17 Best Energy Supplements & Nootropics

we live in a very challenging time when most people are sleep deprived and under severe stress and therefore many search for different ways to boost their energy especially in the recent years a lot of people have been searching and taking different supplements vitamins nootropics and so on that could improve their energy throughout the day now I have decided to conduct a very detailed research and find the most effective and the best supplements that have scientifically proven effects and benefits on improving your energy so which are the best supplements on the market let's find out hey what's up Drac you're the founder of your inception welcome to my channel where you can on top secrets about new topics subscribe below to start a journey a lot of people have been asking me recently hey Greg how can I increase my energy you know how can I have more energy throughout the day how can I wake up in the morning and you know get this immediately energy boost is capping the best way to do that or other alternatives now you know a lot of people what they do they drink coffee I also drink coffee now and then that's fine there's nothing wrong with that but you know that's not the only way how you can boost your energy some are people take a power nap during the day some are people again they try to improve their sleep and all those things are very good very effective I have nothing against them even you know I personally take a power nap now and then but again what I want to do in this video I'm gonna show you the best supplements that can not only boost your energy in a short term but also provide long-term benefits and at the end of this video I'm gonna share with you the most effective supplements and the tropics tax for boosting your energy oh and just before I share with you all those supplements I want to tell you what else can you expect from taking the supplements so of course the first thing is improving your energy second fingers is improving your cognition so if you take certain supplements your focus can improve your attention can improve your memory can improve you can become more productive and you know all those supplements can provide all those benefits that you just mentioned and you know many of those supplements that we can mention this video provide all those benefits another thing is better athletic performance so certain supplements can improve your tatak performance can allow you to run faster work harder you know and they're very very beneficial so not only that your cognition improves but also your performance so your physical performance can also improve some supplements can also improve your mitochondrial function so I'm sure you heard about mitochondria before I don't want to go into this right now but keep in mind certain supplements can actually influence the performance of mitochondria in your body in your cells and why is this so important is because you actually hit or actually target you know the main energy source of your body I mean this is so important and there's a lot of research going on a lot of supplements are coming on the market that provides such benefits keep this in mind and last but not least a lot of supplements that we're gonna talk about can also reduce your stress levels actually some adaptogen herbs that we're going to talk about they first decrease your stress levels and consequently your energy levels improves so this is very very beneficial again not only to have a lot of energy but also to work in a relaxed state of mind not being under severe stress this is very very crucial so having said this let's check out the main supplements firstly I wanna start with ashwagandha ashwagandha is a herb used in the traditional medicine for centuries and it is a very known adaptogenic herb actually so it provides a whole range of benefits among a lot of benefits the main one important for you guys is that it can increase power output that's why it's so popular and you can find in many supplements and many nootropic stacks for improving your energy now the recommended daily dosage is between 300 to 500 milligrams per day and that's about it now if you want to read more about ashwagandha or any other supplement that we're gonna cover in this video you're gonna find all the links below so don't worry you can read everything about the supplements you can order them whatever if you have any questions guys also don't hesitate contact me alright let's move on the second one is rhodiola rosea rhodiola rosea is also an adaption herb very very popular herb that is known to be able to decrease our stress levels and by decreasing our stress the consequences more energy Radio Larissa is very very effective herb and is very popular you can find in many in topic stacks again now the recommended dosage is somewhere between 50 milligrams to 700 milligrams per day but most atrophic stacks and most supplements contain around 50 milligrams per day that's kind of at the standard again if you want to read more about rhodiola check it out below the next one is caffeine and l10n now i have caffeine here I have a coffee bulletproof coffee actually and my favorite type of coffee I always made before shooting such videos and you know caffeine is the most widely used stimulant on the market it's very popular and I think I cannot even imagine how 50% of all people in the world will live without drinking coffee now why do I mention Altoona now altunin is the mineral acid that you can get usually in a green tea for example it's a very popular amino acid again but why does those two compounds give it together like what's the real secret behind them now if you combine hundred milligrams of caffeine with around 200 milligrams of alt in it what's gonna happen is you're gonna have a lot of energy you're gonna get a typical energy boost that usually coffee provides but you can avoid the typical caffeine crash that follows after a couple of hours of drinking coffee so because you know when you drink coffee you get this boost and then the crash happens but we're adding alt ending to this mix that's not gonna happen and also you'll be a bit more relaxed and you'll be able to work a bit longer so this is a very great mix you can buy it already and in a special supplement links are gonna be private below and it's very very effective the next one is vitamin B Toph so obviously vitamin b12 is not known to be an energy booster right I mean did you hear anyone talking about you know I think this vitamin b12 capsule just some more energy yeah that's not gonna happen but why is the vitamin b-12 so important besides all other functions that it has in our body is because it plays a very important role in the process of transforming our food to energy and if you know the fact that most people especially the United States are vitamin b12 deficient especially older you know riskier groups such as vegans elderly people and so on then you can imagine that a lot of people suffer you know because they do not get enough vitamin B for per day now personally I do recommend supplementing it it's very beneficial now what I found out is that most experts kind of recommend supplementing somewhere between 250 to 500 micrograms per day this is kind of like the sweet spot is this how it should be should it take it more or not I mean do consult your doctor before supplementing it but this is kind of why the sweet spot and you're gonna you know most supplements contain somewhere around this there's a vitamin b12 by the way guys I almost forgot do you drink coffee let me know in the comment section below that we really get to know the next supplement that we're gonna talk about is coins and q10 a very popular compound into the recent years you can find in many supplements man in the tropics tax and why is this very interesting is because first of all it is naturally made in our body so this is a very natural compound that our body makes by itself so this is very important to know now what's the real role of coenzyme q10 well one important role is that our cells use cones and q10 to make energy now there have been studies done that whenever people like coenzyme q10 they have less energy and they feel more fatigued and supplementing coenzyme q10 has been shown a very effective so that's why I also recommend it now the recommend daily dosage is somewhere between 30 to 90 milligrams per day and you can take this up to three times per day alright the next supplement we can talk about this pqq now the whole name I sorry guys but I just cannot pronounce it's so challenging but the whole name you can is written below but if you're in this industry if you know a little bit about supplements then you probably heard about pqq before and by the way guys most people just use the short version now ppq is actually an entropic and very popular topic in the recent years and if you can also find in many of the tropics tax and why is it so important for us is because it plays an important role in the production of mitochondria now we talked about the mitochondria before we know how important they are for the you know energy that comes from our body and you know pqq supplementing you can actually increase the production of mitochondria and the cool thing is that pqq works very well with coins and q10 that's why you're gonna find both supplements usually together in a nootropic stack now the recommended daily dose that you someone between two to 40 milligrams per day cool let's continue with the next one jin-sang especially panax ginseng is another adaptogen herb like radio larry cell we mentioned before that is very popular because it can boost our energy levels it can decrease our stress levels and it has a whole variety of other benefits now one thing that I have to mention is that current studies on the effectiveness of panax ginseng or ginseng on improving our energy levels are to show very mixed results okay but what has been proved and what has been shown is supplementing ginseng can actually decrease our stress so that's why it is very very beneficial for us to take or to supplement it now the recommended dosage is some routine 200 to 400 milligrams taking up to 2 times per day by the way guys I have revealed 7 special secrets about the tropics that no one else will tell you about to get them don't want my free handbook below all right guys let's continue with creatine now criative is one of the most if not the most research supplement on the market I mean there there be so many studies that it is just amazing and if you're a big fan of going to the gym I'm sure you heard about creatine before and if you didn't you know keep in mind it at least let's say 30 to 50 percent of people in the gym around you probably supplement it now why is creating so interesting it is because it's acts as a source of energy in our body creatine is very effective when we need a lot of energy in a very short period and very advanced or challenging mental or physical activity that's a lot of people take it before going to the gym for example or doing any kind of hard training now there are different ways of how you can supplement creatine now my favorite is taking 3 to 5 milligrams per day every single day and of course it has to be taken in a longer period that's what's recommended cool another one is Hooper's in a who person a has been you know increasing and its popularity in recent years a very effective and very popular in the tropic that can be found a ser on the tropics tax on the market and huperzine a is so interesting because it can may increase our mental energy so what does it really do well it actually decreases our tiredness and usually then in fact comes that you know we have more energy we feel better in a better mood also and of course who person it can provide a whole bunch of our benefits such as improved memory and cognition and even alertness the recommend that it does to sound between 30 to 100 micrograms per day alright let's continue with lion's mane mushroom lion's mane mushroom is a very very popular mushroom a very strong and in fact it called it to enhancer that you can really not miss nowadays you can find so many in the tropics tax it's it's really an amazing supplement now this is one of the most effective brain stem owns that has been shown or actually it is known as a very effective natural energy booster now the recommended dosage is somewhere between 500 to 1000 milligrams per day taking it up to three times per day but most atopic stacks contain somewhere between 250 to 500 milligrams alright guys those were the add most effective very interesting very potent supplements that can boost your energy now there are some others that you should also keep in mind there is turbo ma TT very effective tea that has this special taste and a lot of caffeine that can instantly boost your energy provide a whole range of our benefits it's a very potent antioxidant and I recommend it combining it with you know drinking coffee in the morning and then drinking jeremiad tea in the afternoon again as with all our supplements that we manage then you can find all the additional information below then we have Dorian Dorian is a another stimulant basically that you can find in many energy drinks this one has a lot of potential side effects that you should be really careful before supplementing it then we have some amino acids such as al cars such as citrulline and tyrosine now again all additional information about those amino acids that can provide not just physical but also mental energy can be found below now we should also mention beetroot which is a food that people often eat because it is believed that it can increase our energy and less but not least there's a our lipoic acid which is another topic that provides a whole range of benefits but it can also play an important role in increasing the energy in our body all right guys we just covered 17 oh it's not 17 very very effective nootropics supplement amino acids herbs and so on that can improve your energy levels and now what I want to do is as I promised you at the beginning of this video I want to share with you the most effective nootropic stacks or supplements text so stacks that have combined all those compounds together that can increase your energy now first of all i want to mention performance love energy obviously has the names says you know this supplement was designed to improve your energy now keep in mind that performance life energy does not provide a short-term benefit there is no special energy kick or at least not a strong one that you're gonna feel when you you know supplement or you take a couple of capsules of performance lab energy now what's gonna happen of course it's it's gonna provide a whole range of benefits especially you know it's gonna provide an energy that's gonna come in a long term you know because what does it do its targets your mitochondria in your body so it really goes to the foundation of the energy in our body and that's how it'll show us we gotta have a lot of energy the long-term now another interesting with tropics that I want to manage is called quality of mind now quality of mind was originally designed to help you improve your cognition to make you more productive to improve your memory and so on and of course one of the things that quality of mind does it also increases your energy it contains caffeine it contains 10 it contains many other supplements that we just mentioned and you know qualia is definitely one of the most effective if not the most effective nootropics that on the market now are there any other supplements of course they are so what I've prepared for you guys there's a special link below with you know all additional information about the supplement the best entropic stacks on the market for improving your energy I'm constantly updating this list so you know check it out you're gonna have all additional information they're also about you know the individual compounds that we mentioned before in this video cool guys thank you for watching this video and you know thank you for staying so long with me because this has been a bit longer video usually make aperture videos but you know I really wanted to share all those additional information with you don't forget subscribing on my channel don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram and of course I hope this is soon guys


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  2. Do you make your BP coffee vegan? If so how do you do it?
    I combine MCT oil + Cacao butter with a french pressed coffee.
    Is it normal for the oil partially raise to the top and create a darker layer on top?

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