19 Bodyweight HIIT Exercises

hey guys pork and redefining string and today I want to share some great bodyweight hit exercises with you if you really want to get your sweat on get your cardio on then you'll love these moves and if you love these moves you'll love my cardio burner cards there's some great series to help you burn fat build strength all with bodyweight me and some fun sort of strength ones that aren't the traditional cardio for those of you who don't like cardio if you liked the video make sure to like it comment below if you have any questions and subscribe we're posting new videos each week plus if you want your cardio burner cards check the video description for a link enjoy [Applause]


  1. Get your arm burner cards here: https://tinyurl.com/y2m3xatn

  2. Picked up a few new moves THANK YOU!!

  3. Merci pour toutes vos vidéos 👍💪

  4. Brain training, love the coordination aspect of a lot of your exercises!

  5. Also a lot of your routine's because of body weight only reduce the risk of injury and can be done absolutely anywhere. Live long live well and please please continue the great work. people will be inspired by your videos thus getting them of their butts thus prolonging life. Feel good sister.peace..

  6. Thats great workout
    Will try it on this coming monday

  7. Awesome work out

  8. Great hiit program and great music. Kiwi forgot to mention the name of the exercise she was doing.😂🥝

    Where did you get this music from? And also the one in one of your intros from old videos.

  9. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. I’m a dance fitness instructor here in Vegas and I’m constantly taking exercises from you. Thank you sooo much, plus I love your pup he’s so cute❤️

  10. Hi thank you so much for wonderful workout. Secondly, I live in India and I want to purchase your cards, can you tell me how ?

  11. awesome workouts

  12. Just left the gym couple hours ago. I should have watched this vid tomorrow. I’m hyped and tired at the same time‼️🤣🤣

  13. These moves take things to a whole new level! 💜 I will definitely be stealing a lot of these moves. Ha! Ha! 😉😁

  14. 👍🏽🤘🏽💪🏼🔥🔥💙😘

  15. I didn’t see the link to the cards? 🧐. Pls comment with the link 🤓

  16. I can do hiit in this music 😉 Question- why the front of my shoulders seem to be the weak points during push ups?

  17. Thank you very much for all your videos – they are always excellent, if somewhat beyond me 😄

  18. Hi Cori! You are shredded!! Love the fighter practice part, my favorite. Thanks, Coach! 👍🏾

  19. These are superb. Actually something I can use to effectively start up with again at home. Thanks for making this video. ❤️

  20. thank you, it's done well I'll study them and introduce them into my program …

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