15 BEST Leg Exercises (You Can Do Anywhere)



  2. U R my god

  3. Plz upload full body intense workout

  4. This guy is a beast dude!!!

  5. Chris get that bowl haircut back! 👍🏽

  6. bro you are realy good.👍👍
    can you please add some hight increase excersies..

  7. bro which time is good for workout
    morning or night..

  8. This channel is so dope! I love how he gives a lot of different excersises to do at home. I don't have a gym membership just bc I like working out at home. Just an awesome channel, thank you

  9. Hooray, MUSICCC! Thanks bro!

  10. The reason I keep watching your videos even u upload the same techniques is just bcus ur music n ur style

  11. No gym no problem 💪🙏

  12. Leg day today💪👊
    Greetings from Holland

  13. Me when I hear "Single Leg Romanian Deadlift" :)) That's my country

  14. Chest workout pleaseeeeeeeeee

  15. Please do excersises to increase height, Chris.

  16. best of the best motivation for transformation ur body.Thank u,Chris.Luv u<3

  17. Yesss! Really happy about the workout album dropping, I need some new tunes to work out to. Sounding goooood! 💪

  18. Hey Chris, could you do a video about how to fail when practicing tricks on bars? Most of the time I'm afraid of breaking my spine. Thanks!

  19. When's the red weight vest dropping??

  20. which hotel is this

  21. I've neglected my legs for the past year but changed my mindset. Time to kiss those chicken legs goodbye and increase my vertical. Thanks for the constant direction and motivation Chris! 😀

  22. This is video is good!

  23. can you do resistance band workouts for each body part?

  24. Big fan From India….Thnx dude

  25. 😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍

  26. Is there any workout for filling up the sides of your upper arm?Cause my arms look like this

    ——— /———

    I don’t know how to match the sides of my upper arm with….you know..where my arm bends.

  27. You need to hit this guy up his YouTube is giga ovgod he is like a ninja you should try to fly him to Miami and train with him

  28. please make a workout video for forearm

  29. The balcony rail is too low. Looks dangerous.

  30. I like it👌♥.. But How long you Need to build this Beautiful Body?! ♥♥😃

  31. Wow ، you are the best
    From algeria to Chris we love you

  32. y los subtitulos de este vídeo en español CHRIS ?

  33. The best athlete and coach in the world,tnx i have been inspired by your videos about two years

  34. Pistol Squats… I have a question. In general, do you think they're actually safe to do regularly without hurting your knee? I trained these and became pretty good at them. I can do more than 10 per leg at a time with no break. However I can't stop but to think these are destroying my knees. What do you think?

  35. You the best . Hy from brazil 🤘 .amazing your apartment your view cpngratulations . you are an inspiration not only for me but for many.

  36. A lot of ideas there, thanks 👍

  37. New subscriber and ig follower.Your channel is so sickening . 😊😊👏👏👏

  38. Тот кто читает этот комментарий , счастья тебе успехов в жизни и всего самого наилутшего.

  39. No mames!! Vive en Dubai este bato??

  40. Congratulations on the work album!!

  41. Brutal! Ya era hora de una rutina para pierna … Saludos desde Colombia

  42. This man, is a legend

  43. Definitely doing this 🔥🔥

  44. 0:05 a push up fuck

  45. I appreciate these videos very much Chris.👍

  46. You make nice videos for us Chris!! You are wonderful Chris!!!

  47. i just did it boom bra

  48. I like your workout ,but there are many tattoos on your body sorry!

  49. 😻😻😻

  50. Thanks, Chris is the best training for all

  51. Thank u Chris. This is my 5th day doing your workout.

  52. You should upload your workout routine

  53. 15 best for chest pls

  54. I want to have a tattoo when I saw you

  55. Chris idc who or what video I see about u, you have a son. You have a life, you have a profession and just know your fitness lvl is more that inspiring and don’t let what others say get to you bc “ you don’t get into details” tbh as long it shows results and get the basic and outlined that’s all we care about

    All that going into the details, yes we understand we complicated in the body but we don’t want to hear all that 😂

    Don’t ever stop bc just know, someone, somewhere is watching and depending on you

  56. And really, I truly believe the ones that’s making the videos about you can’t do one of your videos. PERIOD

  57. Great work out…but what happened to ur shoulder portion… looks like an cut ?

  58. Can I do this workout 2 times.

  59. Did the tiptoe sit for like 3min and couldn't walk afterwards
    Thanks chris😅

  60. Hi Chris i subscribed for you app Heria Pro but I don't find many programs for beginner home workouts. The gym is from a 20 miles from my home and I can't go there but I want to get in shape. Could you put in you app more home workouts for beginners. Thanks

  61. This video is awesome. Top of your game stuff here.

  62. Can’t wait for the album release, so glad there is a date!

  63. Hi Chris, I am your fan from Hong Kong! Can you create a workout program for runners? Thanks!

  64. And what about this tibialis anterior ?

  65. Is this for legs fat lose?

  66. Christian “ ACE “ Heria 🙏🏻

  67. The love of my life😍😍😍😍😍

  68. #perfect❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

  69. Feel it baby 🔥🔥🔥

  70. L' horreur, l' horreur…………At the end of this …..Fuck….I don't want to know the result of this !!!!!!

  71. Just downloaded your app today it really needs more attention through but its great through

  72. Hi bro can u let me help out for my lower back pain

  73. 1 like 5 pushups💪

  74. Love your videos watch it everyday

  75. I was doing the exercises as you were going, so I got confused when you said 10 reps during the singles leg exercises. 10 reps each leg right? It's probably just me, but yea…

  76. Geez, can't imaging doing the 1st exercise even once, not 5 times each leg, how sad
    Great video, love this man

  77. Thank u Chris. This is my 6th day doing your workout and i really like this one.

  78. Hi Chris, I am a student from China , I really like your video , You changed my life ,Now I've changed my normal life, too , Get rid of the old lazy habit , Here I want to say thank you, You are my idol , I hope you got back to me when you saw this,thank you Chris

  79. Other exercise like these two videos abs , legs are coming next or not

  80. Hye bro, i'm bangladeshi
    I'm excited for this video.
    I'm practices at home. I'm enjoy home practices.

  81. Eres pura inspiración Chris, gracias maestro

  82. couldn’t do the pistols 😞

  83. You are great sir

  84. Sir I want join now in thnex and wih you

  85. Awesome channel.

  86. pistol squat
    side jump squat
    explosive assisted pistol squad
    step up
    crusty lunges

    sumo calf raises
    single leg calf raises
    sit wall calf raises
    single leg glute raise
    calf pumps

    deep lunges
    low side squat
    single leg deadlift
    single leg bridge
    elevated curl

  87. This is my first time watching you on English😂 i watch you only on Russian on GymFit INFO channel P.s sorry for my English,I like your videos thay help me a lot

  88. Hey Chris! I have looked and couldn’t find any videos from you or the THENX guys on this specifically…. could you possibly do a video that would show us the best way to train straight arm strength? Seems to be my weakest link as I work towards getting a planche and I’m sure some of the other THENX athletes are having this issue as well! If you already have one the link would be appreciated! Haha thanks brother and keep all of this going strong man you and the rest of the THENX guys have changed my life and I am doing things that I never thought I would be capable of and want to progress safely and efficiently with your guidance 💪🏻

  89. What a place? Town?

  90. Excelentes ejercicios sin necesidad de equipo sigo pendiente de tus videos gracias

  91. I am so hyped for the workout album . Its gonna be 🔥🔥🔥


  93. Perfection perfection perfection! 😍

  94. Hi chris , how many repetition i have to do with every exercise? :O

  95. Let's gooo!

  96. All glory and grace goes to Jesus Christ 🙏🙌

  97. Hey Chris why in HeriaPro don't have program traning with video about how to start calistenic traning if I make mistakes in text sorry i learn English (from Ukraine)
    I'll wait for an answer🌴🌵

  98. Go "best hands exesises"

  99. 15 best full back workout?🧐

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