20 Minute Inner Thigh Isolate Workout | No equipment, at-home Pilates exercises

hey guys Cassey here so it is the very beginning of our isolate series I'm super thrilled because today we're gonna spend a little bit more time than we normally do getting nitty gritty into those uncomfortable parts of your body and making your muscles scream I don't makes me super excited I hope you're excited too and that you're not terrified because as you know it's going to be fun today is going to challenge you but you're going to get stronger and we're gonna get to know each other a little bit more get to know our weaknesses get to know our strengths so today I'm choosing a part of the body that a lot of you guys have been asking for the inner thighs and I've never done a 20 minute workout video specifically for the inner thighs so I thought why not do a nice look series and begin with that because you guys have really loved Drive by inner thighs and all the plea squat videos so this one is going to combine all that and make it hardcore I am so excited you guys so today's video is 20 minutes long here are the 20 moves that we are doing check it out zero break in between we're going from the beginning to the end and you're gonna be fine it's gonna be great maybe we're gonna scream maybe you're going to cuss at me underneath your breath but that's okay I just want you to get through it because by the end of this you will be thanking your body I'm thinking me hopefully because you'll have accomplished something incredible okay you guys so I have set up my timer 20 minutes on the clock as soon as we begin this doesn't stop until it tells me it's over oh and I'm gonna turn off my my texts and phone calls too so we do not get disturbed I hate when that happens alright so that is all done alright you guys we start out with the plie squat I am going to put this right down here and what I want you to do just bring your legs out super wide legs out hands out and we're simply gonna plie and lift a nice little warm-up right here belly button in knees out super wide my chest is Ford my shoulders are relaxed away from my ears okay and you want to also think about pressing your inner thighs forward okay and pressing your knees back so everything is like ah just like that down and up beautiful sucking everything in here tucking your tailbone in good you guys honestly I'm really excited for 20 minutes of just inner thighs let's see how this goes I've never done this particular routine before so we shall see will I suffer will you suffer I don't know I know we'll be better after this all right we're almost there you guys reading okay now I want you to go ahead and lift up one heel and pulse right here just like that now we're really gonna feel it's right inner thigh my heel is up like you're wearing a stiletto okay I'm gonna breathe in through your nose hit out from your mouth so I want you to comment in the comments down below on YouTube what isolate video you want to see next time I know it's a little bit early for me to be asking this but I love thinking ahead I have a feeling I know what you guys are gonna say but I'm gonna give you the chance to tell me what you guys want to start thinking about that as we do our inner thigh isolate video oh man you guys I am feeling it already and we're only two minutes in to our workout to be so good okay heels up yeah well I almost fell forward you guys keep everything nice and tall and composed now lift up the other heel same thing just like that my arms are Ford my shoulders are down chest is up belly button in okay so let's talk about few things because I am using the new sunset vegan suede mat and I love it because as soon as my feet or my hands get a little bit sweaty it grips even more I like the regular neoprene mats we're like the sweater you get the more you start slipping nope it's not like that hold that point so good they're really excited that we came out something new and calming and what the cool cuz we're about to head into spring which I think gets it this summer and uh sunsets I love sunset guys oh my gosh I can tell this iPhone series is gonna be so insane okay keep pulsing because you have something that's even else coming up okay you guys for both heels down check it out both heels are gonna go up now lift and lower up and down how you feeling you're doing okay good you may start feeling your quads because I definitely am allow yourself to sink even deeper okay up and down lift and lower I want you to just take your time here you don't have to go fast let's go for the full minute at your own pace okay you don't have to go with me but I also don't want you to overdo it like go super crazy and tire yourself out you only use with every movement let's control just like that a lift and down and up and down oh and beautiful work you guys I hope you're having a really good day right now whether you are starting the day with me I mean the day maybe it's lunch chance I don't know but I hope you choose to smile right now okay heels are up both of them and then we plie pulse oh my gosh this is so insane but it is an inner thigh Explorer video you guys so if I go crazy the entire 20 minutes and I really like that we have the time to really spend with each other and the timer is here letting us know how long to go so I don't really need to think about the reps you guys have just followed a little clock on the screen it'll get through this okay so now check yourself make sure your chest isn't leaning forward but you are tall you're standing very very tall the heels are up yeah for real keep going you guys keep going oh and then we'll get on the floor right after this and oh okay you guys it is time to get down so I want you to go ahead and grab is like right here awkward foot and I want you to lift the heel up just like so okay now you can stay up like this you can be right here whatever is comfortable for you so awkward foot means my toes are to the floor my heel is up to the ceiling okay and it's this foot position for the top leg is uncomfortable for you feel free put it down like that listen to you going it's more of a flexibility thing being that your hips okay keep going check that awkward foot try to put the heel to the ceiling I know it's super weird that's why I call it awkward awkward foot good and lower control it you don't have to go fast okay now same position you guys you're gonna point the toes and you're simply going to lift and lift just like that okay attacking a different part of your inner side we're feeling all the way down towards with you I really want you to point your toes hard here still even though you are lying on the side engage the entire core it is typing you missed that side and up okay he's feeling it you feel it because I'm so feeling it right now we guess what we're not done with this size we still have a couple more things to do on this side oh gosh this is fun you guys it is beginning of March I am so excited oh this right now it's kind of weird when you have a tirade it sounds exactly like this because it is it's my voice okay circles forward oh man that's intense circles forward just nice and slow controlled anyway as I'm saying it is beginning of March beginning of a new month and we are in the thick of planning for our first ever outdoor festival called puppies and clinks it's a fitness festival that we're planning for dogs and for humans so if you are in the LA area please come for national puppy day it's much third and a little bit nervous well no actually really nervous because I've never done this before and I am I just feel like there are some things that are in my control and some things that are out of my control and the things that are out of my control really scare me you know like the weather if the local community will show up I don't know but I hope so because it's a charity festival and good cause we're raising awareness for dog adoptions and oh sorry go backwards go backwards okay there you go you guys follow my gosh savory thigh is dying how you feelin so do it okay okay anyway well as I was saying we have a lot of things I'm planning right now and it's so insane it's like planning a wedding but like tons 1,000 bees even more and yeah and it's terrifying but you know what got to do things in life that's scary you write things that push you out of your comfort zone as a human so apparently this is the year of events and yeah I hope you guys are able to make it if you can and more information on poppies and planks um and I'm excited if you come let's take picture with so much he's watching you over here the corner okay oh okay oh it's time to switch over finished stories are really helping us go very fast okay you guys we're here flex foot awkward foot awkward foot good just like that so toes down heels up remember you place your knee down on this side too if you're not comfortable holding your ankle up to you but let's burn out this side as well okay lifting lifting just like that okay so we have talked about the puppies and blanks wedding stuff you guys can't believe I'm married because it kind of just feels the same but it's interesting because I felt like after Sam and I got engaged that was the most different for those of you who have gotten proposed to or have gotten married maybe you can leave in the Condors like how you feel what next I want to put my voice lower because I talk so loud um anyway was we can say oh yeah so I feel like married life has been cold it's been like stable it's been good but definitely the difference for me was as soon as Sam proposed I really felt like this was a whole new unlocked level of love that was super amazing and now we're just really easing and grooving into it into married life and yeah oh no I'm supposed to do pointed okay we're doing pointed you guys I went into that story way too long that was was be pointed so now I'm gonna pulse to make up for it uh telling stories and listening to timers and me talking to myself on a timer anyway Britain kept through this keep pointing the feet breathing in through your nose out through your mouth so so good okay thirty-five is dusty dying okay you guys Circle three one now I feel like the first circles here my leg is like ah what are you doing we'll be okay we're gonna even it out I'm gonna circle it out point the toes so good trying to make it smooth breathing in through your nose out your mouth how you feeling – with Iceland series doing okay okay good good good good you guys we're almost halfway almost there keep circling your foot you know what happens I've doing this guys I'm gonna go backwards and then move on just something else okay oh he got he got in help your nose exhale through your mouth okay now we go backwards okay there it is going back going back I feel like my leg is injured and it cannot even move but that's okay we're gonna get through this whoo as you can see reading your nose exhale your mouth with every single Circle the leg gets heavier and heavier it was gonna be okay because of you okay because we're gonna get through this okay and exhale you're 15 seconds away from this moving over come on fight fight fight inhale and exhale okay you guys now we get ready for our sideways scissors so what I want you to do is bring the legs up right here and I want you to open and close arms out and legs in just like that sideways scissors bellybutton in oh man perfect just like that I feel like my inner thighs are injured right now but this is good this is really good because it is working and my thighs are getting SuperDuper strong come on now and in these moves are not easy and look have any weight you are using your body so you can do this anywhere okay arms out hands pressing into the floor toes low back pressing to the mat okay bring the legs down lift up your right leg we're going to go out and up now your hands can be right by your booty just like that as you bring the legs out okay now if you feel or hear any clicking in your hips and it's not hurting you for the most part should be fine like my hips are clicking a little bit right now but I feel like it's a nice stretch but if you do feel like it hurts and it just doesn't feel right listen to your body make that range of motion a lot smaller okay or bend your knee you don't have to look like me you don't have to look like anyone else you do you okay you do you press the heel into the mat on the other foot and let it stabilize you okay I can tell how you struggling on these you guys go ahead and reverse your leg same leg same like different direction I'm now going over the body again you don't have to go fast you go nice slow and controlled okay again breathing inhale your nose exhale through your mouth to get yourself through this oh you know no brick thing ciller absolutely killer we're gonna be fine can you get through this because we're always gonna be fine it is always going to be fine even if I'm shaken so we got like 15 seconds left at this side and it will be over so just do your time you get through it breathing pointing three one more oh my gosh okay ready we're do the other side bringing that leg up let's go to the outside out and over oh my gosh a fresh leg feels so good and the scary part is I know it's gonna end up just like the other side keep going we're down and here my hips happy noise but for me personally I feel like it's like me needing to oil a like old what do you call it I have no idea but like you know how when you have a door and you open and close it it makes like that sound it's kind of squeaky I feel like it's like that but I just need to give it some love give it some movement and then it'll be all good and fine so my shoulders do the same thing – okay now reverse that leg you need to bring it up just like so and over the body taking your time you know what maybe One Direction is easier for you one direction is harder for you whatever works for you okay it doesn't have to be exactly the same strength on both sides we are trying to always strive for balance but we may not always start that way we're just trying to find ways for our bodies to work in harmony with our lives whatever that looks like whatever that means okay you guys I'm so proud of you we are almost done with our inner thigh I slit and this has been incredibly difficult but I hope you're having fun I mean he'll me down IMAX hurry up oh okay you guys we got butterfly bridge so bring the soles of your feet together hands down I want you to lift up and down now slightly close the book and then down you don't need to close the book entirely but slightly okay so knees out wide slightly close the book knees out wide slightly close the book my upper back is pressed into the mat this is definitely one of my favorite moves so for the last two moves of this entire video you guys it's gonna be this butterfly bridge and then for the last one we're gonna pulse it out really exhaust the inner thighs exhaust the booty and you're gonna be done I can't believe it nobody so fast I'm not gonna say anything cause we're not there yet so keep focused okay keep focus and any time you want to go back to this video I am here for you we will go through this routine and you'll get stronger if it's your first time it sucks that's okay cuz that means you have so much potential okay now get ready for the pulse aroni so we're up we're up guys this is the very last move so I need you to keep your booty up high I need you to squeeze your butt squeeze your thighs and we are going to finish this in less than 40 seconds right now up and up we'll have worked out together for 20 minutes insane right in stadium let's go up and up and off hands by your sides belly button in knees out super wide and just press it in slightly come on so we'll be together it's higher and higher you're so close let's go we're up don't sag the but don't sag the but not now we're so close let's go we're almost there fight it fight it it's okay you're gonna be fine pulsing and be strong pull it there and down oh my gosh give your inner thighs a nice pat arms that long legs long inhale big exhale draw the knees in cross vehicles and sitting up hey you guys how are you feeling feeling good okay that was absolutely amazing I am so proud of you for finishing at this 20 minute a nerve sighs I quit video it was incredibly difficult even for me to get through it so I'm really proud of you for sticking through the entire thing and if you haven't already give this video a thumbs up and comment down below what isolated muscle group we should work on next time and c-synch that okay thank you so much and I'll see you later bye I'm pouring up a shirt again I wanna know or not


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  24. I personally find it helpful to practice getting the form right for the exercises before following a workout.

    List of exercises covered in this video 1:01

    1) Plie Squat 1:45

    2) Plie Heel Raise (R) 2:49

    3) Plie Heel Raise (L) 3:49

    4) Double Raise Plie 4:50

    5) Double Raise Plie Pulse 5:53

    6) Flexed Pulse (R) 6:50

    7) Pointed Pulse (R) 7:52

    8) Front Circles (R) 8:53

    9) Back Circles (R) 9:55

    10) Flexed Pulse (L) 10:51

    11) Pointed Pulse (L) 12:23

    12) Front Circles (L) 12:48

    13) Back Circles 13:49

    14) Sideways Scissors 14:51

    15) Leg Circle Out (R) 15:49

    16) Leg Circle In (R) 16:49

    17) Leg Circle Out (L) 17:50

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    19) Butterfly Bridge 19:49

    20) Butterfly Bridge Pulse 20:50

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