15 HEALTHY FOODS I EAT EVERY WEEK | grocery haul + meal ideas

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna do a video that I've never done before but I've seen a couple of girls on YouTube that do like health videos do this and I was like what a good idea to show you some of my top foods my top healthy foods that I eat every single week if not every single week like holders to every week feel like they make me feel healthy and energized and keep me full fuller for longer Palacios get started you guys know it if you've been watching me for a while you'll know that I love to have oatmeal for breakfast I don't have it every single day but I like to switch it up with smoothies and other things like breakfast muffins and all sorts of things but I actually use this in my breakfast muffins I've showed you some variations I'll link those videos below where I showed them to you I love oats because I feel like a key to move fuller for longer it gives me good energy and has a lot of fiber in it and actually has some protein in it as well the whole roll the whole world oats but it's a really good source of cards and I have it in as oatmeal I make overnight oats with that I make my protein breakfast muffins with it I make my favorite pancake recipe with oats and sometimes just add a tablespoon or two to a smoothie to help to keep me fuller for longer so I'll link a couple of different like recipes below because ideas oh it's is one of my go-to this is the brand that I've been enjoying nature's pot Ganic oatmeal it's the old-fashioned whole rolled oats that's one of my favorites so I'll link this bowl over you avocados number two if you've been following following me for a long time you'll know that I love avocados as well I love adding adding avocados into a smoothie to make more creamy I'm dairy-free as a lot of you guys know so avocados is a great way to make a smoothie creamy without adding yogurt or milk or something like that that contains dairy of course you can always use a dairy-free option but I love having adding arakata it's a really good source of healthy fats of so many nutrients in it and I just really gives me great energy makes me feel full of one I love moving them in salads I love having little toys oh my gosh avocado toast yummy so good I'll just eat an avocado about self with salt and pepper on top love them especially when they in season and they're even cheap event the next thing is a strange random thing it's honestly one of my favorite current obsessions broccoli slaw you don't know what broccoli slaw is it's basically just broccoli that's been slowed it's been like grated into little pieces so you could easily make your own at home I just found this one day at Trader Joe's it's just it's got a little bit of carrot in it but it's mostly just a Berkeley it is so good it is my favorite thing to add to a salad oh my goodness and you're eating broccoli without feeling like you eating broccoli obviously broccoli is really good for you lots of nutrients in there so I'm trying to eat more vegetables you guys know I've really struggled eat vegetables last year and I feel like I'm doing a better job this day out I'm very proud of us if you've seen my most recent videos I've made this made a salad with this stuff and a couple of them but we'll eat this every single day in my salad with a cutter and brown rice and beans and maybe some cooked beetroot and things like that so spinach some cucumbers and tomorrow oh my goodness okay the next item is kind of a grouped item I've got some chickpeas here some pinto beans some kidney beans some black beans and some lentils these are all precooked or canned or that pre cooked and canned this one is something that I found recently at Trader Joe's it's steamed lentils and it's like in this little package and it's ready to add to salads or meals like that too I have been loving these beans LEGOs lentils chickpeas they're such a good source of protein and fiber and healthy carbs if you follow me in a plant-based diet it was a great way to get some thanks for protein in your diet as well as getting some good cards always used to cook my own beans and legumes and staff start I've gotten a little bit lazy on that's hard you know week on it will be perfect and I'm just alternate between these so I don't get bored cuz I have them with brown rice and quinoa and salads and stir fries and all sorts of things you guys have seen me do tons of recipes with all of these take you have watched my latest one I eat in a day videos you will know I'm currently obsessed but salsa on this one at Trader Joe's it's like one of the cheapest Wednesday and there's no sugar in it so I was like I gotta get that one and I've been adding it onto salads I've been having breakfast tacos there's so many ways that I like to eat the stuff I had heard on that I showed you guys that's to be potato thing with the black beans salsa I'm gonna lick those three recipes but like you guys the breakfast tacos that sweet potato thing with black beans and that salad bowl that I've been making the salsa and it's pretty healthy it's made look like tomorrow's and onions and you know episodes it's healthy this next one I'm going to group these together as well something that I've been eating for years and I just continue to love quinoa and brown rice there are good whole Cod's this could fiber in them there's good cops in them there's a little bit of protein in them too I've got some white quinoa here I've got some red quinoa I've got some brown rice these just continue to be something that I eat every single day I feel like they just and persist and I can just add them to salads and stir fries the next thing I'm just gonna group and call this green vegetables that I'm going to show you the ones that I eat most often every single week is broccoli florets I love steaming these I love putting them in a stir-fry I love roasting them sometimes zucchini I eat zucchini so anyways stir fried zucchini noodles steamed roasted there's a lot of ways to eat zucchini cucumber oh my gosh I love cucumber I have always been a big fan cucumber and I love three cucumber in salads sometimes I'll just eat little cucumber sticks with some hummus and then baby spinach I love having baby spinach and a smoothie and a salad you can throw that in a stir fry as well so many ways to eat baby spinach I'm proud of myself for eating them because you guys never last yeah I did nobody any vegetable and I feel like it's Shari because I feel like I am much healthier that's yes I love berries if I could only eat one fruit every probably be berries there can be a little bit expensive so I don't always get fresh berries here I've got some fresh blueberries and some fresh blackberries when they're in season they're a lot more affordable so they don't get like strawberries raspberries blueberries blackberries you know more often but when they're not in season I'll just make a cheese like one or two a week and if they're too expensive or if they're not available when they're not in season I'll just get frozen ones but I would say that I actually usually eat frozen berries most often these are great to add to smoothies and they're actually nice and smoothies and fresh berries did you feel like I'm wasting fresh berries from the throw the minnows maybe so I usually use the first ones and they're a lot more affordable you can get them year-round most of the time they have a lot of antioxidants and then that's good fiber in them they're a good source of healthy carbs they're delicious okay you knew this was gonna be on this list if you watch me I like you knew this was gonna be almost my rapper head I'll show you guys all the time I'll link this below for you I have 100 on Amazon and I buy it in bulk from Amazon it lasts quite a long time because it's real German rye bread and it lasts quite a long time so I buy a pack of 6 and it lasts me a while until you open it but then it's gonna last about a week but until you opened it there's an expiry date on it and it's UGA a few months in advance there's no preservatives in it it's just real German Robert I grew up eating raw bread my mom used to bake rye bread for us when we were little because my sister and I both have like an intolerance to wheat I used to live in South Africa and I used to buy it there I know I live in LA I bite here my sister used to live in Hong Kong she used to find it there so I think it's available in a lot of countries and I just love it it's really whole-grain the ingredients are really good and I just think it's one of the healthiest bread that I have found this is a really good source of healthy carbs it's got a little bit of protein in it as well and it's a really good source of fiber so this is something that I eat every single week pretty much peanut butter I love peanut butter oh my gosh what is it with nut butters they were so delicious so I love having peanut butter oatmeal overnight oats you can have it in a smoothie on toast oh my gosh I just love it on that rye bread with a little bit of cinnamon delicious it's a lot more affordable than the other nut butters in general it's also a really good source of healthy protein it's got good cards in it it's got healthy fats I have it pretty much every single week if not every single day if you've been watching me for a while you would have also noticed that I love those coconut aminos I was able to get this brand in South Africa and I've been getting it here so I think this is pretty accessible in a lot of countries – it's called coconut secret the original coconut aminos it's basically a healthier alternative to soy sauce this is really good in stir Fry's as good as salad dressing with some olive oil and some lemon juice and salt and pepper it makes a really good dressing is there anything that you would use soy sauce and I eat it every single week so I had to add it on this list this is a fun one maybe some as fun as I think it is but tomorrow sauce I mean ketchup and mustard we call ketchup tomato sauce in South Africa but here in America we call it ketchup I love tomato sauce ketchup and I love mustard delicious and I've been looking for a good sugar-free brand in both of these for a really long time and I'm so excited because I found one that I like this is simple truth organic that's the brand yellow mustard and this is provocation primal kitchen ketchup they both organic and unsweetened sugar-free I cannot believe how much ketchup I have been eating it's kind of weird I'm going through like a phase where I'm eating it with everything tomatoes yay tomatoes tomatoes I say tomorrow's you might say Tomatoes I love cooking with tomatoes I love having them in salads I love having the mister fries I love roasting them oh my gosh should be able to find a little treat moderate roasted so delicious or baked modder cut open sprinkled with some Italian herbs or oregano salt pepper there's a lot of nutrients in them there's a lot of fire in them it's a good source of healthy carbs and technically it's supposed to be a fruit it's technically a fruit but I call it a vegetable so nothin protein powders this is something that I've started adding into my diet only in the last year or so but I've really been enjoying them I sometimes add them to a meal that's something I've been doing very recently I've been having them in smoothies I've just been you can make a little party shake and have fun themselves I eat vegan protein powders because I'm dairy-free I'm allergic to dairy I've showed you guys this wine many times it's the about time vegan protein but I've been getting some new ones lately it's good to switch it up change it up so this is one that I'm really been loving garden of life raw organic protein vanilla always I sometimes get the chocolate ones but I really like vanilla protein product and then also the 310 nutrition vanilla protein product so these are some of my favorite ones I'll link some recipes below Webb added protein powders or and our protein muffins oh my gosh I love my protein muffins Pearlington below for you a lot of vegan but I do eat mostly plant-based so we try to get some extra protein things like this okay the final item on this list boots that I eat every single week are apples specifically pink lady apples and you can actually get a whole bag of these and Trader Joe's organic pink lady apples for like $3 if you buy those big apples they're like a dollar each but you can often get a bag at a grocery store watch you know two different grocery stores we can get like slightly smaller apples but like a whole lot in the back like three dollars so it's so is cheaper and I love little pink lady apples they make the perfect snack I love cutting them up and putting them into oatmeal love snacking on them by themselves I love putting them in salads for my version girls know they love putting them salads though that runs off this list 15 foods that I eat every single week or pretty much every single week I really hope that you enjoyed this video I'll link some videos below where I ate the foods that I mentioned I really hope that you enjoyed this video and make sure you give it a thumbs up if you did and subscribe to my channel more videos don't forget to turn on the post okay but I can never say that was a notification bulb to get notified when I upload that way you'll get notified when I upload and I'll see you guys again very soon


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    Greetings from Poland! Have a nice day 🙂
    My instagram: julia_kalinowska

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