we have waited that reflects on all of us as vapors and basically what we need to do is we need to be more constructive we need to come together we need you know reach out you know contact your local senators local representatives telling me support HR 2058 now just no don't don't know do you do it yourself kits don't be stockpiling on juice none of that good stuff what you need to do is be more constructive stop wearing right now it's not time to panic it is time for us to come together be a vape community and stand up for our right to bait now i understand and I'm worried just like everybody else but the fact is we need to come together tell them we support HR 2058 you know just just be constructive reach out to your representatives you know we can't have that outlook of just hey let's stock up because I want to continue to bait it's not that we need to fight so we can just so we can continue to babe so we can keep having if they haven't vaping neva evolved I mean this could wipe out ninety-nine percent of the vape products out on the market today because they have to pay millions millions of dollars just to get their product or reviewed by the FDA and when the product is a reviewed by the FDA it's not even a guarantee that it's gonna be approved by the FDA so they could lose out millions and millions of dollars you know FDA could be like nah not we're not we're not gonna let that be on the shelves or whatever and they the company's already paid millions of dollars just to have it go through that screening process so basically it's going to run a lot of businesses out of business you know you're not gonna have no more free samples at g at vape shops you're not gonna might not even have any vape shops left because they are small business and small businesses are definitely going to pay the price the biggest with this so we need to come together support HR 2058 reach out to your senators your representatives tell them you support HR 2058 go to casada org you know safada not blowing smoke da org now I did see on facebook just recently today that all these companies have come together to co-exist and fight this war with us now don't expect them to just do it all by by ourselves I mean they need your support and your and your drive to keep them going um instead of just instead of being like you know hey f the FDA is that you know don't don't don't be like that just don't is it's not a good image on all of us now it's yes it is disappointing we did have a college that said you know vaping is ninety-five percent safer than the traditional traditional cigarettes and a week later you know FDA not even a week later the FDA releases this stuff saying you know hey what it carriers regulated so to me not only does it make me mad but it kind of it bugs me that the FDA our FDA would rather a smoke then be on something that's ninety five percent more effective and ninety-five percent more safer then the traditional cigarettes so it makes me feel you know hey you guys just don't even care about my health I mean you would rather me be on medicine or oxygen tanks and all that good stuff too then to live a full life and be healthy and enjoy what I'm doing so basically this is a call to action for all you guys that are watching this video I don't have that much influences a lot of other youtubers but I need to do my part I need to reach out to you guys I need to tell you guys please reach out to your Senators your legislators you just kind of get ahold of everybody that you can possibly get and tell them you support HR 2058 so basically HR 2058 since the FDA their day is 2007 so it's comparing you know like all the vape markets all the vape supplies that are on the market right now there's nothing that we have that compares 2007 nothing I mean there's nothing so it's going to wipe out ninety nine percent of the vape products so basically what you guys what HR 2058 does is change that grandfather date to 2016 and that is basically means everything that's on the market will stay on the market instead of just disappearing guys please I'm begging you if you are watching this just please do your part support your right to vait I will be putting money back try to send it i saw all that good stuff that way i can hopefully try to try to my best to do my part to try to help these companies just continue to fight this because it's not just up to the company's it's up to us where the vapors where consumers we need to fight for our right for things that we enjoy doing so please guys i urge you support HR 2058 and as always thank you guys so much for watching and please share this video like what a comment just please support HR 22 da Dada


  1. I've seen some information from advocate groups that said to not do anymore partitions because of them being not effective because now the rules are in place. To basically sit back and wait for updates in a response procedure of how the advocacy groups decided how to channel resources for the best results. Idk but that's what I'm reading into this.

  2. Great Video, Vince from Eciggity.com

  3. I see that a lot of people are missed inform, thinking that only vape shops are the only people who can do something about it. Got a few emails from customers asking us to fight for them, but not knowing they can also do something about it by going to: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/overturn-fdas-ruling-ecigarette-classification-tobacco-product and http://cqrcengage.com/casaa/app/write-a-letter?0&engagementId=153933

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