20 most popular fake body builders photos

internet is full of deception fake bodybuilding photos are very popular because some people believe anything here are twenty of the most popular fake bodybuilding photos that took internet by storm I'm not sure about the name of the country but this guy looks like he had something to do with the Photoshop Beachbody designed to make all of us look bad his head is smaller than his biceps what does that tell us dear friends meet future doctor Dynamite's why he/she would be real I would totally dig that imagine the confidence on me when trolls are attacking me on the street I just showed them my wife and they will run away scared the head is definitely photoshopped the body is totally photoshopped we are expensing picking that up already but hey we appreciate the effort a very popular picture I've seen it many times the right hand guy is a wannabe mr. universe imagine someone would actually have big legs like that how would the pants would look like this guy is actually real no Photoshop here I know that some people inject some oil in the muscles to make them look bigger I just want to go to someone like this with the needle and bank top and say sorry another real guy again he needs some mental treatment as those bumps on his arms don't look like masses any longer man he seems happy again the needle scenario would be really funny maybe you need to correct me here if I'm wrong about a belly that size cannot have the six-packs that well defined is it me or is it just possible I'm just an ignorant idiot this is Dexter Smith and I sincerely believe Photoshop has something to do here but I could be mistaken as the real artists to fake a picture that cannot be questioned is it fake or not question mark I absolutely love the picture it reminds me of the movie 300 although six-packs running in beautiful light that movie was gayer than a gay bar when your pecs are bigger than your mother's head it's time to stop working out or photoshopping stuff I have seen this picture everywhere I believe this doubt if this is real seriously another overuse picture on all countdown videos to attract the attention of all naive people around the world and guess what it's an attractive picture it attracted me does it mean I'm easier tractable beautiful Photoshop creation I would like this guy wearing a wet t-shirt and also some pants some beautiful Red Hat I'm out of comments here now we're talking business a great way to workout somewhat believable I gotta get one of these instant master suites to impress a couple of cheese this is not a fake I repeat NOT a fake people now this guy is running Coleman a real bodybuilder and difficult to realize this picture is not a fake you gotta appreciate the butt muscles if you want to touch his butt cheeks you could rip off your skin from all that rough surface another great for pictures somewhat quite nice and somewhat quite nice not many more comments coming to me right now other that he is number 22 a beautiful asian boy so soft so delicate with the hands of a brute you know how I know it's fake bodybuilders do not use eyeliners or any kind of facial makeup hands wider than the body is still impressive with all that metal hanging a great picture full of potential I love it I am looking really carefully and I cannot see the Photoshop signs but it's difficult to believe such people exist he does not have hide his gut with imagine a business sweet on this guy one of my favorites for today to me this looks real this is exact how would I tattoo on my arms the formula that makes you famous this is a good Photoshop and you have to agree with me god damn it a great number one picture a lot of talent but pay attention to the nipples the Photoshop artist went overboard and made them hanging out too much and this is why I believe this is a fake nobody has nipples that cow like I've got a question for next time some of these pictures are real what about this one I cannot tell myself and I need your help leave your comments down below if you liked this video check out one of our previous 115 extreme female body elders photos and those are real it's art or vdk it says you should be the next PewDiePie ng Jensen two four nine two says they look like bacon after seven minutes in the frying pan hahaha from Gabriella thank you for watching really appreciate it I will see you next time


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  2. No 13 is fake because his bones' sizes from hip to toes doesn't conform to those of the upper ones. Definitely, for those huge arms and chest he should have had a little wider hip and leg bones, which is not seen.

  3. I like 20, 18, 17, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 7 (real Ronnie?), 6, 5, (real Chul Soon?) 3, 2, and 1.
    Some look like they could give the Hulk a total beat down!

  4. balen cayampa todos estos piojentos porque estan todos vacunados noson normales notienen fuersa panada aparte seven orribles sobretodo las mujeres

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  26. Most steroid bellys look like this 1:30, get your facts right.

  27. Number 5 is real


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