20 Minute Weightless Arm Isolate Workout | At-home, no equipment arm toning exercises!

hey guys Cassey here I hope you enjoyed last week's video with the 20 minute isolated movements for the inner thighs so because he liked it so much today we are gonna work one of my favorite muscle groups to work my arms I love working my arms because I feel so strong and powerful after I like you know get a good pump at the gym or at home when I'm doing a bunch of like half cobra push-ups or regular push-ups or whatever it is I like working my arms you guys I also feel like my arms are just one of those places where I do see definition and change quicker than other parts of my body so I enjoyed that progress – so you guys today's workout is going to be 20 moves and these are your movements what do you think you think bad do you think good I don't know how it's gonna feel cuz I've never done this combination before but I do know it's gonna be SuperDuper intense and don't be mad at me but at the end we're doing them up up down down yep we're gonna end with a bang now if you guys are excited about this video give it a thumbs up right now and also before we get started I wanted to show you my socks look at these socks your little avocados on my side and also the sunset match mat which you guys saw last time all this is actually on the bottom of this video below the description YouTube added this merch Center thingy so you can go down there check it out click on the item if you like it and if you wanna buy it that would be awesome pop flicks active.com so yet going forward you'll be able to see what I'm wearing in the video for the most part underneath the video yeah so that makes it like a seamless workout shopping experience okay anyway let's not delay this because we've got 20 minutes to kill our arms and it's gonna be super duper fun are you ready yes okay I'm going to start this timer and we are going to begin with arm circles forward so palms up palms up you're holding golf balls we're simply gonna do tiny baby circles for it that's all it is in terms of sitting you guys I want you to make sure that you are sitting with your back nice and tall so I really don't care if you're standing I don't care if you're cross-legged mermaid-style on your knees whatever but you need to be 15 tall the palms need to be always facing the ceiling facing the sky okay we're nice tight with our little circles you're flexing your biceps and we're just gonna hang out here and I wanted to start a workout with something that was not so intimidating so we're starting off their little golf balls so enjoy them while they last okay we've got a minute forward and then a minute backwards it's gonna pretty crazy but it's gonna be okay cuz I know you've got this alright now let's go ahead and reverse those circles right here keeping the palms up again checking yourself making sure your spine is SuperDuper good love that look super duper tall and belly button in your posture is so important you guys through your workouts if you keep proper form it'll really help you with how tall you stand I'll tell you look how confident you look if you really just you know fully express yourself like this proud chest tall back it hurts anyway to hunch so much so really just sip yeah your mom tells you but you can tell yourself to sit up okay just like that inhale through your nose exhale through your mouth good you guys we've got about ten seconds left here and then we go and get real serious okay this is really fun I've never done a 20 minute like arm specific video before all right you guys we've got angel arms right so palms down you're gonna lift up and down it's fair very elegant this arm my left arm is staying out away from my shoulders away from my body so it's still working not working as hard as my right arm but we'll get to it soon and then after that we'll do both arms a little flick of the wrist here and down now look if you are at home and you have this man your dad or your brother saying like oh my god looks so easy like why don't you just go the gentleman wait well why don't you have them sit down and do this with you and see if they can get through it okay so if you're watching people come down here and do this with me see if you can last yeah these movements are deceptive they are so good because I love how graceful they look it's ballet right like when you watch ballerinas look so beautiful and effortless effortless it's really really hard okay other side up and down just like that okay how's that right I'm feeling a little cray right feels a little bit heavy a little bit heavy but it's okay you're gonna keep it up do not put it down whoo these are angel arms you guys I discovered this really interesting pasta every day and I you know I went to Costco and then I was in at the you know meatballs and whatever section and then I saw this package that had the word protein on it and it's really weird but I think I'm like one of those consumers where there's a big word like protein or paleo on top of something or vegan and my god what's that something new something exciting and I came over and with protein noodles oh what's a 'birthday noodle had like 10 grams of protein per serving or something ok double Ange are you guys and I'll finish the story we're gonna go up and yeah okay so um 10 grams of protein hi George I heard a little harness thing from Etsy and he totally matches my yoga mat right now I am so no do not stop do not stop okay don't stop that rolls be up to start over okay bye George okay what wasn't even talking about oh yeah I got George that thing from Etsy and I am loving it cuz he just looks like a seventies plaids dawg okay we're gonna go back to the protein noodle story so came up and I saw the packaging is of like tanin grams of protein per serving and I think oh how do they do that that's so interesting is there like here and it turns out it's like made of fish products or fish or something I was like whoa stop super crazy okay you guys we get ready for prayer pulls elbows together now live okay shift here so I can see you you guys elbows together touching the whole time pray for yourself and lift the elbows up towards the chin up towards the nose don't go low you're above your chest above your boobs okay sit tall you're working biceps shoulders and chest oh gosh okay anyway so look the noodles are made of fish and I was like oh that's that's really weird cuz I've had like shirataki noodles I've help noodles have all sorts of noodles that aren't like high in carbs and as okay well I do like fish so I bought it and I was like I'm so taste okay fifteen seconds and so I put in the pan with some olive oil and put in some marinara sauce and I'm so surprised good you Sam liked it and he's really like he's really against you like SuperDuper crazy healthy substitute because he likes real food okay side push right okay we are down on the floor I will continue the story afterwards okay you're on the floor you guys hand right here lifting up and just like that okay yeah so other thing is know that Sam is against eating healthy he just thinks that if I'm gonna eat something just like eat the real thing so sometimes when I make food and it doesn't quite taste 100% but it's going to quote healthy he's like oh so sometimes I'll make him like the real version I'll make myself be the side version anyway Sam so some of this have to work anyway totes not an advertisement I'm just telling you guys because I love grocery shopping I think it's so fun discover something new every single time back there have mine yet think okay to the other side you guys side push so same dealio hug yourself hand right here and lift and lower yes but I really enjoys mystery shopping like a little exploration journey every single time you don't know where you're gonna find it's just fun it's like for a while I was like oh my gosh I don't have time to go grocery shopping so I tried and I was like okay so much time but I swear I think I spent more time browsing through the app and trying to be like wait what do I need again then if I had just gone to a grocery store walked around and then just pick the things I need I don't like no and tougher my avocados are so okay now half Cobra push up we are here okay so we're gonna put our hand underneath our shoulders don't touch that okay and we go up and down five doors up and down so much and I feel like I'm cleaning the entire puppies and playing festival for George my little baby's gonna love them soon okay you are gonna exhale down you guys this is a half cover push up it is really important that you press your elbows back that so that you can work your triceps okay it is what I don't want you to do is to flame your elbows to the outside elbows gotta stay back okay now then stagger place one I'm forward keep that other arm behind you we're gonna lift and lower lift and lower okay up and I'm going to lift to the arm is straight you press through the heel of your top just like that's really activating your attracts M okasha both of them are super on fire if I keep that chest tall keep the palms nice and wide you don't have to go fast these half Cobra standards are so intense right now it's good because I know that my triceps are getting exactly what they need like I said I love all of it oh okay and this game you're going to lift and lower so notice how when I lift this arms still set phase in to my body okay it's engaged the entire time even though the motion isn't that intense for this arm that's closer to my chest it's engaged every time I lift so both of my arms are getting really intense ties that workout right now still okay so you know who I said I really like grocery shopping I also like working arms because I carry all those bags of groceries of new things that I buy every single time and the old things yeah I'm just one of those people you guys know this because I've done comic on it I am like the ultimate I love tearing everything from the car to the house in one chance no matter how many bags there are seriously okay so tricep dips you guys you're gonna place your hands underneath well close to your booty well George just having a good time back there we're gonna do some tricep dips right here you're gonna press and lift down and up lower and lift good now if you want to make it harder for yourself you're gonna bring the legs out a little bit more but I think right here is good enough now make sure you're not just pressing your butt down and keeping your arms straight hi sure okay that's his favorite little toy right now it's called a mutt garita to the margarita buffer ducks but you think really actively to like his primal senses like he's like killing an animal or something okay back behind okay you guys are sitting up again your arms are here and they're gonna bring the palms up out and in out and in how are we feeling how do you guys feel I feel good how do you feel George yeah mommy's having a good time okay all right Georgie inappropriate what do you want okay you guys make sure you're squeezing the apples behind your back okay now we have walnut crushers arms right here create a little heel with your elbow and squeeze back imagine you're crushing on walnut with your shoulder blades it ain't out to fight a cold water pressures okay gonna crush that nut crash the nut just like that boom no good hi what do you want sir hmm hmm he was looking at me with his bow but I was trying to tell me something smooth dogs really wonder what is going on in his head what sir do you want me to throw in it but mommy's working right now live anymore okay you guys robot arms so you gonna keep the arms here bring it up I should record it and I'm putting on Instagram stories or something she literally sounds like he's singing I wonder if he's gonna do it now down and up Georgie can't play right now almost there almost there just like five more minutes or something and lift and down you guys keep the elbows shoulder height how are you the are you feeling strong are you feeling powerful I hope you are because that's how I feel right now I'm gonna let go carry 17 no maybe 21 bags of groceries after this and just carry them all over the car to the house at one sprint okay we got United biceps you guys unite your arms which when you're holding a bar or something and then come out and in and out out and in out and in keep those elbows together oh you like mommy's avocados we can eat oh okay so for some of us may not be able to get out that far some of us may be able to fully extend I'm about right here and if you hold a little bit right there you feel those biceps you feel about this and is good breathing you're gonna get through this you got curly arms right here so you guys in and out in and out in and out just like that they look so delicate and beautiful and macaroni like but they kill you they kill you it's going in and out just like that no brakes keep going Oh Georgie adding some music to mummys he is like posing for the camera puppy paws down do you see something did you see something no no he's back at it he's back at it again okay you guys if you're almost don't come around someone get through this okay milk jugs so keep the arms up the bloating milk jugs and then you're pouring them then you're pouring them just like that so elbows up it's almost like a chicken dance but like way more intense so just lift and squeeze a shoulder mmm pouring the milk pouring the milk what kind of milk are you pouring percent oh good I also tried this other method that I've never before and it was the creamiest Thaddius milk in the entire world that I think even know existed my friend who owns like a matcha cafe brought over some ingredients to make me a milkshake at home and she left some of the ingredients here we're so terrified after I discovered what they were because she's using some like it was like a heavy cream that was like one ingredient and the other green it was like a hundred and ten percent fat milk which I didn't know existed it was so creamy ok triangle pushes you guys palms here push out push out we're almost there after this we're gonna enter the base we are going to end so yes I felt like I was drinking straight-up butter like a butter drink and it was so good it terrified me but it was kind of amazing but yeah you guys I didn't even know that something like that even existed so there you go if you want something really heavy and fatty there is something out there for baristas that is like beyond full fat milk it was just like like fatty heavy milk very interesting terrifying but very all right you guys we're almost there we're almost there for the final stretch okay this is it you guys this is up up down down we are gonna do this Oh okay on your toes or on your feet we are going to go up up down down I'm starting on my right hand and then at the 30-second mark I'm gonna take it to the other side to really even it out so elbow down I will down hand where the elbow was lift up boom boom stay strong okay switching sides my left hand is going down he goes up first down down up up come on finish it out this is the best arm isolate video in the world let's go you guys you're so strong for doing this not easy but you are incredible oK you've got this one right there hold up plane drop the knees coming back into child's pose any other than those exhale be the mouth slowly lift up roll your shoulders back and stretch the arm here Wow and then I reach up bloom and give yourself a huge applause that was so good you guys we did it 20 minutes isolating the arms I feel so good right now if you do to give this video a thumbs up and comment down below which muscle group we should isolate for next time I'm really digging this thank you stories and you guys so I love you so much keep going hard you working hard and be nice I'll see you later bye if you don't know me you see way more than nice


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