2 Key Exercises to Rapid Recovery for Total Knee Replacement


  1. Guys. Please do one on torn rotator cuffs. Both before and after repair. Cheers from Down Under

  2. Thanks my colleagues for sharing this lovely key 🔑 techniques ! I am applying them as well and they work ! My patients love those 2 key features ! Keep sharing and love to the community 🙏😘

  3. Who else freaked out that the video was late?

  4. If only I had seen this before my knee replacement! Will definitely keep it in mind for the other knee that's coming up next year.

  5. Just had Total knee replacement a few weeks ago told my therapist i was watching you 2 and doing some of your exercises my therapist was coming to my house 3 days a week ,THANK YOU 2 SO MUCH,my dr had ordered more therapy at the hospital but thanks to your exercises i dont need it God bless you both

  6. Could you guys make a video for ACL recovery post OP.

  7. Thanks! I haven't had knee surgery and hope to avoid it, but your vid reminded me how grateful I was for my physical therapist after rotator cuff surgery.

  8. The problem is…your not telling people your secrets ….your seeping info…I dont like that!

  9. Present these videos as if you were treating your own chilldren and God will bless you and youll get millions of viewers

  10. Yep yep yep very familiar 🙂

  11. Can you please talk about exercises after THR (hip)
    1.5 years after thp I still have problems. (age 49) thank you

  12. How long after surgery do you recommend doing these exercises? I’m 3 and a half months post op and doing well, but still have some minor soreness and stiffness. Thank you!

  13. My mom just had hers replaced

  14. 1) Good Drugs; (2) Three months of Physical Therapy 3X week; (3) Water Aerobics and water walking, swimming soon as the wound is healed (4) PILATES!!
    You’re welcome, from a veteran of two knee and two hip replacements😁

  15. Luv your vids guys!!! Please remind my fellow subscribers don’t qualify for your giveaways if you live outside the US. Many thanks & keep up the brilliant work 😊

  16. What I 'd like to know is: why would anyone give these videos thumbs down?! They are great! I've been helped so much by many of them. Thank you for offering easy to understand options for how to relieve pain and increase mobility.

  17. Do you sell the foot slider?

  18. Need another way for giveaway sign ups. Love you suggested exercises but the giveaways are a scam in my opinion. Not an easy way to sign up for them at all. Tried both sites without signing up. Have tried this in past too, with no luck.

  19. Would love to see one about recovering from hip surgery…specifically a 'reverse' PAO…still struggling with pain and severe tightness in all muscle groups affected. :/

  20. ELhandi 18.7 My knee feels really good i had the other one done a couple years ago it actually feels better than the original lol im.not running yet but im.sure i could if i wanted to but they actually recommend that you dont do alot of running or jumping you are capable of it but it can make your new joint wear out faster ,and trust me getting total knee replacement is extremely painful

  21. Your recommendations are great especially doing exercises before surgery. I have had 8 lumbar operations and had weakness as a result. Also had severe hamstring contractures . Straightening the legs was the major problem. The ice on the knee was very painful. Finally I was able to get on a stationary bicycle. When I was able to make a full circle on the pedals that was the break through. I am a physician and with 8 prior back operations I was slow to deal with the knees. Don’t wait to long to have surgery if you need an operation. Delay will only make you weaker and recovery harder.

  22. P.t .pain and torture.we are nice people sometimes.lol.the word sometimes hahahahag

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