14 Healthy Facts About Exercise

14 Healthy Facts About Exercise People who exercise as little as 15 minutes a day have a 14 percent lower mortality risk than people who don’t exercise at all. Exercisers can improve their performance by as much as 15 percent if they listen to music while working out. Since your brain is distracted by what you are hearing when you listen to music, you don’t concentrate on what you are lifting. This causes you to lift more weight. On average, it takes about 12 weeks after beginning to exercise to see measurable changes in your body. College graduates exercise three times more often than high-school dropouts. Depressed people can alleviate their symptoms by as much as 47 percent with regular aerobic exercise. Exercisers can improve their performance by as much as 50 percent if they eat dark chocolate regularly. Six percent more men than women exercise regularly. Men who workout with a female partner are shown to lift heavier weights and get better results. Workers increase their physical activity by 8 percent and burn 25 calories more/day on casual-clothing workdays. People who want to quit smoking are twice as likely to succeed in quitting if they lift weights. Runners who stretch before running burn 5 percent fewer calories than runners who don’t stretch. According to one recent study found that nonstretchers ran 3.4 percent farther than stretchers. Exercise is more effective at increasing your energy levels than caffeine. Avid swimmers have a 50 percent lower mortality rate than runners, walkers, and people who don’t exercise at all.

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