I think there's like Harris flying around and landing on my face but so you're itchy hey guys it's wengie welcome back and now it's time for another your faces EG hug so at the start of every single new year and also and random times during the year i go through this like self-improvement binge where I'm like I got it healthier to get fitter up but I like achieve my goal I come over these like super huge grand plans but then I get lazy face videos actually to help not only you guys but myself and well in a super super lazy way cuz that's what I'm all about but hold up you get up part of the time gets here already I encourage you guys to join this spread button and right now we're doing a giveaway and all you need to do is actually join the family to be part of it so welcome guys any other thing you need to do to enter is to be proud of the boxwood which means subscribe my book channel which is like down below we should do another like challenge this week and let's get the food or hydrogen see that one comes up that would make a super awesome stuff but here for me thank you guys so much and let's get on with the video when do you worry doing all I'm contouring my abs I'll look at the Instagram why don't you just exercise you tomorrow you're weird convincing six-five hey you're doing exercise today I made my gym clothes did that count oh I'm going a quick marathon so tired really tiring stuff just trying to make you if you're like me you probably look like potato when you're watching Netflix and because you have nothing to occupy your hands you start eating it's like a double whammy because not only are you being super lazy you're also eating on top of that instead I set out an exercise mat wherever you watch TV or Netflix and tell yourself you have to do something on the mat while you watching it can be yoga pilates or even some simple stretches little by little you'll either improve your core strength or flexibility with time and you also cut down on snack have you ever read exercising and love to your own thoughts and then suddenly snap back to find that you run a crazy distance without realising when your mind is distracted you can run further with less effort this is a life in downloading audiobooks from audible and I'd like to thank audible for partnering with me for this video I love to listen to audiobooks when I ran because not only is it a great distraction it's an opportunity to learn something new to improve your life or you can get stuck into an awesome story I think there's really an audio book for everyone and audible has a huge range once you download any book of your choice straight onto your phone you can listen to it anytime anywhere and your progress is synced across your devices like phone and computer so you always know where you're up to if you don't like it you can even swap it for another one I'm currently listening to you're resisting happiness by Matthew Kelly and I am loving it sometimes I listen to a so engrossed thing that I forget about all my struggles through my run and I'm finished in no time you want to try it out just go to www.codingcertification.org Joe Bailey got me stuck I think incidental exercise is the best form of exercise they try and incorporate activity into your daily routine and then you won't have to stress out about making time for exercise things like taking the stairs or taking a short walk instead of driving a great incidental way to tone up your arm and back muscles is to strap some weights onto your hair dryer or brush or hand straightener if we have long hair the extra weight will actually give your arms a good workout and over time you'll get stronger without even having thought about it but seriously all jokes aside even simple things help like cooking with heavier pans all carrying that heavy jug of water it all adds up break into don't you hate it when you're exercising and you keep checking your watch or phone for when it's time to finish as I literally me every single time I exercise in fact when I do that it actually makes the time go even slower and breaks the rhythm of my run and also it makes me really tire out quicker because I'm thinking about it instead make a running playlist that's exactly as long as you want to run for and just finish when the music stops that way you can run to great music and not constantly have to look down if you use a treadmill and just stop when the playlist finishes if you run outside I think a half way song and you know that's all when you need to turn back if you want to increase your workouts I'd just add more song you can even give yourself a fitness challenge by adding an extra song every month or every couple of weeks you know next year I really want to help yeah that's what granted here I'm on this new seafood diet you try it out I really like this you know I see food and then I eat it right I know something full a great way to eat healthy without trying too hard is to pick something unhealthy you tend to eat every day and replace that with a healthier alternative that way you can just work on the one thing and I'll give you maximum results some suggestions are replacing butter with coconut oil sugar with honey or chips with popcorn and maybe dessert with French that's literally all you need to do you can start eating healthier straight away oh the world it's really important to stay hydrated and I never drink enough water during the day having a water bottle helps but sometimes even the best intentions don't help if you're not thinking about it a great hack to force you to think about drinking is to place your water bottle on top of your phone at your desk so whenever you feel like you need to check your messages or Facebook or phone which for me is like literally all the time you'll be reminded that mister water bottle is there and you have to take a drink so the more dicta you are to your phone the more hydrated you'll be so therefore I will be perfectly hydrated all the time another great way to cut out some unhealthy calories without much effort is to blot off the oil of anything greasy you happen to eat like pizza there are approximately 884 calories in a hundred grams of oil so just blotting off some excess can reduce your meal by thirty to forty calories which are posing ugh waits for you anyways so you can then replace them with something else healthier like an extra handful of greens oh my god so today I'm gonna finish my assignment do ten minutes of exercise and then off clean out my room and this is because I literally don't even know what I want whistle time so making a vision boy face and sit down and actually think about hey what do I want to achieve this year with my goals and what I like to do is really like crave an area and category for each pot in my life instead of just like going BAM vision board I like to think of my own Turkey for say my family what I want you pull my friends but I want to shoot in the air in my life life career travel hobbies I cover your life into about seven to nine categories and really think about where you want to be at the end of 12 months and you can bin these pictures and visual aids to get out of seek them on a foam board or what I like to do is create a collage on my phone that's a wallpaper because I really look at them more than like my wall I'm looking at it every single day you actually focus your brain on achieving a healthy user subconscious as well to kind of like figure out if there's any opportunities for you to achieve from step out pick images that really super motivate you for this I love for you guys to share with me your vision wads of hashtag wink accordance up isn't clutter personal I'd love to see if the previous hack was motivating enough a real lazy media motivated is to take a shower apparently you are more likely to be productive when you're Queen it also makes you up if you're feeling sleepy and gives you a good chance to plan the things you want to do to tackle your next task I always think way better in the shower and that's where some of my best ideas come from the other place is the toilet but we will keep that to ourselves the one reason why my house is messy is because I always leave things lying around here I'm admitting it now sometimes putting something back it just seems so far at the time and I'm probably just feeling too lazy or got distracted by something else so to keep your space organized try leaving any clutter box in each room so that's during the week you can just throw things in there this helps everyone in the house because next time they see something of yours lying around they could just chuck it in your clutter box as well at the end of each week you can just spend ten minutes putting everything you've collected back in one go and they'll keep your house neat and also make your inner lazy corn happy when things were sharp my wardrobe is always expanding and sometimes it's so hard to remember what I'm worn and what needs to be cleaned out to help you get your wardrobe more organized so you don't need to sift through a million things every single time you're looking for your favorite top try this awesome pack turn all of your hangers or so that the direction faces you each time you wear something just flip the hanger direction to the other side after six months or a year or however long you want check the hangers that are still facing you these are clothes you haven't worn in a whole entire year or month and if you haven't worn them you probably won't wear them again so give them to charity so someone else can wear them and love them again and declutter your wardrobe and your life seriously it makes you feel so much better and plus you're leaving more room for things that you will love another great way to keep tables clutter free is to create a cute stand to hold and organize things use daily like bracelets watches rings or perfume to make this DIY all you need are some plates phones or cups in different sizes small glass photos like this one I have and a hot glue gun first I decided to fill out my little bottles with glitter for a cute touch I mixed a few colors of glitter together and had so much fun funneling it in there why is glitter sort of mesmerizing why so once we're done simply hot glue it onto the middle of your plate then hug glue the next layer on top and then finish it up with a little bowl or cup as the top piece of course you can customize it however you like but in the end this is a great way to hold little bits and pieces and it also looks incredibly cute try finding some cute plates and cups from their stores to make your own howdy-ho thank you oh my god oh my god it's a super cure cookbook I'm gonna be totally on point next year with my cooking you can totally come over yeah I'm so excited is this prison pizza hold it how did you burn it sometimes the hardest part is sticking to a game plan is deciding what to cook a great DIY to help this is to make your own cooking recipe card set all you need is some card paper a wooden box some paint and tape I started off using masking tape to create a geometric pattern on the box as you can see I wanted to do something super easy so I just made triangles all around but you can make any shape you like as well or any patterns next just paint over the areas you want colored I used about two to three coats for this pot when it's dry just peel the tape off and I always find this part so satisfying for some reason and now you have the cutest geometric pattern box next I got seven wooden pegs and painted this in matching hustle colors for each day of the week I also use some tape and painted gold tips for fun then using a sharpie I write down the day of the week in letters get some string and thread these through the peg and now you're done with this part cut out some playing cards to the width of your books or just get some ready-made ones if you can find them and then write down your favorite recipes I like ones that have a few healthy ingredients and are very simple to cook the method and that way it helps me stick to it because it's not too hard to maintain I have a seven-day food plan as well that I use when I try and lose weight to get healthier and I'll link that down below if you guys want to see it once you're done you can even code them using washi tape on the top and say you want to have a color for drinks and snacks and main dishes you can do that as well then place them in the box to store now each week all you need to do is pick some of your favorite recipes and hang them up for the week so you can plan the week's meals and let your family know what's for dinner the great thing about the cod size too is that you can pop them in your wallet and take them shopping with you so you can have a convenient ready-made shopping making the cooking process too smoothly will encourage me to cook more but if I'm fumbling around with a recipe book that won't stay open and it's getting messy I'm probably going to give up that's why I love this hat just grab a hanger and a wall hook place the hook at eye-level flip the cookbook onto the hanger and then hang it up now you have an easy to read a cookbook that won't close on itself won't get messy and doesn't take up any space on your counter so you've finally motivated yourself to cook at home for the first time in weeks and bought all your ingredients then as you start you realize your countertop is so messy and cluttered that you don't even have space to cut your vegetables which of course leads to frustration giving up and then pizza obviously but if this happens to you next time don't panic just open up your top drawer and rest your chopping board on that it's a great hack and a quick fix for a cluttered bitch I always have the best intentions for my pantry but inevitably it becomes a mess to the point that even reaching for some baking paper causes a mini avalanche a great hack to organize your loose packaging is to use a magazine holder stand your baking paper cling wrap and alfoil up inside it and that's it it's the perfect shape and keeps everything neat and tidy as so many bad habits but sometimes I feel like it's so hard to change them so I'm really great way to do this is actually to replace a one of your bad habits with something else each month and just focus on one per month for example the first month you can make it a habit to stop serving Facebook during your study or work breaks and replace that with watching a motivating TED talk instead the second month can be focused on spending less money so instead of paying everything by credit use cash instead this way you'll feel the effect of a precious immediately and it'll make you reconsider your purchase and after 12 month you would have people out 12 bad habits picked up clock all of the ones and that's probably way better than trying to be everything at once and then ending up wishing that cool great meditation has been known to solve a lot of mental challenges like stress anxiety and it reduces clarity and positive vibes into your life so why not try introducing it this year a great hat for people that just can't meditate like me like my mind wanders all the time is to try coloring things in psychologists say it's a great alternative to meditating there are so many great coloring books out there for kids and adults and you can print off some of your favorite patterns as well and color away the act of coloring in something relieves tension and anxiety and gives you brain something simple to focus on and feel present so let's go and color color color a great hack for improving your relationships is to give someone a 20 second hug apparently giving someone a hug that last 20 seconds causes your body to release oxytocin which in turn improves trust and faith between two people so if you want to create a closer and stronger relationship with someone just give them a daily or weekly 20-second hug you're welcome lazy peeps plus I love hugs hugs how cool would be lifetime if you haven't doing any of these eleven no because it'll motivate me to speak to the friend as well and dude somehow like when you call a social media and I'll be there like hanging out with you guys but until next week I'm gonna miss you guys so much thank you like social media and so then you guys see you bye No


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