20 Minute Yoga Flow Vinyasa (For Core Strength) – Day 2 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos


  1. Broga: Yoga for bodybuilding https://goo.gl/Y8mCQc

  2. This challenge is starting really nicely already. Thanks a lot for this great practise! Loved it! ♥️

  3. Hola Leslie, I identify so much with how you described your life before starting yoga and when I read it I thought that's ME too! Great vids Leslie, I love your energy and the energy you are passing on to me. Its amazing how we can turn things around when we try! Thanks so much, Hilary, Barcelona

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  5. Needed this. Haven't done much in the way of intentional core workouts in a while and it shows. I was shaking in some of these poses, but now I know where I need to work.

  6. definitely feeling my core working at the beginning , especially lifting left leg is harder for me than the right one . thank you, Leslie!

  7. Loving that these are voice overs so far.

  8. Thank you for the new challenge. Just managed the second day. I guess this helps to stay relaxed and flexible during a long flight, I will going to this evening… Namaste 🙏

  9. So, day 2 –> check :-). Nice core work! Was a bit wobbly today regarding balancing but couldn't complain about core strength! See you tomorrow!

  10. Love the abdominal work! Hope you will have a online 300hr YTT in the future. Love you xo. Thanks for all you do

  11. Day 2 done! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to work on my core, so this was the perfect practice for me today 😊 Can't wait for day 3! 💖🙏🏻

  12. Thank you!

  13. Day 2 was fabulous. What my core needed.

  14. Lesley I just love waking up to a new practice every day. Thanks you're amazing 💕

  15. I adore your videos Lesley! Thank you for restarting a 30day fix for this new year month. I didn't take care of my body in December and after starting yoga using your videos in February 2017 I really felt horrible and stiff at the end of 2017 when I stopped doing yoga regularly. Today I did day 1 and day 2 of your videos so I could catch up and reset myself. Excited to be looking after my mind and body again! Thanks for all your hard work 😊 I've gone to a few classes since September and to be honest, your videos are better! Happy New Year from Tanya in London, UK.

  16. Love it Lesley- up and at 'em! 💪🏽

  17. Last year Lesley gave us 30 days of Hatha yoga hapiness. I repeat it more than five times and really learned a lot from the program- better flexibility, more strength and calmer mind. Last January, as a yoga beginner, I couldn't finish the program in 30 days because my weak body needed time to build up. This year, I'll follow the new gift as best as I can. Thank you Lesley!

  18. I started today so I did day 1and day 2 together. Wonderful practices, can’t wait for tomorrow’s.

  19. I started this morning. Day one was very relaxing and helpful to just focus on breath. See you tomorrow!

  20. Day 2 complete! ✔❤🙏

  21. Thank you Leslie. A great practice today even though I had to honor that I couldn't quit keep up. See you tomorrow. Namaste <3 <3

  22. Would be so cool to be able to have access to some of the yoga coursework that you would include for teacher trainings online! Would love to have access just to learn more in general about yoga. Great day 2 Lesley!

  23. Excellent! I know I will be coming back to this one!

  24. Two days in a row 💪🏻
    Thank you for sharing pranayama exercises in the practice, i'm discovering it with your channel and i'm really interested 😄

  25. Thank you🙏! Great short practice before bedtime. Looking forward to tomorrow 🤗. Love ❤

  26. I love this yoga challenge, thank you Lesley!

  27. Strange..I didn't see this on my Feedly….save this for tomorrow which happens to be my Ab&Core Day. Thanks, Lesley.

  28. This was fun!  But a bit challenging, too. 🙂

  29. I'm so excited about this challenge that I managed to do this video at 9p.m., after a day of work and after teaching a class ! Loved it <3

  30. Thank you again for day 2

  31. Thank you Lesley, I am going to enjoy this challenge 🙂

  32. More please! and THANK YOU!

  33. Day #2 complete. Thank you Lesley!

  34. Wow! Positive energy trough that séquence!

  35. I loved everything about this practice! Thank you!

  36. I loved it! Thank you 💛

  37. Thank you Leslie!! I loved the abs!! <3

  38. Hi, Lesley. Just wanna say thank you for being part of my yoga journey. I started with your yogafix90, hatha yoga happiness, and now yogafix30. All your videos have amazingly changed my life! Namaste 🙏

  39. Deceptively challenging for a short class ~ got me warmed up quickly on a very cold morning ~ thanks Lesley!!

  40. Thank you, sweet lady! One of my goals this year was to be mindful of movement; that is, to do something moving my body meaningfully, even if moderately, every day. Your January program is a blessing!

  41. It's been about 3 weeks since I practiced due to the flu this felt amazing.

  42. Thanks Lesley 🙂

  43. Thank you😃😘

  44. Such a lovely practice for the core! I really enjoyed it ☺️💕

  45. Loved day 2! Thank you! xx

  46. Loved the step up in intensity from yesterday! See you tomorrow…

  47. Awesome!! And you are super encouraging! Thank you

  48. Wow so much energy! And its only day 2! I love it! Thanks lesley!

  49. Great class!! Thank you!

  50. Loved it, Namaste.

  51. I live in Munich and I have been searching two years for yoga in English in the style that I prefer – this is perfect! Thank you so so much!!!

  52. Excellent practice! I love it how you make your practices so varied!
    See you tomorrow for sure!

  53. I was feeling really tired and grumpy and now I feel good after doing this class! Thank you.

  54. Thank u for keep me calm while studying for my exam!! Namaste!🙏

  55. Catching up… day 1 and day 2 complete!

  56. Thank you 🙂

  57. Day 2 done! That was hard! Love it Thank you 😊

  58. thank you very much for this great video

  59. Day 2 complete. 🙂 Thank you!!!!!!

  60. I just started this challenge, I hope to stick to it. Thank you so much for your videos! I've always done your ashtanga videos and they are amazing. You are such a blessing!

  61. I really enjoyed this practice and this video!! Thank you! <3

  62. This was hard :/

  63. thank you so much for the nice practice .

  64. Really loved this! 🙂 Excited for day 3! 🙂 Namaste 🙏

  65. Loved it! It was so fun! And that scenery is BEAUTIFUL!

  66. omg i got 5 minutes into this and was like WHY is this SO hard???? then i realized my video setting was on 1.25 speed for some reason. wayyyyyy better in real time 😂😂😂

  67. Yeaahhh day 2 completed though it was a little bit challenging but whatever i finally did it😍

  68. Can’t do backwards table top. I have shoulder problems. Do u have a different pose I can do?

  69. Sorry it’s called reverse table and I need a easier pose . I have had shoulder surgeries and I can’t even lift up. Can u recommend a substitute pose? Thx. I love ur programs

  70. I stored my yoga mat for half a year (a need for more meditation) and unrolled it yesterday with your day 1 session. So good to breath again. Thank you! See you tomorrow.

  71. Omg! I came back, looking for those super easy vids… not day one or day two! I can’t wait for the rest of this 30 day fix!

  72. LOVE 🙂 Have an awesome day!

  73. I love that this series has a slightly shorter sessions. It helps me get through it in the morning and I can keep up and build my stamina rather than give up. Thanks!

  74. "How many things would you attempt, if you knew you could not fail" that might be a quote that stays with me for a long time.

  75. Started the program on July 2nd along with some dear members of my favorite group on FB, and loving the classes so far, they are a nice addition to my morning yoga routine. Thank you Lesley and Duke for making them! Sunshine and butterflies to both of you!

  76. I love your lessons!

  77. Thank you.

  78. Made it to day 2! Really lovely class. Initially, I was intimidated by the promise of core work but I'm glad I stuck it out. Feeling grateful for this practice and excited for tomorrow. Thank you.

  79. I love all of your classes Lesley but I have to admit I dread some of the breath work. Breath of fire is usually not a problem but the agni sara breath work is super challenging for me. I feel like I am unable to hold my breath once I've exhaled everything out and it's even more difficult if my heartrate is elevated. I try my best but am definitely am pushed to my limit breathing on your cues. Maybe I'm not doing it right??

  80. Thank You Today

  81. 070119

  82. Enjoyed it, felt my midsection was getting a good workout 🙂

  83. Oh, my core my core… my still nonexistent core 🙁 All I can do is to keep showing up and my core will eventually show up too. Thanks for the class, Lesley!

  84. Day 2 done ✅

  85. Thank you

  86. Hello.
    Even though it’s just day two I know I love this. I first discovered I liked yoga when we did a class of it at school. I really wanted to keep doing it but unfortunately we only did the one class. One of my New Years resolutions was to be active or to frequently do a sport although I couldn’t find one that I liked. I’ve tried many sports including running, basketball and swimming although they never really interested me but yoga really engages me. Yesterday when I started I found myself looking forward to today’s class instead of putting it off and saying I will get to it. Today’s class did push me but it was relaxing at the same time. One of the things I really like is the resting pose at the end because it gives you a minute to just relax when with other sports or activities you finish grab a drink of water and don’t really take a moment to warm down.
    Thank you so much!

  87. I tried to do this a year ago and it was too hard, so I didnt continued with the challengue. Today I'm stronger, I'm so proud I could finished it.

  88. Day 2 done. Though I'm late still I attempt it that is more important… right? 😇

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