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Hello i’m christina and welcome to yoga with Christina ChriskaYoga! Today, I’ll be starting a series of yoga videos so yoga routines that go along with the phases of your cycle, so if you are someone who has a menstrual cycle So you met straight and then you have an entire cycle including the follicular phase Population and the luteal phase. I will be sharing four videos that correspond with each phase because what’s going on in your body during each time of your cycle is very Different and yoga can help to move things along. Keep you healthy during that time and match What’s going on inside your body. Especially during some points of the month where you might be experiencing some discomfort pains other types of symptoms these sequences will go along with all of that if you’re unfamiliar with the phases of your menstrual cycle during each video I will be sharing when that phase is going on during your cycle and what it means for you and your body So for the first video the beginning of your cycle is your menstrual phase This is when you get your period this is when you are menstruating and these Poses and this sequence will help to alleviate some of the symptoms. You might be having Perhaps you have some tight muscles and your pelvic floor cramps things of that nature Fatigue this sequence will help to alleviate those things So I hope you enjoyed this one are several other yoga videos for period payments I’ll leave them linked in the description box below for you to check out as well If you’d like to try those before we get started Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel So you don’t miss out on the upcoming? Videos in this series along with many other videos that I have on here all free yoga classes for you at home So yeah, don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification valve so you don’t miss out on any of them So if you’re ready grab your yoga mat and let’s get started begin by lying flat on your back bend your legs Hug your legs in towards the chest You can gently rock from side to side With your low back on the ground holding on to your shins or your arms hugging the legs in Place the feet flat on the floor and take the right leg in your hand keeping the leg bent gently move that leg using your hands only Forwards and backwards in the hip socket warming up the hip muscles and your hip joint on the right side Gently come to stillness and take hold of the pinky toe side of your foot in your right hand Lifting the bottom of your right foot to face the ceiling Bringing your right knee in towards your right armpit for a half. Happy baby pose on the right You can keep your left hand on your left hip to help keep it down on the ground Hold here Release your hand from your foot and switch sides keep the bottom of your right from the floor and hold on to the left leg with both hands flexing the left foot as We did on the other side gently move the left leg forwards and backwards in the hip socket warming up the hip muscles and the hip joint Gently come to stillness and Take hold of the pinky toe side of your left foot in your left hand Bringing your left knee in towards your left armpit Lifting the bottom of your foot to facing the ceiling for half. Happy baby pose on the Left Hold on to your right hip with your right hand to help keep it down and hold your post Release your hand from your foot and we’ll take both legs in and the lift up both feet So the bottoms of your feet are facing the ceiling For a full happy baby pose holding on to the pinky toe sides of both feet in your hands Bring your knees in towards your armpits hold here Release your hands from your feet gently rock yourself up if it’s comfortable for you to a Hands and knees position. You can also roll to one side and swing your legs around that way to come up Bring your right leg in between your hands coming into low lunge on the right side The left knee is down. The top of your left foot is on the floor Looking down in between your hands keep length in your spine pressing your hips down towards the floor to open your pelvic floor a bit further and hold Switch sides bring the right leg underneath the body switch the left leg in front Bring the right knee to the ground the top of your right foot to the floor place your hands on the ground framing your left foot looking down and Press the hips down towards the ground Opening the hips and the pelvic floor From here come up onto your knees and tuck the toes flexing your feet. Keep your knees hips distance apart We’ll take a melting heart or puppy stretch Placing the head on the ground reach your arms out in front of you. Stay up on your knees Open your pelvic floor up and back on the diagonal as you arch your back and open your heart Center down towards the ground Release bringing your head up and thumb to a child’s pose Bring your toes together knees apart set your hips on to your heels. Bring your forehead to the ground arms in front of you Slowly roll yourself up come back through hands and knees tuck your toes and straighten your legs Downward-facing dog you can add some movement into your downward dog alternating bending and straightening both legs Gently come to stillness pressing the heels down towards the ground Lifting your hips up and back Relax your head open your pelvic floor up on the diagonal breathe And he’ll raise your heels bend your knees Look forward and step your feet up to meet your hands at the top of your yoga mat On an inhale slowly come up to standing Reach your arms up exhale Bring your hands down. Take a wide leg forward fold. Bring your feet out wide and feet parallel to one another Clasp your hands together at the small of your back Bend your knees send your hips back and thumb to a forward fold Reaching your hands up towards the ceiling and allow your head to hang over Breathe here You And release your hands down to the ground for a moment breathe in your forward fold Inhale bring your hands to your hips Press into the ground with both feet and come up to standing bring your feet in towards each other come to sitting on the ground We’ll take a bound angle pose on the floor Bring your feet to meet each other knees out to the side inhale lengthen your spine exhale forward fold Place your hands on your ankles if you’d like a deeper hip stretch place your elbows on your knees and gently Press them down towards the floor as you fold forward Lift your torso up and come to a wide extended angle pose straightening both legs Flexing both feet your knees and your toes are facing the ceiling inhale sit up tall Exhale forward fold reach your arms out in front of you looking down hold here and breathe And on your next inhale come up and bring your legs in come to lying on your back Taking the supine pigeon pose bend both legs cross your right ankle over your left thigh Hold onto your left hamstrings with both hands lift your legs up holding on to your left hamstrings with both of your hands keeping both feet flexed feeling a stretch in the outer thigh on the right side and hope Release and switch sides on crossing the ankle Crossing the left ankle over the right leg this time Flexing both feet as you lift the legs up Holding on to your right hamstrings with both hands feeling a stretch in the outer left hip and glute Hold here Release your hands from your leg uncross your Ankle and then we’ll take a supine bound angle pose Bring your feet to meet each other knees out to the side Keep your torso where it is, if the inner thigh stretch of this pose is too intense for you You can place some support underneath your knees pause the video and go grab some yoga blocks Or if you don’t have yoga blocks, you can substitute them with a blanket pillow thick books. Whatever you have on hand Once you’re settled place both hands on your lower abdominals And rest your hands on the ground close your eyes deepen your breath coming inward focusing on the inhales and the exhales Breathe into your hands and feel your hands rising and falling with each breath Bring some slight gentle motion back into your limbs and when you’re ready use your hands to help bring your legs in Towards each other. We’ll take a final pose shavasana Strut your legs out onto the ground Relax them completely place your hand by your sides Turn your palms up towards the ceiling Close your eyes once again and come back inward to the breath focusing on the inhales and the exhales Remain here Bring some slow gentle motion back into your body when you’re ready bend both legs and roll to the right side of your body Resting there with your arm under your head Use your hands to help press you up to a seated cross-legged position Crossing your Chin’s flexing your feet. Bring your hands to your legs sit up tall Close your eyes breathe deeply bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest bow your head to your fingertips Namaste.. Thank you so much for watching! I really hope you enjoyed this class. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment. Let me know how you’re feeling and how you liked the sequence Leave me any questions you might have and any future yoga class requests Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell So you don’t miss out on upcoming videos in this series and future videos as well. There’s tons of stuff on this channel. So I don’t want you to miss out on any free yoga from me. You can find me on instagram and facebook @chriskayoga as well and also on my website chriskayoga.com Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next


  1. Thank you for this series, I can't wait to start it! As someone with Endometriosis, I have to monitor my cycle closely. I look forward to doing this program to help with each cycle of menstruation!

  2. I wish you did this a few days earlier. Lol but I do feel more relaxed.🙂

  3. Are you psychic?! Mine have been irregular for a while now, I think it's due to my pain meds so I've started tapering off one, hopefully this will help regulate my cycle. I haven't had a period since the end of July. I'm 45 and I know it also could be perimenopause but I don't have any other symptoms. My friend hadn't had hers in 2 years. She came off tramadol, the same one I'm coming off and had her period in September! I've been seeing my Dr about it and you'd think at some point she would've said, it could be your pain killers! Thanks Christina, I'm looking forward to doing this practice either way, I always enjoy your practices. Love and light beautiful 🧘‍♀️💜🧘‍♀️💜

  4. Wow, both you and my cat know before I do XP I'm also just getting mine back after 2 years of depo provera shutting mine down completely (it's been almost 4 years since I stopped taking it). I do not miss menstuation, but I think it's healthier.

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