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hi my name is Jen with the results factory and today we're gonna be showing you a great full-body circuit for your first trimester that's safe and effective you can do it by yourself or with a group of friends okay the first exercise in our circuit is going to be a sidestep to a shoulder extension alright and this exercise you're gonna need two light dumbbells and an exercise loop that goes around your ankles so as you can see she's stepping from side to side alternating feet working her glutes she's keeping her core tight and drawn in as much as possible as her shoulders are coming up she's keeping her core tight so she's getting a nice workout on her shoulders a little bit of triceps but definitely her glute muscles you can repeat this for 30 seconds and then go ahead and rest for two seconds and go on to your next exercise so for the second exercise of your circuit you're only going to need an exercise loop and again it's around your ankles for this exercise you're really working your glutes but you're focusing on keeping your core tight and your hips square right in front of you you're gonna repeat alternating legs for 30 seconds and then you're gonna rest 15 seconds before you go on to your next exercise for the third exercise you're just gonna need a set of dumbbells you can go between three and ten pounds for these depending on how you're feeling so this exercise we're going to be sitting back like almost like you're in a chair if you feel uncomfortable or off-balance go ahead and put a chair behind you for this so you're gonna sit push through your heels and press the weights up tummy's tight butt is tucked up as you're coming up make sure that your knees don't go in front of your toes you're gonna repeat this for thirty seconds and then rest 15 seconds and till your next exercise again so for your last exercise of the circuit you're just going to need a one pair of dumbbells between three and ten pounds what you're gonna be doing is alternating lunges stepping back coming up to an arm curl this exercise is using your glutes your quads and your biceps you're always going to be keeping your core tight on the way down and the way up again something to remember is as she lunges down keep your knee behind your toe you're gonna repeat this for 30 seconds again rest 15 seconds and then you're gonna start the circuit over again hey so as you can see during your first trimester you can do everything that you were doing prior to being pregnant if you have high energy days go a little bit harder and if you have low energy days just take it easy feel your body out if you have any questions please call your doctor or a pre post natal certified trainer thanks for joining us today and please subscribe to us you


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