20-Minute Advanced Chair Cardio Workout Video You Can Do With A Foot or Ankle Injury

hey YouTube friends Caroline here and today I'm ready to take you through a chair cardio workout I've gotten lots of requests for chair cardio so my heart goes out to you this video is just for you two things before we get started I just launched a hurt foot or hurt ankle fitness program it's a full program with workout routines exercises schedules customized video playlists to help you stay active and positive when you recover from a foot or ankle injury so make sure you check that out and I'll leave the link in the description below and second thing is I'm going to start online support group for people who are coming back from foot or ankle injuries because you don't want it really hard and we could use each other to encourage each other support each other and cheer each other up through recovering from an injury so I'll be working on pulling putting together a support group and I really hope that you can join all the information will be on my website caroline jordan fitness.com okay I am so ready to share cardio with you so when you're ready sit up nice and tall and for the record I'm sitting my butt on a pillow because it feels much better than sitting on a hard chair so maybe you want to grab a pillow and of course I always check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine beep smart use your brain and if anything is going to hurt you don't do it just wait till the exercise feels right for you maybe watch the video all the way through make sure everything looks like it's good to go and then you're ready here we go take your hands down by your sides inhale deeply exhale completely again please inhale and exhale and last one inhale oh that feels good and exhale let's warm up with arm jumping jacks to take your arms out towards me and open and close so if you are a youtube subscriber you know that I love a good arm jumping jack it just opens my and stretches my shoulders and you know it makes me crack a sweat so I love doing my arm jumping jack after a long day of typing on Caroline Jordan fitness calm because my shoulders is so tight and so I just take my arms out and do some arm jumping jacks then within a minute or two I feel fabulous so right now you should feel your heart rate starting to go and you're thinking what did I sign up for Caroline chair cardio my friend chair cardio you're going to go and get that metabolism moving and get your endorphins flowing and feel so much better at the end of this video so give me a few more open and close feel that stretch in the chest and get ready to box bring those arms up ready cross box side to side so now I see some you box and some of you box like this I want you to balk like something was just stolen like you got your iPhone stolen or somebody messed with your mother and you are better like bring something in bring it down now my hair is too long for the cross and I'm getting meth in my face but you know what my arms feel fabulous so I want you to really try to that core use your stomach muscles and buck like something's was just stolen don't give me any like sissy hands you got strength in you want you to use it so here we go side side whoo my hair is going to need to open a bun in three two and log rests bring your arms up and now I want you to reach down as you pull Annie up so we go up and now again you got to be careful so if you're coming back from a foot or ankle injury don't put any pressure on that injury okay what I do want you to do is start to give me a crunch and it's called cardio chair crunch and reach you feel me you definitely feel me keep it up cardio up whoo I am sweating so much right now thank you I love sweating it's good for my skin and my happy brain right keep it up you're gonna bring those knees as close to the chest as you can big reach of the arms you're doing great three two and one we're going to jumping jacks if you go up and up now this looks kind of a freaky exercise so hopefully you're at home if you're not at home then you know just embrace the awkward embrace the awkward so I want you to really use those legs as you reach out open up lift the shoulders used to feel everything right now keep it up you're doing great if you need to bring it down a notch you just do one leg at a time or just take the arms out cuz any time you reach your arms over your head you know that makes an exercise harder so if you're not sweating right now get to it keep breathing you're doing awesome I want you to hold on for four and three two and one give me a speed bag now this is deceivingly hard and if you aren't feeling the challenge then man I need to work out with you so right now I'm giving myself a little bit of a torso crunch and you can do that too and we're going to speed back to the side so I want you to twist feedbag hoop and speed bag oh yeah feedback and speed 9 now you can always put on some like really good hip hop at home – feedback – if you accidentally hit yourself in the face don't strut I'm getting close to that – speed guys that I know yeah whoo speed bag all right two more last one this is really fun alright now when you take your legs out reach arms forward and you're going to pull back and switch so I really want to work that upper back on this pole so if you can squeeze your shoulder blades together like you're pinching the X in your sports bra or your sports bro if you're a guy no gender discrimination here alright so keep it up I want you to really squeeze this is kind of night because that speed bag was hard I got my her did it get your hurried up yeah I'm sweating this is great okay four more you got it three really squeeze last two nice job last one all right now get ready to punch so you're going to give me opposite arm opposite leg yeah okay now you gotta put on your game face because we're going to make this tough so you can stay at the speed or if you want to take it up a notch you got your game face on go little bit faster okay chair cardio it's your cardio it's supposed to get that heart rate going oh yeah we are going and we are making it a great day enter your nod you always have a choice to kick butt in life so you just remember that no matter what you have her foot you got hip pain you can still live every day and make it awesome so I'm sweating let's keep punching you've got a few more my friend you're doing great keep breathing last three last two last one whoo shake it out okay take those hands behind your head step nice and tall now all I want you to do is twist and crunch twist and crunch now again any time if one exercise doesn't fit you you just take a rest you can always get water and wait till that exercise makes you happy okay happiness is our goal feeling good is our number-one priority so I want you to take good care of yourself feel good now work that twist you should feel this in your stomach oh my goodness yes we're getting the ABS in the chair as in the chair and cardio chair workout oh yes looking good keep it up while my abs are on fire this is amazing I'm so happy we're doing this together today keep going breathe last four whoo and three smiling is a very advanced last one okay good job so now I want you to grab hold asides your seat and all you're going to do is reach both legs out towards me and in out towards me now I have a chair where the back allows me to do this so you want to make sure that the chair that you're working on allows you to do these exercises if not there's this thing called Amazon Prime it might have things towards your house in two days so get yourself a chair that you can do this workout in because especially you're coming back from an injury man you're going to need to get creative and get those chair workouts going on so I want you to really work the ABS extend the legs now if you want to you can even make it harder by taking your arms up and that's really tricky so you can see me struggle to balance I've got to use my abs so much here but it kind of feels really fun this feels like we're getting fit in the chair all right just two or just two more last one now we go spicy spice so check it out I'm going to reach and switch regional I don't know about you but that speed bag exercise was really hard we should probably try to do it one more time what do you think oh yeah I thought you'd like that you like challenge I know that's why you're here you want to do something that lifts you up that gives you a little bit of a boost works your body in your brain can we speed this up so side and side now I love the side reach because I'm getting this great stretch through my lats and it's working my inner thighs and my hips and my heart and we're going to pick it up now again if you need to go slower you just do what you need to do feel your best you are what matters I'm here to make you feel good okay so you take good care of yourself we're going to reach and reach almost there for four oh I love the chair reach two more two more last one okay here we go ready round two arms out jumping jacks yes now when I was in a boot I did our jumping jack every day every day and it just helped me get my blood flowing my heart pumping and it made me feel really good so I hope this exercise serves you and I hope it helps you just remember that you're strong and you're fit and hurt foot or hurt ankle or not you can still live an incredibly awesome life and that's why you're here so keep breathing you've got four and three two sky punch here we go oh now punch like someone stole your iPhone or my YouTube videos from you and no one messes with you so give me so our motion here we go oh and now you should really feel that core work and twist and if your hair is in a ponytail it might be a problem but you're you're bad so you just keep going you're badass that's what's up sighs I decide here we go four four three two chair jumping jack reached this is like my favorite exercise in this whole circuit so I hope you're enjoying it too big arms remember you can always take the arms out and just do the legs or just one leg at a time make it work make it feel amazing here we go huh hey we're working hard today heart rate should be up and sweating my friends I am swinging it's awesome breathe keep going for me you're almost there we get to speed bag in four three two speed bag bring it up up now this one takes some coordination so if you feel not uncoordinated eh maybe goes slower so no one you know loses a tooth because that's not why you're here so keep breathing give me some apps go for it go for it we're gonna turn to the side in four and three and two to the left here we go it's full oh yes three two and one to the right oh I hope you have some good music on in the background this is really hard and black to Rio yes coordination you might have to like look the same direction of your arms this is helping and two and one one more time four three you got it two and one last one four three two oh and take it down a notch all we're gonna do is the row remember this one squeeze the shoulder blades together Oh engage that back this is a great exercise for posture and I'm adding legs to it so you can choose to do that up to you make you feel good remember you deserve to feel good okay so breathe breathe breathe you got it last four and three two ready to punch there we go opposite arm to leg now again speed it up to you so you're feeling as you say you're like Oh Caroline need to kick out them negative thoughts you pick it up if you feel a little slower today you just go slow and I feel great stretching my hamstrings here which is awesome bonus yet you're welcome keep breathing you're doing great we're going to do the side to side in four three two side to side crunches so arms come behind your head and all I want you to do is twist this also deceivingly hard you know you look at it you think now that heart and you do it you're like whoa what's going on in my ABS this is great I feel alive get those muscles to move so strong so strong how about for three more you're amazing lap two last two last one each die good job now we're doing both legs so grab the chair lean back and all you're going to do is reach you should feel your abs again in two legs is too much you give me one if you want to up the ante you take the arms out and you go what yes.we I am working my body today I'm so happy we're doing this together so grateful I've met the best people through YouTube and you are one of them so happy that it's like platform brought us together and now we're doing really cool chair exercises online this is awesome give me four more I decide in Surrey use those as two or two last one stride described here we go side and side this is my new favorite chair exercise I hope tomorrow with something a sore whether it's your legs or your arms or your heart you remember this fun time we've shared together and you think well I'm so proud of myself for showing up and getting moving and even though I might have had this this injury or this obstacle I still found a way to do something positive for my body which is huge so keep it up you've got four reach to the side oh my goodness last two last one alright and just pump the arms March it out now you can always do this if you need to oh hey I'm not putting any pressure on my feet your ankles and I'm feeling em running and right now you're getting ready to so we are going to pick up the feet and I want you really engage yes I'm not leaning on the back of my chair I'm using my abs and it's guitar and we're going to pick it up to your game face I hope you have your game face oh my gosh I'm really happy I'm sitting on this pillow keep it up keep it up okay my heart rates go when my arteries going sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint whoa and jumping jacks here we go reach so we're going to repeat that three more times and if you're not pump it and working and sweating by the end of that last one I think you should replay this video and do it one more time okay ready and cheer run go now I'm again not putting any pressure on my feet or ankles I am pumping my arms like I'm sprinting in the Olympics oh my goodness my heart is on fire this pillow is fabulous three two jumping jacks go oh yeah okay two more um take a deep breath shake it off I want you to take this moment to tell yourself hey so I'm proud of you and I'm ready to go three and two and one oh my gosh this puts all those other chair workout on here we got some videos on YouTube just shame right there like so slow right now I'm dying my heart rates out this is hard oh and last time checks I know I was looking at chair workouts when I was hurt I'm like man this stuff is like I could fall asleep it's so easy the hard enough doesn't really work my body and here's this chair workout and this business it's hard we're gonna sprint one more time are you ready you got this three to sprint come okay last one black one really push really push oh my gosh I'm gonna jump off the feet Oh work it out heart rate up Go Go Go Go Go Go Go three two and one okay my friend just tap it out just tap it out okay that was the hardest chair workout I've ever done on YouTube and it's just for you so you know what you need to do take a deep breath and let it out do that again inhale and exhale that breath feels so good it feels so good so we're going to cool it down because you remember you workout but you got to train right you got to warm up gotta move your body gotta cool it down gotta eat foods that nourish you you got think thoughts that help you this is the whole program from start to finish not just one thing can't really make sure that the whole thing makes you feel good including this piece right so we're going to really stretch it out so take a moment take a moment some way to inhale deeply arms up and exhale twice more inhale and exhale last one inhale and exhale okay you're gonna take those arms up over your head and the tricep stretch good keep breathing and switch so I have to be honest you are the reason that I film these videos because if I can do something that helps you feel better I feel pretty good to reach the arms up TV hands behind your head stretch good I want you'll lean back off feel that stretch in the chest good then take your hands by your sides you're going to hinge forward at the hips fold down go ahead and round up oh that was nice let's do it again roll down oh I just love the stretch and lift good last one roll down oh my goodness get some spine movement huh and lift and now all we're going to do is cross one leg over reach the opposite arm up lift up and twist it so sometimes when you do a lot of chair workouts if you're doing a lot of chair workouts right now you're going to want to make sure you stretch your quads and your hip flexors so you'll definitely want to check out the video that I'll include the description below to help you with that without putting any pressure on those fear ankles okay so when you switch thighs you're going to cross and switch because we worked everything today we worked your heart in your arms in your legs in your lungs so you should feel like you got a workout you'll have to let me know in the comments below if you got sweating in this video okay bring it back to the center take your legs wide apart we'll do one more forward fold all together so you can either stay up here and just feel the stretch in your hips and groin or you can hinge forward at the hips let your arms fall in take a deep breath inhale long breath out exhale slowly roll up and sit up nice and tall so my friend that was a chair cardio workout if you liked this video you'll have to hit like and subscribe to my channel for more as always please take good care of yourself and let me know how I can help you live your very best life make sure you check out my hurt foot or her ankle fitness program for a full comprehensive program that you can use to take care of yourself when you recover from an injury I'll see you again soon at Caroline Jordan fitness calm and thank you for being part of my community and a huge part of my heart bye


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