20 min Ab + Leg Workout In Bed! BURN BELLY & THIGH FAT ◆ Emi ◆


  1. M i the only one who found 19th exercise easiest?!!
    I DID IT ALL AND IT IS AMAZING, going to do it EVERYDAY 🙆🏻‍♀️

  2. This helped me a lot!! It was exactly what i needed! But one question: is This a daily workout routine or do i have to take a muscle break during the week?

  3. I have the worst balance😂

  4. Hey Emi!🌻 Thankyou so much for this Exercise in Bed kinda thing. I hope it will burn the same amount of fat. Love you. XOXO❤

  5. Bruh I woke up in body pains but I kinda saw some progress. My belly flatened and my legs r not jelly as before

  6. Can I lose my weight just with this workout?

  7. Can u plss do a resistance band glutee workoutt??❤️ that can target all parts of thee bootyyyy🍑

  8. I ate four pieces of Pizza (two on the lunch, two on dinner)

    I hope I burn the pizza :'D

    (Sorry for my bad english :c)

  9. مشتهيه بليز

  10. Is that for slim leg

  11. I’m so glad I found your channel I’ve been wanting to workout/exercise but I couldn’t do it but when I found this video I got so happy, I’m on my 4th day and it really helps, at first I was really sore after but that’s supposed to happen I hope this helps me, ima try to do it for 5 months 💜💜💜

  12. LET'S DO THIS <3

  13. This is my 2nd week of exercising the lower abs workout in bed and i can see the progress in my tummy it really did a thing to flattened my tummy but after 5 days of doing it in bed it made my back hurts alot so i decided to perform it in matt anyway thanks for the video

  14. This honestly is the best workout for when you hurt your tailbone and can’t do any ab workouts on the hard floor 🤣

  15. First day it was really difficult for me to do.
    Second day i enjoyed doing this workout. I did only first 10 exercise
    Third day i loved it. Doing completely.
    Fourthday i am noticing a difference it has tighten my body and is one of the best workout
    Thanku emy ❤

  16. This workout kicked my ass in the best way possible! 💚

  17. im gonna try and do this exercise everyday starting on monday , june 24th . im planning to try to do this for at least one week , maybe more if it works ! ill try my best to update you guys !

    0 – i tried this on friday just to test it for next week and i can feel a normal burn . i dont think im doing around 2-3 of these correct tho so ill be working on those exercises the most ! just a note , my waist measures 27 , hip at 33.5 , butt at 35.2 , and legs are 17.2 right , 18.2 left !

    1 –

    2 –

    3 –

    4 –

    5 –

    6 –

    7 –

  18. You said switch sides after 15 seconds…. shouldn’t it be 22.5 seconds. Hahaha I wish it was 15 seconds

    Anyways I enjoyed the workout! Keep up the great work💚💚

  19. Kk so I’ve been doing this for the past 2 days n I’m currently dying Namjesus take the wheel

  20. who else hides their face in the pillow during pillow russian twist?? this is the hardest exercise for sure omg

  21. my GOD for someone whos only been working out for about a week and a half this one TOOK IT OUT OF ME … went Straight back to sleep afterwards

  22. This is what i (literally) need, thank you so much 💜

  23. I can doing just 10 min

  24. ❤️💕love ❤️💕

  25. the workout starts at 1:03 for anyone doing this daily 🙂

  26. Thank you because im 13 and i fell to bad with my body and sometimes i cry fot that thank you for the suport in your videos for your workauts and too because you are the only person that is givin me a smile wen is talking me abaut body fat and more you are just a beutifull and amazing person i love you so much and im trying to do my best with your workauts i hope you get all your gouls be happy and have a very good live you are shuch an amazing person keep going

  27. Could you do more streaching routines :)? Maybe for slimming down the whole legs stretch routine 😅😅

  28. Waaah! Perfect timing. Thank you emi. Been doing your bed excercises. This is perfect for lazy person like me 😅😘

  29. This killed meeeee

  30. EMI you should do 30 day get fit workouts. I would love them and I know most people would appreciate it too ❤️❤️

  31. I've been following Emi's workout routines since about Mid-March (mostly her 30-40 minute hiits combined with 20 minutes of abs every day) and I have a toned flat stomach now! I feel so sexy and ready for the beach. I havent felt this confident in so so so long, thank you Emi for making exercise easy and accessible!!

  32. Hey Emi, could you please make a workout for the arms, legs/thighs and abs please?

  33. Idk if I should do this or the ten minute one for abs in beddddd

  34. I will challenge this for 30 days
    Weight 55 kg
    Waist 74 cm
    Height 163 cm

    DAY 1 : DONE
    DAY 2 : DONE
    DAY 3 : DONE

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