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  1. Hey guys, sharing 2 flavours of healthy summer drinks, it refined sugar free and perfect for the summers. Do check my insta/highlights story for more info on liquid jaggery
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  2. Thank u so much aunty…..

  3. Very healthy delious drink Thanks

  4. So simple n so healthy. Awesome❤️

  5. Nice receipe mam 👌,mouth watering 🤤&healthy

  6. Best video as previous ..
    U r doing such a good job mam.
    Stay blessed💖😘

  7. YUMMY

  8. I have a pcod now I'm trying to lose my weight. Shall I use this sabja seeds?

  9. Good one. Tasty too. Thank you dear.

  10. From where we will get basil seeds?

  11. Make a video how to make liquid jaggerry at home ma

  12. Thanks for sharing nice drinks 🍷

  13. You make me love healthy food ❤️❤️

  14. Sis I just don't know how to show or share my feedback about the recipe to u "any ideas"

  15. You are adorable

  16. Hi sister how are you, the summer drinks very energetic 👌I made the lime mint drink after work as it was very hot👍absolutely refreshing tq💕 n sis Friday I made brown rice quinoa dosa with sambar superb bye❤️

  17. Really healthy and perfect for summer

  18. Mam super

  19. Thank you chechi…. Ramzan is coming . Insha allah this type of juice realy helps in our ifthar. Thank you soooo much . God bless you.

  20. Whats the difference between molasses n liquid jaggery?

  21. Can we use honey instead of jaggery please reply mam

  22. 😍useful information.

  23. I can serve for guests, healthy thank you,😊

  24. Very good video

  25. Can we use dates syrup instead of liquid jaggery??pls reply

  26. Mam is chiaa seeds and basil seeds are same?

  27. Refreshing

  28. Mam, can u plz share Ayurvedic face pack which is available in kerala side to care health and skin also plz share me mam

  29. Lot of research mam indebted, thank you.

  30. Thank you Sis.

  31. 👍👍🥰

  32. Hello mam, i am a student and now preparing for my exams… I used to drink coffee before studying to get rid of my sleepy mode and have energy…. But that had a bad effect on my skin … So cam you suggest any recipes or drink to ward off the sleepiness during morning and give energy?

  33. Liquid jaggery is already sold out

  34. Gonna try the mango mojito today

  35. TQ mam

  36. Ty

  37. Wow yummy.. your recipes are always very logical and unique. thanks ma'am.

  38. Can pregnant ladies drink this???

  39. Mam as always very nice video. I have a qstn if i cosume ragi basil drink as dinner how it will be?

  40. Mam, basil seeds and sabja are different, pl check.
    I have both the plants, basil called as tulasi also and sabja plants in my garden and seeds of both the plants are different, though they look little similar.

  41. Yami 👌👌👌💖

  42. Mango mojito looks yummm !!

  43. Yummy

  44. Trying this

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