15-Minute Desk Workout

hi I'm Nicole one of spark people's fitness experts today I'm going to lead you through a really short office workout that you could do with the desk in your own home or at work before you start this workout you should have done a quick warmup either marching in place or walking around your office or outside really quick what you will need as far as equipment goes is just your body weight you'll need a sturdy chair without wheels and access to a sturdy wall other than that we're ready to get started so we're gonna begin at the wall we're gonna start with some wall squats so standing with your back straight up against the wall you're just gonna kick those feet outs that they're coming in at an angle towards the wall pull those abs in nice and tight from here is you inhale you're gonna lower down against the wall exhale slowly push it up trying to keep your back flat against the wall the whole time as you're lowering down it's up to you how low you want to take it the goal is to get those thighs parallel to the floor or even a little bit deeper if you can as you can see my knee is right in line with the ankle as I'm squatting down if you notice your knees coming out over your toes you just kick those feet out a little further from the wall make sure you're breathing steady here a few more reps inhale as you lower exhale as you push it up keep those shoulders down and back abs pulled in tight four more here here's four big exhale up three – last one take it slowly all the way up go ahead and bring those feet and slowly we're moving into lunges now using that wall taking a nice wide stance I have the left leg forward here right toe is back on the floor heel is up against the wall facing forward abs in tight inhale slowly lower it down exhale push up shoulders should be down and back just like with the squats that knee should be right there in line with the ankle if you notice you're leaning forward here take the feet out a little bit further apart think about lowering straight down and straight up keep on breathing few more repetitions pull those abs in keep the shoulders down this one should feel a little more challenging than if you were to do squats on earth lunges on your own four more here's four three two last one go ahead and push it up bring that back leg together step it forward switching over to that right leg now nice wide stance between those feet when you're ready absent tight inhale lower exhale push up think about using those ABS to keep your posture up nice and tall shoulders down try not to lean forward here take this at your own pace it's up to you how low you want to lower into that lunge big exhale up few more repetitions and five this is for keep on breathing pull those abs in to last one step that back leg forward we're moving into calve raises now using that wall to assist you for your balance take those feet out a little bit but wider than the hips turn the toes outward just slightly pull the ABS in shoulders down and back exhale lift those heels up and he'll slowly take it down think about standing up nice and tall you're just using that law to assist you for your balance if you need it heels are reaching up as high as you can go be in control as you're slowly lowering it down keep breathing five more here this is five four exhale up last two last one and slowly take it down we're moving into a wall pushup next to work the chest so turn to face that wall taking your hands out nice and wide right there in line with the shoulders lift up so you're on your toes the heels are up off the floor abs in tight in a straight line slowly lower your body towards the wall exhale push it up try to keep your head and neck right there in line with your spine the whole time and again you can adjust your range of motion to make this a little easier take it not as close to the wall or bring your head and chest all the way down near it to increase your intensity few more here last four keep that breath going this is screen – one more all the way down and up slowly exhale push it up we're moving into another variation of the push-up this one will focus more on the biceps and triceps it's called a closed arm pushup so you can place your thumbs and pointer fingers together like a triangle then we're moving back into the same position with the arms close together up there on your toes hands are right there in line with the shoulders exhale lower it down and Hale push it up straight line is coming down towards that wall it's never just your chest lowering always taking everything from the shoulders down to the toes down to the wall and back breathing steady take to set your own pace notice how you're feeling that's born your biceps and triceps the onso and elbows are a little bit closer to the body than they were on that first push-up that we did keep those abs in three more here's two exhale up last one and slowly push it up drop those heels back down we're moving into the chair exercises next so you'll need that sturdy chair make sure it doesn't have any wheels on it we're going to start with dips to work the triceps so I'm going to take an overhand grip of the edge of that chair then we're just gonna lift the body up arms are close to your sides Albert's are going to point back here I'm going to start out in an easier version of this exercise notice how my knees are bent and the feet are flat close to the body we're inhaling lowering it down as far as you want to go exhale push up shoulders should be down and back abs pulled in tight the whole time notice how the elbows are pointing backwards and not out to the sides you should feel this in your triceps right away if you want to increase your intensity here all you have to do is take those feet out a little further and the most advanced option would be straightening the legs taking it up to your heels you can vary between any version that you want to try make sure you're breathing steady exhaling did you push it up for more keep those abs in this is too last one all the way down slowly push it up go ahead and have a seat back on your chair you want to be sitting up nice and tall here leaning into the back of your chair if you want shoulders are down and back abs pulled in tight we're gonna be working the legs now holding onto the sides of your chair pull those abs in we're gonna start on the right side you're gonna exhale lift that knee up into a hip flexor notice how the back of your thighs up off the chair you're gonna kick it forward extending from the knee bend it in and release it down try to keep that knee up and sit up really tall with good posture keep that head and neck forward toes kickin up towards the ceiling as you extend that leg remember to take this at your own pace and keep that breath going steady a few more repetitions here should be feeling this across the front of the thigh especially near the hip five more make sure you're breathing this is four three two last one bring it in slowly release it down we're doing that same exercise on the Left where you focus your position abs in shoulders down and back grip the side of that chair starting on the left flex it up extend up and down take this in a range of motion that's comfortable for you but remember you are trying to bend bringing that knee up getting the back of your thigh off of the chair underneath you keep that foot flexed toes should be pointing up towards the ceiling as you extend that leg few more here keep the ABS in sit up nice and tall five more and four here's three keep breathing steady one more time all the way up with that knee extend slowly bring it in and down we're moving into a quick ab exercise still on your chair so for this one you want to scoop further away from the back of your chair bring it closer to the edge shoulders are down and back abs pulled in tight we're going to grip around the sides of that chair from here though I want you to lean back slightly till you feel those abs engaged we're gonna hold it right here in this position taking the knees up towards the chest we're gonna exhale lift it in inhale release it down focus on the ABS here use those abdominal muscles to stay in control of your legs don't let your posture fail that position we started in leaning back slightly you want to stay there then again you can make this a smaller range of motion you can make it a little bigger and you can rest those toes down on the ground as long as you need to in between each rep we have five more keep breathing exhale as you lift those legs this is three two last one and slowly drop it down we're getting ready to cool down and stretch now all you're going to need is your chair sit up nice and tall not leaning into your chair back abs in shoulders down let's start with some side bends to each side we're gonna exhale down to the left take it up inhale down to the right and bring it back up think about this movement coming from your waist abs are pulled in tight if you want to feel a stretch and of strengthening on each side of your torso so we're getting ready to cool down and stretch after this one think about relaxing in this movement slowing down that breath gradually taking deeper breaths in and out nice steady breath that head and neck stays right there in line with your spine doesn't lean to each side sit up nice and tall two more here and last one and bring a backup all right we're done with the strengthening segment now we're gonna move into some quick stretches that you can do at your desk any time so to start we're just gonna be sitting into our chair sit it up nice and tall shoulders down and back let's start with small shoulder rolls forward let those arms hang at your side taking it forward in small circles relaxed breath one more hair and let's take it backwards let that breath slow down try to relax and release some tension and one more leave those shoulders down and back in place let's take our left arm across the chest hugging it under on the underside of that elbow dropping the shoulder down and away from your ear just hold it here relax into this stretch for your shoulder make sure you're still sitting up tall and switch it over to the opposite arm grab below that elbow relax the shoulder down and let's switch it back over to the left arm we're going to take that elbow up overhead trying to place your palm flat on the center of your back you can hold on to that elbow at the top for additional support breathe steady and remember to never stretch to the point of pain you always want to feel just a slight discomfort and switch sides and relax those arms down take a deep inhale reaching those hands up towards the ceiling exhale pulling your elbows down and back like you're bringing your shoulder blades together at the center of your spine this is a great stretch when you're sitting at a desk all day release it down let's do that one one more time inhale reach up exhale pull those shoulder blades together releasing the elbows down and back from here we're gonna lace those fingers right behind your back at the base of your seat opening up that chest you can relax your head down to get a little neck stretch at the same time make sure you're still sitting up tall and bring that head up release your arms let's take those fingers out in front and rounding that back like you're making a scoop with your belly and take those shoulders back down into place we're gonna finish with a couple neck stretches one more time let's take the chin down towards the chest just relax in this position breathing steady keeping the shoulders back and take the head up let's reach the chin up towards the ceiling and bring it forward now we're gonna take that right ear down towards the right shoulder tilting the head towards the side keep those shoulders relaxed and last stretch switching that over to the other side relax that ear down towards your shoulder and slowly bring that head up we finished our office workout we went through one set of strength and stretching exercises if you would like to do two or three sets you can just repeat this video one or two more times and for more office workout ideas visit spark people.com thanks


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  3. Pardon my ignorance, what's this "axtail" she's talking about? Or am I mis-hearing it?

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  6. keep a windbreaker and an old/spare pair of sneakers in the office. fixes that problem nicely.


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    How did you get a video of 15 minutes on youtube? 🙂


  10. Excellent workout for office workers! Thanks!

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  13. What about when you only have partitions and not real walls?

  14. i love this! i do it every single day for a little pick me up…can you do more of them? quick, like this one…

  15. I love this workout! It's perfect for a small cubicle and can be done while on conference calls! Definitely helps to keep you active when you have a desk job. Thanks!

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  17. I thought this one was going to be too easy, but the close-arm wall pushups and tricep dips did give me a little challenge. Not my fav SP video, but kind of what I expected with the limitations you'd have making a video that can be done in the office.

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