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Hi, I’m Christina and welcome to ChriskaYoga! Today I will be sharing a 20 minute yoga routine to relax this routine will help you to calm down Unwind and relax your mind in your body. So I hope you enjoy it before we get started Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell So you don’t miss out on my free weekly yoga classes? So if you’re ready grab your yoga mat and let’s get started begin down on your hands and knees coming into Child’s Pose Touch your big toes together separate your knees apart set your hips on to your heels and relax your torso over your thighs Bring your forehead to the floor stretch your arms out in front of you Relax here. You can close your eyes if you’re comfortable with that Quiet your mind by focusing on your inhales and your exhales and remain here breathing deeply Come back up out of your child’s pose onto your hands and your knees Bring your shins parallel to one another and we’ll come into a melting heart pose keeping the hips up and back on the diagonal You’re up on your knees. Bring your forehead to the floor Reaching your arms out in front of you palms are on the floor Feeling an arch in your back open your chest towards the ground open your armpits and your heart center Towards the floor breathing here Come up onto your hands on your knees and make your way to a seated position On the ground with your legs stretched out in front of you feet flexed Sitting up tall on the two sets bones at the bottom of your pelvis on an inhale lengthen your spine On your exhale come to me forward fold Keep your arms on your shins your ankles or your feet to where ever you can reach today Looking down keeping as much length in your spine as you can Hold here Come up out of your forward fold and we’ll take a bound angle pose By bringing your feet together knees out to the side inhale lengthen the spine exhale fold forward Come up out of your forward fold and we’ll take a twist half lord of the fishes pose Bring your left foot in towards your right glute and the outer edge of the left leg on the floor cross the right leg over The left keep the right knee pointing up Bottom of your right foot on the floor if you feel like you can’t keep both hips on the ground as you’re here Feel free to straighten the left leg when you’re ready Inhale lengthen the spine and wrap the left arm around The right leg bring the right arm behind you and exhale come to a twist Keeping both sits bones, even on the floor and hold here Unwind from your twist Switch the crossing of your legs bringing the left leg on top left knee pointed up and the right heel in Towards the left glute on the floor Once again, if you cannot keep both sits bones on the ground in this position, feel free to straighten the right leg Wherever you are here inhale lengthen the spine to wrap the right arm around the left leg Bring your left arm behind you on your exhale twist around to the left Looking behind you as far as you can Breathing deeply in and out through the nose and hold here Unwind from your twist uncross your legs and come to lying on your back Hug the legs in towards the chest flexing your feet holding on to your shins with your arms or your hands Whatever is comfortable for you. You can close your eyes if you would like breathing deeply and hold Release your arms from your leg and we’ll take a supine pigeon pose or thread the needle pose Crossing the right ankle over the left thigh right knee out to the side Flex both of your feet as you lift the left leg up and hold on to the left hamstrings with both hands Hug, the legs in towards the chest feeling a stretch in the outer thigh and glute on the right side softening the hip sockets and hold Uncross the legs and switch sides crossing the left ankle over the right thigh Flexing both feet hold on to the right hamstrings with your hands hug the legs in towards your chest breathing deeply You Release your leg from your hands and From here cross the right leg over the left holding on to both ankles in both of your hands Once again hugging the legs in towards your chest feeling a stretch in the outer thighs and hold Switch legs crossing the left over the right. Hold on to your ankles Flex your feet hug the legs in and hold here Uncross your legs and we’ll take a quad stretch Hug the right leg in towards the chest holding on to the right shin with your left hand. Take your Left ankle in your right hand then place the outer edge of the left leg on the ground Prioritize keeping your low back on the floor. So if your left leg is slightly raised off the ground, that’s totally fine breathing deeply into any discomfort you might be feeling Feeling a stretch in the quad and the hip on the left side Switch legs Holding on to the left shin with your right hand holding on to the right ankle with your left hand flex your left foot Prioritize keeping the low back on the floor Feeling a stretch in the right quad and hip And release your legs from your hands Hug the legs in briefly before setting the left foot down on the floor and stretching the right leg up Towards the ceiling holding on to the right hamstrings with your hands straighten your right leg as much as you can hold here And switch placing the bottom of your right foot on the floor and knee pointed up Stretch the left leg up as far as you can holding on to the hamstrings with both hands flex the left foot hold here Release your hands from your leg. We’ll take a supine bound angle pose Place your feet to meet each other at the center line of your body and bring your knees out to the side Place your hands on your abdomen or on the ground next to you Whatever you’re comfortable We’re going to remain here for a few minutes close your eyes Deepen your breath and draw your attention in to your inhales and exhales If another thought comes into your mind as you’re trying to focus on your breath As soon as you notice the thought gently set it to the side and come back to focusing on the breath remaining here breathing deeply You And bring some gentle motion into your body as you schreeten both of your legs and Place your hands palms facing up next to your sides on the ground Close your eyes once again Relax your limbs and come back to the breath For meaning here in shavasana breathing deeply and focusing inward You Gently move your hands and your feet your arms and your legs and When you’re ready and both of your legs and roll to the right side of your body Resting there with your arm under your head for support Using your hands to help you press yourself up to a seated cross-legged position Crossing your shins flex your feet bring your hands to your legs and sit up tall take a deep breath in and out through your nose and Bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest bow your head to your fingertips Namaste, thank you so much for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed it this class if you liked it hit the like button the thumbs up share it with all of your friends Tell them about it I would really appreciate that and leave me a comment letting me know of any future yoga class requests You would like to see if you’re on this channel Let me know of any other questions you might have don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and hit that notification bell You can check me out on all other social media Facebook Instagram and Pinterest @chriskayoga And thank you so much again, and I will see you next time


  1. Such an amazing class .Feels so good.Thanks Christina!!

  2. Great class! Thanks, Christina! These are always nice to start the day! 😁

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