15 Minute AB Workout – Fitness Series With Romee Strijd

Hey look at it so I'm back and today we're filming our 15 minutes at work out and I've uploaded at 59 foot workout before so I can combine it you can either and initial cardio or community cardio and 15 minutes of black never do next am I trying to reach just a ride he's going to help me to show you guys my favorite jackknife thirty seconds one side and switched to the other five four three two other side three two and one flutter kicks great three two and fifteen more seconds in five four three two time three two four three two they don't know five four three two yep so we're done you can do


  1. I love

  2. Rhys…that reminds me of Rhysand

    ACOTAR anyone?

    Just me?


  3. Hey guys i did this workout for 3 weeks and results are amazing,I have lost 1.4kg and now i have abs,i lost 6 cm from my waist,also i did her butt workout.I eat healthy and i eliminate sugar!

  4. Those side planks at the end, are killing me

  5. Ordered this ball to add to workout at home!

  6. I’ve been doing this since 2018 until now😍thank you for sharing it change me a lot 👍

  7. Please an inner thigh WORKOUT 🏋🏽‍♀️

  8. calories burned?

  9. Can you do a leg workout

  10. Did anyone else just die after doing this, how does she still look perfect?

  11. Awesome 15minutes 🔥

  12. Sei molto bella.. Forse in paio di kg in più..

  13. Romee this is such a good exercise! Though everything hurts thank you!! 😂

  14. That guy looks like he has one of those fake noses you can buy at the novelty shop. A prime jewish specimen.

  15. That second round really kills😩🤩

  16. Hey❤️ I am going to do this workout for 1 week

    Please LIKE THIS COMMENT so I don’t forget about updating u guys ❤️❤️

    My waist – 74 cm
    My weight – 59 kg
    My height – 166 cm


    Day 1 (Sunday) – DONEE🥵 This was so hard.. And I did two rounds
    Haha after first round I was like “oh god, it was easier than I expected”, but then she was like “AND DO THIS WORKOUT TWICE) 😂🤯

    Day 2 (Monday) – Two rounds done✅ WAS FUCKING HARD, but I see a little bit different

  17. will this make my waist bigger if I don’t do cardio too?Xxxxx

  18. That pulsing after the side planks was killer! But I was soooo much stronger on the second side! 🙈😆

  19. Wow! Absolutely love it! I’ve been doing it for a while and I am seeing results!! Do more AB workouts please!! You are so positive and amazing!❤️😘😘❤️❤️

  20. 2 round ? ? I'm done about 1 round😂😂

  21. Romee, I just did this workout and wondered how the hell you did not cuss your trainer… I was saying “fuck you” to him the whole time… Great workout! Thank you so much for sharing!

  22. Ha le gambe chilometriche 😱

  23. It like this workout but seriously when you try to do it along with the video you can't cause there is not break or transition period ):

  24. Yes, this is awesome!

  25. How many minutes do you have pause between planks and everything?

  26. Pause at 7:19 tho hahahaha love you Romee

  27. <3

  28. whats the music from 5:32 can anyone help me!?

  29. 1:10 I’m already tired lol

  30. Why tf are those holds so hard. They look so easy!

  31. I died on the kicks and the side plank

  32. Okay im going to do this everyday ! I will update everyday and I’ll start tomorrow wish me luck !!!

  33. what about rest between the exercise?

  34. Помереть можно!😥

  35. imagine having legs like that what the heck

  36. I wanna be just like herrr!! I’m 13 and I’m 125 lbs I wanna be skinnyy

  37. I remember doing her "15 min. Butt Workout" and that helped me a LOT! Not just my butt but my whole body, like from 55 kg.,I went to 47 kg in 2 months and that made me super Happy! 😊 Like, doing it for yourself is the best feeling. I'm now down to 45 kg and maintaining it because I'm still studying, can't let my body go down that weight 😅
    edit: I also reduce eating food with too much calories but didn't change my whole diet.

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