20 Powerful Healing Benefits of Celery Juice for Hair, Skin and Health

in this video I'm gonna show you 20 powerful healing benefits of celery juice for hair skin in general health the humble celery is commonly used in a combination with other ingredients to create highly nutritious raw fresh juices but did you know that pure celery juice has unique regenerating and healing properties which are enhanced when it's juiced on its own it contains almost all essential vitamins minerals antioxidants and stopped up with energy which helps in regulating all the natural functions of our body here are 20 amazing benefits of celery number one it can help prevent cancer keep cancer at bay by drinking celery juice every day there are eight types of anti-cancer substances present in the juice that can heal cancer in a number of ways the photo nutrient content also stops free radicals from destroying the DNA of our cells number two it can heal the gut celery contains special nutrients in its fibers which are realized when the vegetable is juiced these nutrients promote optimal functioning of the digestive tract by acting as a natural laxative and relaxing the nerves that have been damaged by our and the healthy lifestyles and food choices celery juice is soothing and cooling to the digestive tract which aids any inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract this is perfect for anyone with IBS Crohn's disease or colon cancer the exceptionally high percentage of natural sodium in celery can really help you absorb and utilize the rest of the food you consume throughout the day the enzymes and celery work to raise the hydrochloric acid in the stomach so that foods digest easily and they don't ferment number three hydrate the skin the juice extracted from celery is high in water it's as much as 95% of the weight of the plant hence drinking celery juice in a regular manner can fulfill our daily requirements of water and keep our skin cells hydrated as a result we get soft and supple skin number four probe skin damage and other disorders water an antioxidant content of the juice it's also good for purifying our body and making our skin clearer antioxidants are basically free radical scavengers which make our body free from toxins and prevent our skin cells from getting damaged on the other hand water facilitates the elimination of those toxins as well as our the waste materials from our body consequently we can stay away from a number of scale disorders number five it can strengthen our bones have you ever noticed that celery actually looks like bones celery is very high in calcium and silicon which help to regenerate and strengthen damaged bones celery is also high in vitamin K which plays an important role in bone metabolism and protects against osteoporosis number six it can aid in weight loss shedding extra weight also becomes easy and hassle-free with the regular intake of celery juice it's extremely low in calories and very filling at the same time therefore it keeps our appetite under check and helps us lose weight successfully number seven it can treat insomnia sleep disorder or insomnia can also be treated effectively with celery juice the magnesium as well as the essential oil content of the juice imposes a soothing effect on our nerves and as a result we can relax and enjoy a sound sleep number eight it can keep our skin looking young celery juice is loaded with vitamin A B CK niacin and folate which are essential for repair and skin damage as well as keeping our health of our skin these vitamins also help in producing collagen and nourish in our scale therefore we get smooth young and wrinkle free skin number nine it can purify our blood stream celery contains a particular compound called coumarins which promotes the activity of white blood cells and assists the vascular system this helps the blood flow reduces blood pressure and purifies the blood stream many diseases of the nervous and blood systems achieved the inorganic elements insults taken in by our body in the form of dead processed products celery is rich in vitamin AC iron and magnesium this combination helps to nourish and rebuild red blood cells and aids those suffering from rheumatism high blood pressure arthritis and anemia number 10 it can ensure glowing skin there are numerous minerals present in celery juice these include calcium potassium magnesium selenium and so on regular intake of these minerals can result in rites and glowing skin number eleven it can lower cholesterol celery juice is an excellent natural remedy for lowering cholesterol levels in our body it contains a chemical compound in our body that has a positive effect on reducing the bad cholesterol it also boosts the secretion of bile or steroid acids which is helpful in lowering cholesterol too the juice extracted only from two stalks of celery can decrease our cholesterol levels up to seven points number 12 it's also highly detoxifying this magical juice is extremely hydrating an alkaline making it effective for balance in the body's pH level and neutralizing any acidity in the body this in turn helps protect healthy cells and balance essential mineral levels lowering the risk of heart disease protecting bone density reducing inflammation boosting the immune system and helping to maintain a healthy weight the combination of sodium and potassium makes it a natural diuretic it regulates the fluid in the body and promotes urine production this makes celery incredibly good for flushing toxins out of the body whilst also enhancing weight loss it has the ability to remove calcium deposits from joints and eliminate them safely through the kidneys number 13 overall health care it is already been mentioned that celery juice comprises a high amount of water minae both are great for our hair water keeps her scalp hydrated and cures dandruff while vitamin A produces nourishment to the roots of the hair strands makes them healthy celery juice is also known to stimulate the growth of our hair and improve its texture hence if you are lush and beautiful hair consider a daily intake of celery juice number 14 it can maintain the acid-base balance studies have shown that very few foods are as powerful as celery juice in maintaining the acid-base balance in our body it reduces the acidity and makes our body alkaline to some extent so the pH levels remain good number 15 it's great is an anti-inflammatory to special compounds in celery called polyethylene and the luteal in make celery an anti inflammatory powerhouse lootellan is a potent bio flavonoid that has been shown to inhibit the effect of certain enzymes which activate genes responsible for inflammatory response a study done by the Journal of nutrition showed that brain cells exposed to this plant showed a massive lowered inflammatory response lootellan shuts down the production of the key cytokine in the inflammatory pathway by a huge 90 percent number 16 they can prevent calcification fresh celery juice is also useful in adverting calcification inside our gall bladder urinary bladder and kidneys as it can remove waste as well as toxic materials from these organs the stones present within these get broken down and eliminated easily number 17 celery is anti-aging properties being rich in vitamin A and C celery protects the skin from damage from free radicals in one South Korean study vitamin C was found to show excellent anti-aging effects even vitamin A greatly contributes to skin health number 18 hydration in general celery is about 95 percent water as discussed before this can make it a good way to keep necessary fluid levels up because of its high water content cell is a great snack to have on hand during those hot summer months to prevent dehydration number 19 celery for acne given the numerous vitamins and minerals celery contains the vegetable is also dubbed as an acne killer and it's not just fighting acne but even the scars that could otherwise be left behind celery even helps cleansing the skin and removes dirt thereby keeping your skin clean unless prone to acne outbursts finally number 20 diabetes it's another healthy snack option for people with diabetes this can help you manage your weight which helps control type-2 diabetes furthermore celery contains antioxidants called Flavin's which have been studied for their role in lowering blood sugar levels however the main anti-diabetic property of celery can be attributed to the vitamin K content this vitamin reduces inflammation thereby increasing the insulin sensitivity and improving glucose metabolism in one study participants with the highest vitamin K intake had the lowest risk of type 2 diabetes as you can see celery undoubtedly offers many benefits it's inexpensive widely available and nutrient dense whilst being naturally low in calories is the ideal addition to any healthy lifestyle I hope you've enjoyed this video on the health benefits of celery and if you have please subscribe to my youtube channel and don't forget to give this video the thumbs up and I'm sure you're going to enjoy this next video on seven surprising celery juice benefits for your body thanks for watching and bye for now


  1. Can you make the juice and freeze it since I live a long ways away from the groc store and usually only shop once a month?

  2. Why can’t you get the same benefits by just eating lots of celery?

  3. Wow❗️❗️❗️

  4. i started drinking 8oz 4 days ago i am loving it i will see if i need to increase with new things i start at a lower level thank you nz

  5. Bye gone to the shop to buy some right now!

  6. I have been taking celery, green apples and lemon every morning without fail for the last 30 years and vouch it’s really great… In great health by the Grace of God… Love it….❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  10. I have lupus and fibromyalgia can I drink celery juice Or NOT

  11. very good video will be watching more thank you x

  12. u can not drink celery juice and then consume hamburger and fries and fried food, not healthy , eat green food, i eat cucumber, carrots, everthing that is green i drink vegetable milk too, avoid cow milk not good take long time for stomach to melt it down. avoid white bread, potatoes, rice, pasta. Everything with white in. Eat LCHF and Keto

  13. For how long can we take celery juice without side effects… Two weeks or more.

  14. I'm on celery juice on a daily basis for adrenals and thyroid. I also drink lemon water to hydrate myself really well.

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  16. Doc my husband has high creatine 175 & high potassium, protein in urine the celery juice will not affect or worst his kidney problem & also his diabetes pls help thank you.

  17. Cannot find organic anymore is it ok to drink non organic?

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  21. My second day drinking with celery mixed with cucumber

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  24. … this video has lovely words. Lovey but misleading. Notice all the ‘helps with’ ‘can help’ etc. It gives you diarrhea and irritates your gut bacteria. Juicing vegetables is idiotic. Nature is your friend: if you can’t eat all that very you’re juicing, then you shouldn’t drink it. You’re not smarter than nature. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly people, don’t fall for this shit.

  25. Superb sharing dear nice information

  26. My 3rd day today.. 🙂

  27. I eat it!…. sometimes loaded with crunchy peanut butter in the groove, and raisins on too…. some call it ‘ants on log’… it’s one of my fave snacks … try it! ✌🏾

  28. Here at Bhutan we can't find celery plant

  29. How often does we have to drink celery juice?
    What is the right time to drink celery juice?

  30. Been drinking organic celery juice every morning for almost 2 weeks and my cystic acne has disappeared and I have such a natural looking glow with or without makeup. I’m always way less bloated and i feel so refreshed 🙂

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