20 Minute HIIT Workout with Warm Up and Cool Down – At Home HIIT Video

hello everyone this is Daniel with Fitness blender comm don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the newest workout videos when I come out every Monday today we are gonna be doing a hit routine there's gonna be kind of an overall total body routine we have warm up and cool down included so you don't have to worry about getting those in on your own and there's a no equipment workout so you don't need any piece of equipment whatsoever to get this done so with that said let's go ahead and do our warmup all right everyone let's go ahead and get started with our warmup we're doing each one of these for 30 seconds of peace we're starting off this time side arm cross so just nice and slow step side to side all right here we go it's nice and slow back and forth cuts warming up those hip joints those shoulder joints just take your time try to get a nice full range of motion on that chest on those shoulders just kind of slowly stepping back and forth who warmer at those ankles and those hips just a little bit I always want to start nice and slow and build into it especially if you've been sitting for a really long period of time all right toe touch sweeps are next feet just about shoulder width apart go down one side touch those toes come across and up the other side so just kind of rotate those shoulders as you do so you want to keep those hips pretty much facing straight forward just nice and slow back and forth keep those lungs open just breathing normally all right the next one is a high knee with a twist so when he comes up rotate towards that knee and the same thing the opposite direction just step back and forth start slowly work into that range of motion start speeding it up slowly as you can as you feel comfortable as long as you can control it never speed it up to the point where you're out of control those lungs open now holding your breath we have a squat push pull next we're gonna squat down press out away from you pull in as you stand back up keep that back flat keep that squat form nice and clean even though you're not using any weight you always want to practice clean form press out pull in you want to do a nice wide pull up high or you can do a close pull down low next to your body just kind of alternate it back and forth all right we got arm circles next start with a nice big circle arms cross over top reverse that direction come back around back over switch which arms on top I always want to alternate even small small differences like having one arm over top and this isn't that big of a difference from left to right but you always want to swap it up you never want to have an imbalance from left to right all right we're doing side lunges with a stretch next don't get those feet up nice and wide squat off to one side or lunge off to one side excuse me stretch it and the same thing I'll show you the other side just keep those lungs open back and forth got squat circles coming up next so again feet just a little wider than shoulder width apart maybe just a little outside shoulder-width you're gonna squat down one side sweep across up to the center and down to the outside and back to Center just keep alternating back and forth take your time nice full range of motion again keep that back flat just warm up those legs a little bit let it relax we've got boxer shuffle next come up on those toes nice full deep breath you might feel yourself warming up just a little bit that core temperature coming up might feel yourself breathing a little heavier that's exactly what we're going for so if you need to speed up just a little bit more if you're not feeling that quite yet on those toes we doing up and outs next a little bit faster motion so one leg at a time come up and out those hips straight facing straight forward no rotating off to the left or right those lungs open sap on those toes warm up that hip joint got one more exercise it's warm up left so just a traditional jumping jack just start into it keep those arms nice and straight no bending those elbows you want a nice straight arm contract that shoulder keep everything nice and tight no swinging uncontrolled I feel like you could stop at any moment and hold that position without too much swing or too much sway all right that was our warm-up we'll be right back to start into our first group of hip all right everyone for this hit routine we're gonna be doing 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for each one of the exercises two sets per exercise and we're doing them in groups of two so an a B a B between different two different exercises so with that said let me start my timer here you're starting off with runners we're doing one leg at a time so we'll start with our left leg planted right legs anyone moving kind of back in a little bit of a lunge I'm just gonna pump that leg back and forth make sure you're pumping those arms as well keep that back relatively flat just push through that motion keep those lungs open what we're done with this first set were so what's the other exercise which is a plank jet so we're drop down on the ground so drop down on the ground can you do this off of those elbows just pop those feet in and out or if you want a really hard version get those arms going into as well so easier version is here harder version is here you can always drop dead on those knees to make a little easier for yourself please we're doing this version is still too hard drop down out out in in alright back up or me switching to the other side now so your left leg or so you excuse me your right legs and stay planted left legs move here we go and start it up thank you open those arms the right direction as that left leg comes forward your left arm goes back relax drop it back down on the ground get around those plate jacks so again pop those feet in and out we're down on those knees nice and slow or if you want a lot of work hands and with those feet let it relax move to our next group who's gonna be starting off with squat jumps so feet just about shoulder width wider back flat squat down and jump right back into a squat jump again jump nice and hard every single time if you want to make it easier just jump up on those toes get rid of that impact let it relax we're moving to a plank with an ease of back down in a plank position this time those elbows stay down one knee come the puffs each side and then the other just alternating sides try to keep that knee up off the ground so it doesn't scrape you can always go half those knees you can blink all right back up back to that squat jump feet about shoulder-width apart start up again if you want a little easier on those toes let it relax back down on the ground out in a plank and yep one out to the side same thing on the other try keep those hips perpendicular excuse me parallel to the ground so no twisting and back up all right I have one more group to go this is going to be high knees and a plank push up alright so high knees those knees going step on those toes let's do much impact you're too tired just switch to a quick high knee March all right plank the push-up so back down that plank position so start plank elbow ten elbows down one hand comes up then the other go right back down with that same hand then back down sorry the other side up last one come down goes back up all right back up high knees again deep breath try to recover start him up do you breath while you're doing this exhale through pursed lips Oh blow out through your mouth close increases the pressure here lungs it's a little bit more oxygen into your bloodstream back down on that plank come up back down same hand the last hand to come up it's the first hand to come down whoo all right good job in the first round there's our first group of hit exercises take a little bit of a water break we right back to start him to the second group see in just a second you all right everyone let's go ahead and get started with that second this routine let me get my timer started all right we're starting off with jumping lunges so a nice big full deep breath keep those lungs open keep that back flat straight up and down down and switch remember if you start to get too tired and it starts becoming unstable then feel free to just do an all tangled just out and back but if you can keep that jumping lunge going all right we're going to just a traditional jumping jack next deep breath a little break here and start up this isn't a warm-up jumping jack this is a hit jumping jack so trying to go as quickly as you can arm straight nice and rigid really pushing yourself alright ten second break going back to those jumping lunges nice full deep breath start up keep those lungs open keep that torso straight up and down relax all right another round of those jumping jacks full week deep breaths startup contract that shortly that core move those arms and legs nice and quick I'll let it relax all right pop squats are next deep breath try to recover out pop top nice wide squat you want to slow it down make it easier to squat off the side doctor Center all right relax got front jacks next two hands start right in front your body storm up contracted shoulder again try to get that arm directly straight above your head no stopping out here it's a straight up legs do the same motion just out so the legs goes up those arms go up the legs and as those arms come down all right another round of each of those together about squat back to Center yeah easier version is just out and back on a harder version then you're going to be doing squat at each location otherwise just pop the center let it relax got front jacks again I was the pony those thighs start up keep everything contracted alright last group we've got lateral jumps start off with one side back together back flat a bent forward from the hip stay low motion should be going laterally not up and over stay low let it relax why Jack's our necks oh I'm starting front how and then nice quick motion shoulder and core contracted relax lateral jumps one more time start him out the goal is to try to jump laterally the same height you are if you were laying down the ground not back I'd relax one more round that fly jack almost done here hands up start him up push as hard as you can it's our last exercise nice and quick alright I'll let it relax recover for just a second we'll be right back to do our cooldown alright everyone let's go ahead and finish this up start my timer here doing each one of these exercises for 30 seconds apiece starting off with a chest stretch to find an open piece of wall or door frame fingers facing back behind you and you're going to rotate back away from that hand if you're feeling it a lot to your forearm and it's uncomfortable just step forward a little bit if you want to feel more three or four which is really great if you sit a keyboard a lot then lean back away from it stretch out the palm at hand as well as it form constantly trying to pull that shoulder back away do the same thing on the other side switch it fingers facing back behind you rotate that chest again if it's too tight on that forearm step forward not tight enough where you want more of a stretch step back press that palm into the bat wall as flat as you possibly can and turn away should feel it through that chest a little bit in that bicep into that forearm if you're feeling too much new bicep turn the inside of your elbow to face up if you want to feel worn your bicep rotate that hands that elbow inside that elbow is facing forward that's why we're doing a quad stretch next so one hand for the same hand his foot pull it back up behind you squeeze that heel to your butt pull that fie back behind you should feel it in that quadricep make sure you're keeping your chest straight up and down same thing on the other side I switch it same hand his foot squeeze out heel to your butt as close as it's comfortable press that knee back behind you torso stir it up and down and hold it we're gonna toe touch next feet just about shoulder-width apart start with a flat back tip straight forward feel that stretch that hamstring like filled in those glutes a little bit and those calves a little bit keep those legs nice and straight you can construct a contract that quadricep and then round that back down towards those toes as far as it's comfortable again trying to keep those legs nice and straight back up when you're inside thighs so feet really nice and wide apart turn one foot out bend that knee lean back towards that straight leg should feel to the inside of that thigh on that straight leg but he is not lunging down really deep he is just to tilt your hips back towards that straight legs you're trying to drop this hip down towards the ground same thing in the other side's turn that other foot out bend that knee drop that hip down towards the ground should feel it to the inside of that thigh again hold it keep those lungs open breathing normally try to get as much oxygen to your system as you can try to recover as best as possible we're gonna sit down on the ground next soles your feet together pull those shoes in are those feet in as close as it's comfortable and then pull down with the outside of your thigh down towards the ground should feel this all the way through the inside of that thigh and into that groin was the one where a lot of people are inflexible can cause a lot of problems that hips or there's a good one to focus on all right on your stomach wait feet up back behind you hands by the basic root cage press up into a Cobra I'll lock out those elbows if that's comfortable till that head up press those shoulders down away from those ears if that's too much on your back then keep those elbows bent slightly just go up as high as it's comfortable relax sit back into those heels hands out in front of you let that back relax his hands down by those knees press into the palms round that back push those shoulders down into those hips let it relax all right guys as in of this routine I hope you guys liked it let us know what you thought in the comments section below otherwise we'll see you next time this workout it is complete


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