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hello everyone I'm coach Kozak an asset and this is my 15 minute and inner strength workout the only equipment you're going to need is a lucky pair of dumbbells most males we use between a 5 to attend a pair of dumbbells we're most females we use between the three to eight pound pair the only other group that you might need is a man for exercise depending on the surface you working out on this is a total body workout I'm gonna do it with you let's do this okay we're gonna start with your back bend over back step 45 degree angle back row one at a time keeping your shoulders Square and your elbows down to keep your back straight not for old over back straight shoulders retracted goes all the way back we're doing each one of these exercises for 30 seconds when you get as many as you can in it push yourself but at the same time don't worry yourself oh okay next set one dumbbell down we're gonna do is called a goblet swap the dumbbell trunk feet shoulder-width apart but back all the way down all the way up good make sure you put your weight your hips I'm just getting started first time doing the squat you might have to be able to go as far down with me that's okay the most important part is you put your butt back first then you sit back over the top here just a couple more and grab that second dumbbell we're good see soft shoulder press little bend your knees going left okay okay alternating left and right all the way down all the way up I'm gonna make sure you curl your pinkie in as you come up curl your feet unison all the way down alright guys are doing great keep it up ten more seconds of this one good make sure we're breathing throughout all of these movements it's gonna be a long 15 minutes if you forget to breathe alright good alright hit the ground keeping your dumbbells either flat we're gonna do a line chest press press the dumbbells all the way up then gently kissing the ground with our arms good breathe all the way up all the way down five more seconds on this one four three two one good dumbbells down put your hands under your butt and small on your back legs off straight and I want you to bring your knees up nice and controlled if you have to you can rest your feet in between but I wanted you to try to fight to keep your feet up the whole time good few more seconds of this one guys are doing great and break out of his feet now take your dumbbells with this is called the RV out feature at the park your buck goes back up goes forward keep your back straight as you lower back up buck back but forward those shoulders retracted heads up the whole time you feel stretch in the back of your legs and in your butt I want you to come down to mid-shin and back up one more all right good set one dumbbell down we're gonna do a overhead tricep extension two hands on the stumbo a little diamond grip overhead elbows are in all the way up all the way down make sure both arms are working don't just let one arm take over right keep your elbows in all the way up all the way down good job guys just a couple more people working in the back of the arms and last one good okay grab that second dumbbell we're gonna raise your elbows up and back down dumbbell upright row keep a good posture when you bring your elbows Isaac come and back down not hands high but elbows high back down good just a couple more we're almost done with this first round three two one zero okay great all right we're going back into the seesaw elbows are in I'm at 45-degree angle and we're pulling keep that back straight and we're breeding after your weight your hips working your back out good nice and control don't get too crazy four three two one all right set one down golden one we're gonna do the goblet swap elbows are in feet shoulder-width apart but back but back first time these squats breathe as far down as you can drop and wait the hips not on the knees breaking the but first but first and that means very important to keep your knees safe and healthy good job more now you seem controlled all right great grab that second dumbbell there do an overhead dumbbell shoulder press little weight in your foot right all right good weights in your hips your back straight all the way up all the way down start the burner and I am – don't worry about it become great state oh okay good download later side to the next month we're going to do a calf raise a bottle balls your feet all the way up all the way down good and remember you gotta have your diet in order to working outs not enough work not only half the battle make sure you check out a Spitz website got three guys are losing fat good breathe way up all the way down couple more all right excellent actually doing an alternating dumbbell curl left and right all the way up all the way down not eager and swinging all crazy but one all the way up all the way down before the next one starts good job do an excellent ten more seconds on this one just a couple more and break on the ground keeping your Dumbo's with you we're doing that lying chest press all the way up all the way down excellent you guys are doing great what about halfway through the workout five more and great okay dumbbells at your side hands on your butt the reason I'm gonna put our hands on our there sue that helps take the pressure off your lower back around this one you're gonna lie knee rates all the way up all the way down good remember if you have to you can rest your feet on the floor in between but we're trying to work towards giving your feet up the whole top good job just a few more this one this will strengthen your lower back your book and your hamstrings good job your head up keeping your head up up your back straight it's a little trip just a few more yeah great okay we're gonna set one dumbbell down grabbing that dumbbells little dining grip overhead tricep extension keeping the elbows in all the way up all the way down get a nice full range of motion remember you both are equally don't let your strong heart take over don't want any imbalances good job keep it up just a few more reps okay grab that second dumbbell do a dumbbell upright row bring your elbows up and keep your shoulder back the whole time this won't break your upper back for your traps you're breathing almost on the ground to keep pushing keep pushing just a few more three two one great job all right everybody 35 around we're gonna do that seesaw roll and then over apples are in last time of this one 30 seconds because many rows we can breathe your elbows in back straight good job ten more seconds that's the lift three two one all right set one dumbbell down switch into the goblet squat weight back in your butt sit all the way down all the way up great sit so far not much less less than five minutes to go good job think about how good you're gonna feel about yourself when you're all done with this just one day at a time keep coming back little by little we're gonna reach that goal together come on and great okay good grab that second coming up weight in your hips we're gonna do a seesaw row left right it's 30 seconds as many as we can in but in a controlled fashion keep pushing I know you're gonna want to let these rest but don't keep them going only ten more seconds good job almost there three two one all right down those to your side we're doing that calf raise all the way up on the balls of your feet all the way down all the way up nice it's all a little bit on your knees as we do this one we're halfway there make sure to check out a Spitz website for our 3 30 day challenge to get in shape more great workouts just like this I'll give you the variety you need the motivation you need to keep moving all right and last one now alternating curl left right all the way up all the way down to your shoulders back and no swing make your biceps do all homework great job ten more seconds just a few more 4 3 2 1 all right hitting ground we're gonna do that line chest press great one for your shoulders your chest and your triceps back your arm all the way up all the way down go bounce off the ground nice and controlled just kiss the ground and back up excellent you guys are doing so great probably keeps making it this far but I'll have much left a couple more minutes all right excellent dumping down on your side and as you run here but lie near a good full range of motion last seven of these this is a great one to tighten up that lower stomach a little lower belly pooch really hot area good just a few more okay on your feet grab your dumbbells doing that are do look back look forward but before feel that stretch in the back side I'm not going to keep your back straight that means your shoulders back don't let around over go round there good job how's it doing great only a few more on this one five four three two one all right setting one dumbbell down keeping one overhead dumbbell tricep extension keeping good posture all the way up all the way down one for the back of those arms good it less than a minute to go what your buddies are doing keep pushing with me push yourself to the very end almost there good good good and last one go got that second dumbbell okay last 30 seconds for the day home stretch everybody we're almost there 30 seconds and you're all up good elbows high shoulders are back 15 seconds almost there come on give me everything you got don't put earlier whatever you do don't quit early I think you can do this you can do it come on five four three two one zero excellent great work everyone if you keep coming back in the state consistent you will see results and you will get that body that you're looking for make sure you check out estimates website for hundreds of free additional workouts our 330 and ninety eighty complete fitness programs diets to lose or gain weight like us on our Facebook fan page for the best daily motivation please subscribe to this youtube channel so we can keep this great server discreet and while you're red stop by our store pick up a t-shirt or poster to help keep you motivated I'm coach goes after pass fit and I'll see you at your next workout


  1. LETS DO THIS!!!

    DAY 1✅
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  2. Thanks john. Your work out is the greatest.

  3. hello guys.this is my day 1.i've worked out with 3kg (both arms total 6kg) and i only accomplished the first set he did (till 5:51).every day i will write my work.thanks for video btw

  4. We love you ELON MUSK 😂😂😂

  5. Is 3kg weights ok?

  6. Thank you for posting this workout on Youtube!

  7. I'm a skinny person but started to get a bit of a belly from all the cans I tend to drink. I've been trying to do this vid for 5 days I always get to the 3rd round and am dead my arms just can't do more. I'm 24 a vegetarian (Don't hate me :P) and have never done any exercise. Will this help me get muscles and how long do you think it will take before I can do the full 17 mins ? Any advice would be appreciated. I also feel like the exercise on the balls of your feet does nothing I don't really feel a strain anywhere when I do that one more info on it would be great!

  8. Thank you for making a workout that doesn't make me wanna break down and cry halfway through bc i feel too insecure and stuff. I actually completed this without difficulty tho i only did it with 1 kg bc that was the heaviest water bottle i could find in my house and i don't own any weights so i'm gonna have to change that~

  9. I’m 13 and I use a 15 pound dumbbell

  10. How long do I do this to see some good results

  11. I wouldnt change a thing….I have lost 15 lbs in 2 months just working out 15 min a day and watching my diet!!

  12. This is my very first HASfit video… I’ve since signed up for the annual subscription 🙂

  13. Thanks coach Kozak

  14. Does it burn chest fat?

  15. Will this remove belly flab?. I’ve been doing his workout for 2 days and failed the 3rd day, I need some motivation spoken into me, please help

  16. Would this help lose weight if you did it once a day?

  17. I’m skinny can I do this workout Monday Wednesday Friday and then do another one of your workouts Tuesday Thursday

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  19. Is this a daily workout or is it better every other day?

  20. Oh wow! I didn’t die ☺️
    I’ll be back tomorrow 👋🏽

  21. Can i do this every day? Answer plsss

  22. Can i lose fat also here?

  23. Can i do this in the evening?

  24. How many calories am I burning in this workout? Male, 6’2”, 208lbs, using 8 lb dumbbells.

  25. Does this help you get abs as well?

  26. Elon Musks spawn everyone.

  27. Still at it, the exercise is great.

  28. Thank god I found you u really helped me out

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